Sabbath 5/7/30/120 A

Dear Friends,

Today I wish to deal with a serious question of dishonesty among the Churches of God that is well known and condoned by the ex-WCG ministry.

The matter concerns the book that was allegedly written by Herbert W. Armstrong and is titled: The United States and British Commonwealth in Prophecy, otherwise known as the US and BC in Prophecy. Armstrong claimed it was his own work and it was widely published and promoted as his work. The work was withdrawn by the WCG under Joseph Tkach Snr. on a number of grounds, not the least of which was that it was a blatant plagiarism from an earlier British-Israelite writer, J. H Allen. That work was Judah’s Sceptre and Joseph’s Birthright. Allen published the work in 1902, years before Armstrong produced “his work”.

One can open virtually any page of Armstrong’s plagiarism and note the barefaced lifting of entire paragraphs and pages from that work. These ministers in the Philadelphia Church of God (PCG) and the Living Church of God (LCG) and the United Church of God (UCG aia) all know that it is a plagiarism yet they dishonestly promote it as Armstrong’s work. Many have discussed it with me and I know that it was a plagiarism, and it is common knowledge among the WCG ministry that it was a plagiarism.

The problem when you do that is that you lift all the mistakes as well, and Herbert Armstrong simply did not have the academic discipline, or understanding, to examine the work for its irregularities. Nor does it seem that the ministers of these offshoots possess those qualities either.

Herbert Armstrong followed these British Israelites and created a complete fiction regarding the nations of Europe, and allocated those nations to the tribes of Israel on a completely arbitrary basis.

He further asserted, without any proof, that the Saxons in North Germany were not the same people as the Anglo-Saxons of England. He asserted that one group was descended from – and meant – the sons of Isaac, and the other was the “sons of the sword” and attributed Assyrian origin to them. The fact is that some of the Saxon horde remained there, and others became the Fris in Northern Netherlands, and the rest moved into England with the Angles and Jutes.

Today, with modern DNA techniques, we are able to determine the genetic origins of the people of Europe and all over the world. Using this modern information we were able to deal with the information obtained and make some important advances in the origin of the nations. For example, we were able to identify the Haplogroup I origins of the Tuatha De Danaan and their movement into England and Scotland. Armstrong identified them as the tribe of Dan, but had not read enough about their distribution and simply adopted the views of pseudo-academics like Jowett. He did not understand the majority did not remain in Ireland but were, and are, distributed throughout the UK. He thought that being originally in Ireland – and not knowing they had gone to Denmark from where they obtained the Lia Fail, or what is now the “Stone of Scone”, and returned – they stayed there.” That was also why they then named Ireland “Innesfail”.

For these reasons he then postulated that the tribe of Dan, and hence, Ireland and the Irish, would not be in the First Resurrection because he did not understand the theological implications of Revelation chapter 7 where Dan and Ephraim merge as Joseph, and Manasseh is on its own. He did not understand that they were all over the British Isles and completely merged with the peoples of Britain.

I postulated from my historical understanding of the movement of the tribes that Haplogroup I was a Semitic Haplogroup and, although rejected by some Jewish experts, scientists have now demonstrated that to be the case; and that based on the presence of S2 and S22 in the YDNA structure, J is actually a split from I. These aspects are covered in the paper Genetic Origin of the Nations (No. 265). The distribution is also covered in the site

It is also a fact that there are a number of Hamitic and Phoenician Haplogroups among the Scots, English and Irish. Most of that is explained by pre-Roman trade and by escaped Roman auxiliaries who went north to the Scots and West to the Irish. It is a positive example of salvation being extended to the Gentiles.

WCG postulated that the Huns were sons of Keturah when in fact they are descended from the same ancestor as the Han Chinese, being Hg N, while the Han are Hg O, with their common ancestor at M214. There is an obvious common link in the terms Hun and Han using the same consonants HN. Both are sons of Japheth and both are closely linked to the Hg P descendants, which divide into Hgs Q and R and form the basis of all Amerindians in Q and the Celts and Slavs in R. 15% of Australian Aborigines are R-basic Aryans from the same ancestor as the Celts and Slavs. The majority are C-basic Cushites.

Most in the British Isles are in fact descendants of Magog and of Gomer, as are the Francs. The Riphathian and Salien Francs are sons of Gomer through Riphath, as the name suggests. They are not sons of Reuben as Armstrong advanced. The possibility exists that some sons of Reuben are among them but they are by no means the basis of the nation. The tendency to simplistic generalities is throughout the WCG ministry and its offshoots.

What is important is that the nations of Europe contain a mixture of Hebrew YDNA and of Japhethite YDNA. The groups have intermingled now over the years to such an extent that all have both Semite and Japhethite and Hamite DNA.

Allen’s work and Armstrong’s plagiarism are incorrect and simplistic. It was known and understood to be a plagiarism of faulty scholarship, and the ministry of the WCG and its offshoots should be ashamed of themselves for this idolatrous promotion of what is proven to be an incorrect explanation of a very important subject. Allen should be given the credit for what he did at least write. Armstrong did virtually nothing except pass it off as his own, which is a tort and an offence at law.

This error does the Faith and the truth no good as those who understand where the Scythians came from, and what their YDNA is, know that they cannot all be Hebrews, and that less than 40% only can be Semites.

The Scots and the Milesians are known and their own genealogies say that they are sons of Magog. The Anglo-Saxons came in to Europe from Parthia and are also sons of Japheth, either of Gomer or Tiras or both, and the Welsh are Trojans of the Riphathian Celts. Most are R1b. Some Scots and Irish are R1a from Norway.

We will deal with these aspects on the forthcoming works on the Sons of Ham and the Sons of Japheth.

We have already issued the Sons of Shem and the audio is being promoted at the present time. They will be listed on the History of Nations site also.

The truth of the Bible and the promises made to the sons of Noah, and continued in the line of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob are fulfilled in the complex intermix that has become Europe and the Commonwealth of nations that have sprung from there. Japheth was enlarged and he does “dwell in the tents of Shem” as God prophesied, but it is far more complex and important than ever understood by Armstrongism with its imported racist ideologies. The explanation is commenced at the site and carried on to both and Salvation is of the Gentiles and Abraham has become the father of many nations. The identity of the tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh and the Israelites and Hebrews is an important step in dealing with the understanding of the Plan of God and the distribution of the nations. Follow these sites as we explain the true identity of the nations and how they are descended from Abraham.

As it is in all things, but even more so in religion, the truth is more powerful than fiction. It is about time there was some academic rigour and honesty into the assertions of these groups. Their ministry should stop trying to profit from a man that was in error in almost everything he did. Stop the idolatry and stop misleading the Churches of God. There is no room for fables in the true Churches of God, and we have far too much work to do.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General