Sabbath 29/5/30/120

Dear Friends,

As an obedient Church of God, we believe and we keep God’s Law according to God’s Spirit leading us. We have been convinced and convicted by God’s Spirit to obey God’s Law. We have now received understanding that it is a law of love and we understand this from the Spirit. We understand that we are under grace, because we cannot yet obey and accomplish the Law perfectly as imperfect human beings.

We have a commission to publish the Good News and teach this Law in obedience to God. We do this with all of our God-given talents. We have published many papers on the Internet that explain plainly God’s will, His Plan and His Law. According to the Internet statistics, many people are accessing these papers and downloading them in large numbers in all languages. We suppose that they do read them or eventually will read them.

Large numbers are studying the papers but it takes a while for them to get to the point of commitment to God and the Church. We must always be clear in asking new contacts how they view their obedience to the Law. We must always stress the necessity for all people who would join us to read the Statement of Beliefs A1 and study the Scriptures to determine in their mind if the Faith described in this paper corresponds to the original true Faith.

We cannot convince anyone. We believe the Spirit convinces. In such a case, we believe that only the elect will accept this original Faith because the Spirit will lead them to obey God in all things.

Unbelievers cannot understand or agree with our position that we will not accept, even as a visitor in our Feasts or Sabbaths meetings, anyone who does not believe in the One True God and His Son He created, Yahoshua, called Jesus Christ. We will not accept into our ranks or baptise people who do not accept the Statement of Beliefs A1.

An attitude of obedience is from the Spirit of God only, but a spirit of disobedience is from the first rebel himself, Satan.

We do not have the time or the energy to teach people and convince on an individual basis if they do not want to take the time to read and search the Scriptures themselves. Some people don’t need to study as much, maybe because they may naturally accept God’s Law from the Spirit. However, most people need to unlearn the worldly Babylonian religion taught by the Trinitarian church and her daughters, and replace those false doctrines with the truth. Only God can do this with His Spirit, before and after baptism.

We are, and we will be, called an heretical sect because we are a small Church that teaches the biblical truth, contrary to the mainstream religions. In his propaganda, the enemy has used cases of aberrant and dangerous sects and other strange beliefs as examples or proofs that all small churches are deceived and deceiving others, and hence they are dangerous. This type of opinion has been an excuse for the enemy through his minions to destroy as many true believers as it could during the history of humanity in genocide such as the Inquisitions, the Holocaust under Hitler, and many more movements which appear under other pretences and circumstances. The god of this world has the authority and the intention of getting rid of all such small churches, in the hope of getting the true one. The demons know who the elect are. Satan uses human activities to compile lists of the elect for attack and has done so over the ages, by various means. His system is gearing up to find all true believers and anyone who looks like one. We saw in the Scriptures that he killed many innocent children in an effort to kill Moses and Messiah, but did not succeed. Over the ages, he has been able to induce men to do this in the name of God.

They killed our Messiah and his followers for those exact reasons. He taught against the mainstream religions that had corrupted the Bible. He established a small sect, his Body, to do a great work on this planet. Even today, Messiah’s Body is a small Church that is still called a sect.

We are not alone to believe in God and claim that we follow the truth and God’s Law. It might be supposed that all groups and churches believe and claim the same. What is the difference then? Who can prove us wrong? The difference is in God’s view. He knows who is keeping His Law and who is not. He knows the heart and the minds and no one can hide anything.

God is using everyone to accomplish His Plan. Even Satan is used to make the lesson very clear to all humanity and the angelic Host that disobedience to God’s Law is as deadly as poison.

Every one of His Creatures has a place in His Plan of Salvation because He does not wish anyone to perish, but that every man should be saved.

Our part now in God’s Plan is according to His election. We don’t know where we will be tomorrow, but God knows everything and He makes anything happen for His purpose. Nothing is at random for God but everything is done in the order in which He planned it in past eternity.

We should not boast in anything we do for God, but we can rejoice greatly that we can take part in God’s Plan and see it being accomplished before our eyes.

May our Good Father Eloah, our Creator and Saviour, and the Creator and Saviour of Jesus Christ, Yahoshua, continue to strengthen His Church to do His will.

Jacques Guérard
Coordinator in Canada and in the French Work