Sabbath Message by Wade Cox

Sabbath 24/3/30/120

Dear Friends,

This week we have taken a step further to the technical levels where the Host were at the creation of Eve. Two scientists (in Japan and the US) quite independently published virtually identical papers on the development of stem cell research. The implications for human tissue are evident from the research. The science reports allege that these major advances toward the central goal of stem cell research were achieved by directly reprogramming foetal mouse cells so that they are indistinguishable from embryonic stem cells.

This may well render the debate over the use of human embryos irrelevant. The most that is needed is a foetal cell. The use and destruction of human embryos are no longer necessary to the process. The scientists were able to use the tissue of mice and develop it to create the stem cells of mice necessary to the creation of those creatures, and the stems cells with which to grow the items necessary to do all that can be achieved in stem cell research using embryos.

Mice are similar in genetic tissue to humans and they are thus used to test procedures and drugs that might be used on humans.

The procedure used on Eve was to take the tissue of Adam and then restrict the Y Chromosome through use of the Mitochondria and produce the female XX Chromosome.

It is only a matter of time before science solves the problem of creating the tissue and growing specific human organs, body parts and then humans to order. It will be a different process to cloning which has come first in the sequence of discovery.

We are moving on now in the development of the Humanist “Post-Human” world. The corruption of the planet is underway.

One of the other things that cause mutation in the Human Genome is radiation. Russia caused a flurry when it announced this week that it would target its nuclear weapons on Europe as a result of the announcement to establish radar centres in Poland and the Czech Republic as part of the anti-missile screen in Europe. Russia has over 16,000 nuclear warheads. President Putin of Russia then came back with a suggestion to the NATO force that the radar could be established in Azerbaijan.

President Bush of the US was then forced to re-examine the plans and has to come back with a reasonable reaction or suggestions.

The threat of nuclear war is growing daily. The effects will be horrendous as everyone knows yet seem powerless to avert.

The mutation of the Human Genome and most others on the planet will be certain but the extent can only be guessed at.

One thing of which we can be certain is that Christ will come to save those that eagerly await him. Our job will then be to get this planet back into proper order. It is to that end that we are learning now.

Many of the arguments being put to us are really tests in clear thinking.

We should be able to see through the false claims and objectives of the establishment and we should be able to stay on course in our walk in the Faith.

Try to help one another through the many trials ahead.

In that way we will be able to survive these troubled times.

Wade Cox

Coordinator General


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