Sabbath 15/9/30120

Last week it was mentioned that we would go on to deal with some aspects of the Stock system in the US and the potential problems. We had in fact issued a Sabbath Message on 12/7/30/120 or 22 September 2007. That paper outlined the problems that emerged from the WWI and the Great Depression following the Stock Market crash of 1929. It is important that we re-read that message and place it in mind with the message of last week.

There are many comparisons that can be made today with the situation as it was then. The markets are overpriced. What is more serious now is that the pension funds have been used to prop up the market but the individual investor is unable to use his funds in the same way that the large-scale speculators can do.

Satan has set up the system so that the power of the British Commonwealth was undermined and then transferred to the US, which would then be undermined through misuse of its own power. WWI effectively destroyed the ongoing population power of the British Commonwealth and Hitler saw to it that Nazi Germany destroyed what was left of both sides. Stalin then killed sixty million of his own people in the gulags.

The financial system of the world is very vulnerable to manipulation and the elite are able to use it to their own ends and do so knowingly, and are without excuse.

From the end of the nineteenth century the increases in science in the western world were used by different nations for purposes of war. The US was used to set up a system of biological warfare using the advances that they could make over the time. These experiments were totally without scruple. For example, in 1917 the H5N1 virus was developed for fowls and bird species. In 1918, in a military camp in Kansas in the US, the virus was transferred to humans and the influenza epidemic of 1918 killed millions. It was called Spanish flu, but it was really a US military influenza outbreak from biological warfare experimentation. Virologists understand now what happened and what strains were involved. In 1956 and 1957 a virus was developed that was to target the African people. The first victim known in the West was a British sailor in the East African run. The doctors simply did not know what killed him and so they preserved the details and it is now confirmed he died of AIDS.

This virus was deliberately injected into African children and adults in the untold thousands. Many people are still in prison serving sentences for that action and so they should be. The account of the sequence by Dr. Graves on this issue is astounding, and we have placed his works on the Development of Aids on the History of Nations site under the page Sons of Ham at

Satan has been using his own people to develop the biological and chemical weapons to wipe out the world. The goal is the total elimination of the world’s population, but they do not know that. His minions think that they will survive and serve him in a world of their choosing. They work against Christ and the Church, not understanding that the only reason their families might survive is because Christ will return to save the elect. God uses whom He will and calls whom He will and sometimes He calls people from within their own system. They know who the elect are before they are even born as they are not constrained by the same time constraints as we are. That is why they seek to destroy the genetic lines of the elect also. Many of the Faith were sought out to be killed before they could be born or when they were born. Moses and Christ are the two greatest examples.

The Plan is now known and the time is short. Satan is working overtime to prevent the Plan being implemented. He uses anyone he can. Many of the accusers of the brethren are placed in the Church or seek to enter it for their own purposes. A great many of his people have high places in the world system.

Satan wears many faces and uses many systems to achieve his end. In these Last Days he is using the atheist system and witchcraft to undermine the youth of the world.

Hollywood is the key element of the satanic manipulation of the world. You saw Star Wars (see the paper The Other Side of Starwars (No. 181). In the end we saw that Darth Vader was really born of a virgin. In the paper he was identified as the parody of Jesus Christ long before the second sequence had been made.

There are a series of movies made to influence the thinking of the children, and the adults, as the original children who saw Star Wars, are all in the thirties or older now. These series, such as The Terminator, are all geared around the time-frames of the Jubilee and the transfer to the Millennium. Terminator was based around the year 2027, which is the Jubilee year and the commencement of the new system.

The Harry Potter series was used to accommodate witchcraft in the minds of the young.

Each series become more blatant than the previous one as the “frogs” become accustomed to the increasing temperature and boil.

The Matrix was another key example designed to manipulate the minds of the hums structure.

Each system is designed to plant thought processes into the human subconscious. For example, it is not hard to see the red-hatted Magneto as the equivalent of Jesus Christ in that series. We will produce a Children’s Bible Study on witchcraft and its influence in the not too distant future.

Another yet more blatant piece of blasphemy is on the production line in the film industry. It is a film called The Golden Compass and is the first in a trilogy. The first film has been watered down in order to get people accustomed to the concepts and to get them to read the book.'Golden_Compass'_Director_Pledges_Not_to_'Water_Down'_Anti-God_Sequels.htm

The Christian Post reporter Katherine T. Phan has produced a report on the film on Wednesday, 21 November 2007.

Katherine Phan reports that the director of The Golden Compass, Chris Weitz, has told fans that the sequels contain more anti-religious themes. The works are all based on Phillip Pullman’s trilogy His Dark Materials. The first film is directed at being a commercial success and a firm foundation for a faithful literal adaptation for the sequels that follow. The National Secular Society disagrees and argues that ‘castrating the series’ original themes detracts from its core message. Critics argue that it is a ploy to popularize the pro-atheist series among children.

Weitz has stated he will be happy if more people read the books, but not because he is “pursuing some pro-atheist agenda”. He thinks that is a ridiculous idea. We agree. These are not atheist works.

He claims they are great works of literature. We disagree.

Ms Phan wrote:

Weitz pledged to readers that he would not be involved with any “watering down” of movie adaptations of “The Subtle Knife” and “The Amber Spyglass,” which he understands to “tread in territory that is much more controversial than the first book.”
In the second book, "The Subtle Knife," one of the main characters, Will, is told he possesses a magical knife that can "defeat the tyrant,” which is identified as “The Authority. God."
In the final book of the series, "The Amber Spyglass," “God” is portrayed as a phoney and liar. Will is told by two fallen homosexual angels that “The Authority” goes by many names including, "God, the Creator, the Lord, Yahweh, El, Adonai, the King, the Father, the Almighty,” although “he was never the creator.” “God” was just the first angel to be created from “Dust.” By the series’ end, the characters succeed in killing him.
“Whereas ‘The Golden Compass’ had to be introduced to the public carefully, the religious themes in the second and third books can’t be minimized without destroying the spirit of these books,” added Weitz.
“If I sense that this is not possible, there’s no point my continuing to work on them.”
Watchdog Catholic League, one of the most vocal critics of the movie, has urged book publisher Scholastic Corporation to back off from participating in the production of the movie”

Atheists do not believe in God. This work takes Him all very seriously. The reality is that it is presented not from a secular or non-religious point of view but from a satanic anti-God point of view. This grubby little piece of blasphemy would see them under a Fatwa in Islam and they would not live to tell about it much less get the second and third films off the ground.

Note here that the demons know there is One True God and tremble. There is One True God who is the Father of all, and this demonic little piece of blasphemy understands that fact only too well.

The purpose of this work is to prepare the younger generation yet again to resist God, and here He is blasphemed and made out to be a liar and a phoney or charlatan. These claims are forwarded against His people also by the accusers of the brethren on an ongoing basis.

The real aim is to reduce those people in the world who reverence God, and thus make them vulnerable to attack and useful in the war on mankind in general.

This endless stream of blasphemy and propaganda coming out of Hollywood will in the end stop. It will see the obliteration of those who engage in it, but not yet.

Satan is the father of lies and there is no truth in him. His servants have traded a thousand years with Jesus Christ in the Holy Spirit for short-term control and power. Their reward is now. We will retrain them later and bring them to repentance and understanding. Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.

Satan’s aim is the elimination of all the human species. He will nearly manage it. Only Christ’s intervention will save us and these clowns that seek to blaspheme God so readily.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General