Sabbath 23/4/30/120

Dear Friends,

It is time that we as a people reflected on who we are and what we are doing. Our youngsters go through universities and they gain admission to various faculties based on their parents’ prompting and the scores they achieve at their pre-entrance examinations. For many centuries the universities have been havens of Trinitarian prejudice and the control of society based on a fixed view of class and religion. Even Sir Isaac Newton, as brilliant as he was, could not openly espouse his Unitarianism. Many who did so, such as Whiston, were deposed. Those, such as Leonardo Da Vinci, were content to play games with the establishment by obliging the system (the Dukes of Savoy) with forgeries such as the Turin Shroud, which is really the earliest photographic image of the face of Da Vinci and the forms of one or two other people assisting him. That is why the images are slightly out of perspective and they can only find faint paint residue from other copies placed on the Shroud. The Shroud itself was carbon dated by a number of scientists as a fourteenth/fifteenth century linen that was in supply at his time. A South African professor has recently explained exactly how it was done and where. Da Vinci simply picked the oldest linen available to him. What is more astounding is that priests, most of whom more recently know it’s definitely a forgery, still bow down and worship the idolatrous charade.

Leonardo Da Vinci also hid his homosexuality and played games by declaring his female aspects and inclinations in the Mona Lisa, which is really a copy of his facial structure with a mocking smile aimed at the establishment. Art experts have been puzzled for some time by the exact transposition of his and her facial structure. He survived and laughed at the establishment, but could not challenge it.

Universities have always been protective of the establishment and the ruling class. The students are the “bolshie little blighters”. It was only in the nineteenth century that the society realised that a public education system was necessary for the full and proper emancipation of society. The social system, on all sides, made the necessary changes and adjustments to educate the populace and harness its potential. That system, sadly, is under threat with the right wing dominance in the control of public education funding, and the idiotic approach to education and standards by the left wing education union systems.

Once these steps towards a truly educated and free society took place it was necessary to control these newcomers to the universities and eventually to recruit them to the various societies and schools of thought that worked within the society.

What is taking place within the universities is that organisations are competing to recruit the bright and rising young leaders of the society of tomorrow. We have been aware that Freemasonry and Catholicism have competed. More recently, radical organisations have competed with the Jesuits, such as Opus Dei, and also Irish terrorist organisations, which have more recently taken a back seat so that they are not caught up in the anti-terrorist actions against the Muslim radicals such as Hizb ut-Tahrir.

Societies have long been faced with the problems these secret and fanatical groups have posed. The Jesuits were expelled en masse from various South America countries some two centuries ago and their activities declared unlawful. Opus Dei is more dangerous than the Jesuits ever were.

Into this bigoted and sleazy amalgam of competing so-called orthodox factions came the new immigrant waves that populated the US, Britain and the Commonwealth.

The young Muslim students went to universities and chose the professions their parents deemed popular. These were Medicine, Engineering and Law. They did not really make the choice. It was made for them and while they were at university they were recruited to radical Islamicist organisations. They are not Islamic; they are a political structure in varying forms.

All of these radical religious groups undermine the fabric of democracy and imbue it with a factionalism that makes genuine intelligent decision making difficult, if not impossible.

This week’s news (Friday on ABC (via stated that:

A former Islamist radical has warned that a key extremist group operating in Australia and the UK numbers many doctors and engineers among its leadership.
Ed Husain was raised in a traditional Muslim home in London in the 1980s and by the age of 16 he was active in three fundamentalist organisations, including Hizb ut-Tahrir, an extremist group which advocates jihad in the name of Islam.
Hizb ut-Tahrir is currently legal in Australia and in Britain, where new Prime Minister Gordon Brown says he is looking at adding it to the country's list of proscribed organisations.
"My only criticism of the reports coming out of Australia is that you've correctly identified sections within Wahhabism to be a problem," Mr Husain, who has now renounced radicalism, told ABC TV's Lateline program.
"But we must also remember that Australia is also now home to one of the most extreme Islamist organisations, not Islamic, Islamist organisations known as Hizb ut-Tahrir.
"That organisation functions in Australia and its leadership takes its call and its literature and the London based Hizb ut-Tahrir.
"So that's a threat in the making that I think your policy-makers and people in the media need to identify and educate the wider Australian population about.
"On a final thought, even here [in the UK] the leadership of Hizb Ut Tahrir, as well as the leadership of Wahhabist organisations, are filled with engineers and doctors."
Police are questioning eight people with links to the medical profession, including Gold Coast doctor Mohammed Haneef, in connection with the botched car bomb attacks in London and Glasgow.
Mr Husain said Islamist radical organisations around the world had many highly-educated recruits.
"The vast majority of Islamist organisations right across the world from the Muslim Brotherhood to the Jamaat Islami in the Indian subcontinent have their rank and file filled with people who are highly educated in medicine and engineering facilities from some of the finest universities in the world," Mr Husain continued.
"Their identities are very complex. Being a doctor is a means to an end.
"Many of these people were asked to become doctors simply because that's what their parents wanted them to be. Many of these young Asian people born and raised for the first time here in Britain and their parents have a strong influence. Among Arabs and Asians there's a preference for doctors, lawyers and engineers.
"Their being doctors is default, it's not a career choice for them that they've deliberately made out.
"It just so happens that while they're at university, while they are isolated from mainstream communities and while they have this identity crisis, they're recruited into extremist organisations at a very young age."

Another medical practitioner was released after questioning this week. Police asked people to respect the privacy of individuals and stressed their entitlement to the presumption of innocence.

The recruiting process has been the same for all radical religious power groups over the ages. What is happening is that a new political system is emerging to challenge the established European conflicting or competing interests.

One might ask the simple question: Where are the balanced learning institutions that even-handedly educate and promote the masses for the welfare of the society in their home environments? The answer is that it has never happened. Even Islam in its educated phase imposed unfair taxation on other classes and the Catholics killed whomever they could.

The Islamicist extremists are the same as those that went before them. There is no difference between an IRA terrorist and an Islamicist terrorist except they worship under different systems. What seems to be more amazing is that the Islamicists are recruiting from a more professional power base than were the IRA.

What is to be the end result of the insanity? Blow up or poison everyone that does not agree with you? That is what the Nazis did. Extract an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth and we will all end up blind and gummy.

Who wants to place their trust in doctors, lawyers and engineers that are suspect? Name changing is the next step to protect the professional positions.

Each person in a new country should look at what it was that they were given when taken in to another society. When given free education and equal opportunities and placed in the best professions strictly on merit, that fact must tell a rational person something about the societies in which they were raised and trained. That is what has been all the more surprising because the brainwashing seems to work no matter how highly educated the person. Hate knows no bounds and is restrained by no system of logic. The only difference now is that the behind-the-scenes evil that has seen the truth suppressed for centuries through the subjugation of internal minorities now has a greater threat through violence to the very fabric of the organisation, and will ultimately destroy the social capacity for freedom and entrench bigotry.
All society organisations should have to be declared for public office, and the dangerous ones are not just those who blow up things, but also those who control the finances and power structures of all aspects of society. None of them should hold public office, and none will do so in the soon-coming millennial system under Christ. The world appears to be gearing up to destroy itself and the Host that is sent to save it as well.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General