Sabbath Message 5/7/30/120 B

Dear Friends,

This Sabbath we also need to discuss a couple of issues regarding the Feast and other matters.

Remember that there are quarantine requirements of the Church and the Bible in relation to the Feast. If you are sick do not expose others at the Feast to the disease. Make sure you or the family are quarantined and that we are not exposed to the many problems that beset us with viruses and other forms of illness being transmitted by contact with others.

Please think of the old and the infirm and the young and vulnerable. Above all, never take risks with German Measles or Rubella, as the risk to the unborn is horrendous.

Remember the welfare of others.

On another more serious note, you will no doubt have heard of the briefing of the US Congress by General Petraeus. The fact of the matter is that the comparisons in Iraq are being made over a short term. The true state of affairs is that attacks in Iraq had more then doubled since 2004 and the situation is deteriorating. 66% of Iraqis state that attacks on US troops are justified, and 98% of Sunnis say they are justified.

We said it would be like Vietnam. The Coalition won the battles and lost the war. The fact is that going into Iraq was a serious error of judgment. There was no effective plan and there still is no effective plan to deal with the situation. It will not be any different in July next year or even if the Coalition stayed for many years.

The mind-set of the people involved does not know the way of peace. The Middle East is developing into a more serious power group that is increasingly hostile to Europe, the US, and the West generally.

The fact of the matter is that there is in existence a deadly civil war in Iraq. The Coalition is simply holding the lid on it and controlling the massing of troops that will decide the conflict.

The Coalition does not have the decisive power to take the effective steps to control it, and does not understand alternative social structures and control that could decide the issue.

If the Coalition withdraws there will be civil war and total chaos. However, they should have understood the ramifications of what they would be faced with and decided how to deal with it before they went in.

These people hate each other and they have a common enemy. Take away the Coalition and they simply will fight it out to the death for control. In biblical terms, we have the ancient Medes who are now called the Kurds. The Babylonians have been replaced by the sons of Keturah and the Edomites in the South. The Marsh Arabs are now displaced as well. Iraq has been destabilised as a foil against Iran or Persia, and the area will be consolidated under the Medes and Persians for this final war. They will simply fight until they consolidate, and move against Europe.

While this happy little scenario is unfolding, the Russians have just announced they have developed the Vacuum bomb. Just as the US in Vietnam had developed Napalm and tested it on the locals, a similar principle has been taken by the Russians to the next level.

The Vacuum bomb is a fuel-air combination. There are two charges involved. The first charge breaks the container and spreads the fuel-oxygen mixture into the atmosphere and spreads it over the target area. The next charge detonates the mixture and it creates an explosion that has the force of a nuclear weapon, but not the residual radiation. As with Napalm, the air is simply sucked into the explosion and devastates the entire area. It is, however, far more powerful and is not outlawed as are nuclear weapons. It has the power to envelop and destroy buildings and other installations.

The forms of weapons being developed now will make WWIII the most horrific event the world has ever seen or will see. We have laser weapons and toxic substances and Vacuum bombs, and it just gets worse and more horrific as we go on.

We hope to write the scenario for the development of WWIII in the next six to twelve months.

Please enjoy the Feast and try to concentrate on just what we do have now and not what might well be.

Enjoy your time with each other and your study.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General.