Sabbath 08/09/30/120

Dear Friends,

This week we will make comment on the US subprime crisis. This event appears to be emerging as the greatest financial scandal in the history of the world.

The following news article was published by Reuters and appeared in the Australian Media this week.

From correspondents in New York
November 13, 2007 07:15am
Article from: Reuters

BANKS worldwide may lose as much as $US400 billion ($442 billion) from subprime mortgages, as at least one in four of the risky home loans go into default, analysts said overnight.

Mike Mayo, an analyst at Deutsche Bank Securities, estimated $US150 billion ($165.85 billion) to $US250 billion ($276.41 billion) of losses based on $US1.2 trillion ($1.33 trillion) of US subprime loans, and an additional $US150 billion ($165.85 billion) of losses on derivatives linked to subprime debt.

David Hilder, a Bear Stearns analyst, also estimated a $US150 billion to $US250 billion loss on subprime home loans, in what he called a $US2 trillion ($2.21 trillion) market.

"Given our fundamental outlook, which is for rising inflows of non-performing loans in both mortgage and commercial loan portfolios, we believe the odds are in favour of the write-downs getting worse, rather than better," this year, Hilder wrote.

Banks including Citigroup, Merrill Lynch and Wachovia have announced more than $US40 billion ($44.23 billion) of write-offs this year as US foreclosures set records and after investors stopped buying many kinds of risky debt.

Mayo said large banks and brokerages may suffer $US100 billion ($110.56 billion) to $US130 billion ($143.73 billion) of the subprime losses.

He said this could include $US60 billion ($66.34 billion) to $US70 billion ($77.4 billion) by year end, including $US43 billion already reported.

In the fourth quarter alone, he said Barclays, HSBC , Royal Bank of Scotland and UBS might each need to write off $US5 billion ($5.53 billion), while Merrill Lynch might write off $US4 billion ($4.42 billion) and Bank of America Corp $US1 billion.

Mayo's forecast assumes a 30 per cent to 40 per cent default rate and 40 per cent to 50 per cent loss rate. Hilder assumes a 25 per cent to 30 per cent default rate and 30 per cent to 40 per cent loss rate.

On 15 November, on ABC Radio National News Program, a US financier tried to play down the enormity of the crisis. However, the crisis is escalating and will not simply go away. Evidence is beginning to emerge of large-scale fraud in the financial system allegedly induced by the US Department of Treasury itself.

On 8 November 2007, it was reported to us that a Malaysian registered Citibank had refused to process a US Treasury cheque on the extraordinary grounds that it would take too long to process, or words to that effect. Too long for what? A foreign registered US bank refusing to accept a US Treasury note! The ramifications are enormous.

We are seeing world financial experts openly accuse the Secretary of the US Treasury of fraud on a massive scale. The scale of these subprime market write-offs has staggering implications for the financial systems of western democracy. I was amazed to see the local council here in NSW declare publicly that it had lost substantial sums in the US subprime collapse. What is a rural council in Australia doing investing ratepayers funds in worthless US notes? Who holds them to account? What is the Department of Local Government doing?

Why has the Treasury participated in giving these notes the appearance of real value listings through arranged sales? What is the congress doing?

What has happened is that the investment funds of the middle-class of the key nations of the Western world are being syphoned off in what may turn out to be the greatest fraud in the history of the world. Why is it happening?

The only way that Satan can establish the empire of the Last Days is to deliberately destroy the integrity of the nations that were the inheritors of Abraham’s blessings, and that means that the nations that absorbed Israel and its inheritance had to be destroyed as well.

The power of the Commonwealth is being deliberately destroyed by Satanists. While we do not sin we are safe, but when we do sin we are open to the Satanists. The power of the US is now being used to that end. To work out the most demon-infested and satanic-controlled societies one merely has to look at the fruits of their civilisation and their festivals. The festival of Halloween is a uniquely American festival of demons. There are so many strange rites and societies there one is simply amazed. So too, the system in India is simply appalling.

It is a fact that some of these major banks and brokerages have already had their lines of credit cut off by other US corporations that understand how bad it is and might get. At present there is no reporting requirement in the US sector, and the declarations are not required until January. From the news report above we see the enormity of what is to be written off this end quarter. January is the crunch. February is the kick-off for the new systems.

Why February? What has that to do with Satan’s system? The answer can be found in the Chinese calendar. They have always kept Choy Yat or the New Moons, and the New Moon in February is the New Year. This year it is the year of the Red Fire Pig. This year always marks the end of the sixty-year cycles of the Chinese system. Traditionally, the year of the Pig is a year of plenty or indulgence, and the following year of the Rat is the year of accounting. The year following the Red or Fire Pig, the Earth Rat, is the start of a new cycle. 1947 was the end of the last cycle and the formation of the nuclear age. This next period is to see the attempted enslavement of the world. It will almost destroy it. The first step is to enforce the captivity of the Western nations under the Beast power, and Satan will give his power to the Beast system and it will rule the world for one hour.

To rule the world the Western nations must first have its current power structure broken and its middle-class wealth destroyed. That can only be done through the financial sectors and by destroying its pension base using and collapsing the stock market. The fascist Neocons in the US see this as a reasonable objective. The world becomes a place of the serfs and the elite. The farcical thing is that some people think that a place of power makes them part of the elite, and they will destroy their own people to achieve that end.

There is, however a specific plan in place and Satan is using those people that serve him to effect that plan. His ultimate aim of the destruction of the entire world system, and the human species itself, is not really considered. Many of these elitists have canvassed the idea of the reduction of world population by various means, AIDS being one of them.

What appears to be the greatest fraud in world history has been examined and exposed by a former British Financial Advisor to former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher over the last year and a half. His name is Christopher Story. His work and bulletins are published at If he is to be believed there is a real and serious explanation for the strange events provided to our people concerning Citibank at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on 8 November 2007.

The basic summary of Story’s bulletins is that the People’s Republic of China transferred $4.5 trillion to US Ambassador Lee Emil Wanta for a serious international financial assistance plan to Citibank USA. The funds allegedly fell into a multi-tiered corporate scamming structure allegedly set up by former president George Bush Senior and Alan Greenspan, former head of the Federal Reserve. Story claims that Wanta was unlawfully imprisoned for years in Wisconsin penal institutions, and attempts were made by law officers to murder him there in the Clinton era.

Story claimed in his latest reports that threats were made on his life allegedly by a high-ranking US Naval Intelligence officer. He claims that the US Provost Marshall officer, Brigadier General Rodney L. Johnson, Commanding General United States Army Criminal Investigation Command, has now finally been forced to investigate what is turning out to be the greatest financial fraud in the history of the world.

Story claims from his inside sources that: “The George Bush Sr.-Greenspan giga-financial scamming model [is] believed to have been put in place when the duplicated $27.5 trillion was raided from the 200+ banks in 1992.” These banks were all over the world. The funds have reportedly been secreted away in banks elsewhere under different names by these alleged mega-criminals.

Story asserts that if this fraudulent banking cartel had repaid Wanta’s funds of $4.5 trillion in 2006 none of this would have come out. He says:

“To extrapolate the glaringly obvious: if the criminal kleptocrats led by Paulson, Bush Jr., Cheney et al had REMITTED WANTA’S $4.5 TRILLION back in June 2006, as they should have done, instead of unlawfully conspiring with their corrupt banking and intelligence community reprobates to exploit the Ambassador’s funds for their own selfish and geopolitical purposes, NONE OF THIS WOULD EVER HAVE COME OUT...” (emphasis retained).

Mr Story claims to have received from inside sources that in addition to the 600 bank officers, financiers, and lawyers arrested by the Provost Marshall’s officers, now some 4000 people are under investigation or arrest.

“On Monday 12th November, we received multiple confirmations that arrests of bankers ordered by the Provost Marshal General took place on Sunday morning, and proceeded all day on Monday. As stated in the update appended at 10.00 pm New York time to the report dated 11th November, the Provost Marshal’s criminal investigation experts have compiled a list of at least 4,000 parties and individuals who are targeted for investigation and interrogation, on top of the 3,000+ bankers and others known to have been hauled off to holding centres, and then flown to European centres for arraignment before Magistrates and the full application of the law.”

They have been exported to European cities – of which London and Frankfurt are known to be two of them – because the massive financial frauds they have committed were perpetrated there. As indicated, the US technique, masterminded by George Bush Sr. and Dr Alan Greenspan, has been to export the criminal operations, as a precaution against entanglement with US law enforcement and the ponderous US legal system.

The scale of the arrests reported to us, as having taken place on Monday 12th November alone, was very large. Among those arrested on the Monday were people who had been involved in the illegal transfer of Ambassador Wanta’s funds as described above, in the early morning of 10th November”.

Story claims that a staggering amount of money has been misdirected to bank accounts in Europe.

“Reports confirm that, notwithstanding his apparent dereliction of duty in failing so far to procure the remittance of the Ambassador’s funds in accordance with his UCMJ obligations, the Provost Marshal General, Brigadier General Rodney L. Johnson, Commanding General United States Army Criminal Investigation Command (sic), is nevertheless (see above) purporting to be extremely tough and is proceeding as fast as he and his expert Marine and other criminal investigators can, given that the overall investigation is expanding by the hour and is now by far the biggest and most wide-ranging criminal investigation in world history.

For we can disclose that the Provost Marshal’s staff have identified staggering amounts of money that has been stolen, and hidden in foreign bank accounts – the lowest aggregate we are hearing being described as ‘hundreds of trillions of dollars’

If only a tenth of what Story has reported is true then these people have seriously damaged the world economic and financial system. What is amazing is the US media is not publishing the story there. To put the amounts in perspective, the entire US Gross Domestic Product is 12.5 trillion. Its debt is between 9 and 10 trillion. Virtually the entire debt was run up after Jimmy Carter left the White House. We will deal with the soft underbelly of the US finances next week.

Story claims that the anti-terrorist legislation was put in place to protect these “corporate criminals” from detection, but that now they may be faced with trial under the legislation they had implemented. In effect, martial law will be implemented as a result.

To the casual observer this is all too fantastic for words. To those who have lost the money it is a tragedy beyond description. To the Church this is an all too obvious satanically-inspired breakdown of the power and ethics of the US and British Commonwealth systems so that the power of the EEC Beast can be developed using the resources of the US and BC and it can emerge as the controlling power of the world. We have been expecting it for centuries.

The Kings of the East will develop also out of the ashes. Nostradamus’ First Antichrist, Napoleon Bonaparte, said that China was a sleeping lion and when it woke the world would tremble. It will emerge from this next cycle beginning in February 2008. Satan uses his particular calendar system designed for each long-term power group he has set in motion. The Gregorian and Julian calendar is but one of them.

The casualties of this financial scam will be the working pension funds and the retirees of the West. The pension funds have been sunk into the stock market by deliberate conservative political intervention, and the Leftists have done nothing because it suits their international socialist objectives. The Fascists gave up National-Socialism for world domination and now there is no difference between left and right. They are same beast working to the same goals of world domination under the guise of democracy using the stock market as an imperialist tool.

The stock market collapse will be imminent, and next week we will deal with the events of the twentieth century until the present to explain how that all occurs.

In Australia, the same Reserve Bank regulatory system has been set up that has effectively controlled US society and overridden the legislative power of the Congress. The effects of drought on food prices and the international oil cartels are used as evidence of inflation, and interest rates are then raised to crush the working class with escalating mortgages and enable the elite to purchase real assets at cheap prices in the ensuing fire sale. It fits the aims of left and right as we see now with the moronic political directions and alternatives we see everywhere, including the US and Australian elections.

The ultimate goal is the destruction of the family and the removal of the concept of the Basic Wage. The family was protected as a vehicle to ensure that a family can be provided for by the father, and the mother can educate the children from a stable home environment. A hundred years ago Justice Higgins gave the judgment that was to establish what was later to be termed the basic wage which was based on the fact that one parent worked while the other raised the children. The bankers and the employers hated this system and they bankrolled the feminists to destroy this system and with it the family. The first collapse and Great Depression was engineered and maintained by the banks to this end by deliberately limiting credit. The next step is the reduction of the US and British Commonwealth and the enslavement of the world.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General