Sabbath 17/8/30/120

Dear Friends,

This week we have released the first paper in the Sons of Japheth series: Sons of Japheth Part 1 (No. 46A).

You will be aware that the series started with the youngest son of Noah with the series Sons of Shem (No. 212A-212G). The next was the series on the second son, Sons of Ham (Nos 45A-45F). These are all available on the History of Nations site as well as the main CCG site. They are in the Alphabetic Index also as the Descendants of Abraham but are in order in the Numeric Index at

This series will end with the production of the DNA maps and charts that will show the movement of the nations, and we will track them as discrete groups to their current locations. Many people will be quite surprised to see what nations are descended from which patriarch. A great many myths will be completely debunked and others will be explained in detail. There will be many surprises in store and biblical prophecy will take on a whole new light. The Abraham’s Legacy site will take on new meaning and be reorganised to accommodate the History of Nations data. This order was chosen so that the final result would have the most impact.

When this series is done, the identity of the nations of the world will be very clear. It will become obvious that there is no one pure nation. It will also become obvious that the sons of Shem, in the line of the Hebrews, are spread over many nations of the world.

The blessings of the line of Shem are incorporated in the lines of Ham and Japheth. It will become obvious that when the Covenant of God with the patriarchs is being honoured then the nation so doing is honoured. When the Covenant is not honoured then the nation – as its majority ancestral tribe – is dealt with in prophecy and fact.

A major example we will deal with is the myth that the United States and British Commonwealth are comprised of the Israelite tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh through their British ancestry, and that all those people were Israelites, and the nations of Europe are various tribes of Israel. Whilst it is true that they contain parts of the Israelites, it is also true that the major populations of Europe are actually Japhethite nations descended from Gomer, Magog, Javan, Tiras, and Meshech and Tubal.

We will show with DNA evidence that the ancestor of the Han Chinese, half the Japanese, most of the Indo-Malays and the Philippinos, and the Northern Polynesians and some Maoris are descended from the same ancestor as the Hungarians, the Finns and the Lapps, as are half the Siberian Eskimos. This ancestor we will term HN, which means Great One or Sky. His YDNA was M214 from which both Haplogroups O and N split.

We will trace their development and movement with the sons of Cush from the Middle East into India and central Asia and then into Asia and the Pacific.

We will also trace the Australian Aboriginals and their mutation from the C* Haplogroup ancestors that developed in India and spread all along the Asian coast in South Asia from India to Vietnam. We will see that the Aboriginals are a late mutation of that group into C4 with the Maoris as C2, and the Mongols and part of the Mayans as C3.

We will see how the Ainu of Japan are really precursors of the Cushite migration into Japan, and how they were followed by their Tungus ancestors among the Manchu Tungus relatives into Korea and Japan with their specialised descendants of HN. A similar story is found in Tibet and among the Tibeto-Burmese and the Southern Chinese.

Many people will be surprised to find out the real story of the Australian Aborigines. The fact is that in addition to the C4 aboriginal, which mutated into two sub-groups here in Australia, there were also three groups of people descended from Japheth. However, when we examined the F group the scientists have found that they were not really F but actually I1a1 who are Hebrews seemingly related to the groups in Europe, and so close to the line in Britain that scientists blamed the lineage on European admixture. They are also linked to the ancestors of the Aryans among the Dravidians. They and the Papuans may even be linked to the Japhethite Phoenicians. These links go right into China in YDNA Hg K.

We will also trace the movement of the Amerindians and the Eskimos into the Americas and look at their close relationships with the Aryans in Haplogroups R, as they are both from the same ancestor in Haplogroup P at M45, M74, P47, 92R7 and P69?

Many people will be amazed at the complexity of some nations. There is literally no pure race on Earth. The nations contain elements of at least two people and in some cases a multiplicity of peoples.

The WCG work The United States and British Commonwealth in Prophecy is an over-simplified document which will be shown to be uninspired racism by sheer scientific evidence.

We have an obligation to deal with error and uphold truth. Only the truth will set us free. We are all, of every tribe and nation, destined to become sons of God in the tribes of Israel. Even those who say they are Jews and are not, but lie, will be made to prostrate themselves at our feet in honour of Christ and the One True God who sends us. All people will be given the opportunity to be saved and there will be neither Jew nor Greek, neither black nor white, but all will be given the opportunity of salvation by God through Jesus Christ.

As we move into the Last Days it is important that there is no racism and there is clear thinking on the part of all people. God is working out a master Plan and He will deal with all nations all over the Earth and bring them to salvation. He will place them in the nation of spiritual Israel under His son, the Messiah, the soon-coming King of the Earth and leader of the heavenly Host as High Priest in the order of Melchisedek, in worship of the One True God who is Father of all, and who will be over all and in all.

We hope you enjoy the series, and when this is all published we hope that you all have a much clearer idea of the Plan of God and the History of Nations from their origins to their current locations. We hope that a spirit of tolerance will prevail among men and the great tribulation that is being engendered by the arrogance of the elitists of the New World Order will be lessened. Pray that Christ is sent soon to save those that eagerly await him.

The Bible is Scripture and Scripture cannot be broken. It is written: I said ye are Gods all of you and Scripture cannot be broken (cf. Ps. 82:6; Jn. 10:34-35). Look also at the paper The Elect as Elohim (No. 001), which was last week’s online service.

May God bless us all as we go about His work. Enjoy the series.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General.