Sabbath Message by Wade Cox

Sabbath 3/3/30/120

Dear Friends,

Well Friends, the new look site is up and we are making progress on it. There will be a number of changes and additions as we go on getting the site perfected.

The Kid’s Section team are now working behind the scenes getting the Quizzes and Games organised.

The Philippines team has designed a new quiz logo that we will use. The US and AU team are busy loading the questions and answers now on the new templates.

Canada has assisted in the work also. Thank you Canada.

The Children’s Bible Study papers are being organised in sections and we hope to have some games organised based on things such as the dressing of the High Priest and the erection of the Tabernacle and other items.

We should have the base History of the Nations template done and up by the First or Second day of the week. As you are aware we have done the Sons of Shem and that will be loaded soon. The site will be interactive with the site at

We are working on Japheth and Ham now and the distribution of their tribes and nations. There is quite some interest developing in the history of the Anglo-Saxons and Celts both here and around the world.

There is a developing interest in the site now on a weekly basis. There are approximately 35,000 people that come into the site from the US each week and download some 125,000 papers. This is still our highest country access.

The new statistics identification has managed to isolate more accurately the China statistics. The figures for China are increasing every week by hundreds of visitors, and China is now the second ranking access.

The French still hold the per capita download records at some 8 papers a visitor on a consistent basis. They did reach 10 per visitor but the all-time one-week record was set by Japan at over 80 papers a visitor over a significant number of people, but they could not maintain that rate and Estonia did much the same two weeks ago. Indonesia and Malaysia rank now in the top six every week with many thousands of papers downloaded each week. UK and Australia also have very high downloads per visitor as does South Africa. It has been pleasing to see Sweden and Germany increasing in access statistics. Poland has been fairly high for some time now. The Spanish-speaking countries are increasing also now to a large extent and are regularly in the top ten or twenty countries.

We have designed the new site to be more easily accessible and user friendly. The CCG 4 Kids site is designed to appeal to children and make it easy for them to move around the site and as things are added we hope for more interest.

It is also aimed at English as a second language for other nations and the quizzes and work will be graded accordingly, although it is a fact that some of our youngsters know a lot more than adults of other groups.

The History of Nations web site will be based on four sections. The first section will identify the YDNA and mtDNA of the human species of Homo Sapiens who are the sons of Adam and Eve, and explain how those structures originated and how they mutated in the different parts of the world.

Much of that work will be a development of the work The Genetic Origin of the Nations (No. 265).

The next section will be the Genealogy of the Nations and will outline their genealogical records and traditions.

The third section will be the movement of the tribes and their locations.

The fourth section will be the list of world’s nations and their composition and the interlinking and build-up of their current DNA and tribal structures.

In that way we will be able to go into a country link from that section and from there identify its DNA structure and its social composition and link to the other sections to explain where those areas fit into the History of the Nations from Noah. In the same way you can go into a tribal identity and interlink with the other sections by links. The DNA will be identified by maps and charts to national groups.

The evolutionary model will be exposed by this system as logically incoherent. It will be difficult to explain, for example, how it is that the Australian aboriginal population is derived from two main groups one of which is Aryan and the last YDNA mutation to have occurred in the main YDNA groups. In other words, some 45% of them come from the same ancestors as do the Anglo-Celts and Slavs. They simply retained their original sub-group DNA through isolation. The evolutionists and Aboriginal apologists for 40,000-60,000 years still cling to the extended time model but we will show this to be a farce and we hope to force some rational examination of the history of the tribes.

Some British-Israelite fictions will also be exposed and the true nature of the relationships will be explained. Herbert Armstrong’s blatant plagiarism of Allen’s work, Judah’s Sceptre and Josephs Birthright in the US and BC in Prophecy will be shown up for what it is.

I will never forget the day that it was finally withdrawn. A group of people were being entertained in my home and a man who was an ardent Armstrong supporter made comment about the book and its withdrawal. I said to him: “The work is a plagiarism” and walked over and took Allen’s work from my bookcase. I said: “Open a page, any page, and read it”. He did so and he began to tremble at the fact that it was instantly recognisable as the word for word origin of much of Armstrong’s supposed work. He had to be taken home and he was never the same again. The fact is that when you steal a work you steal the errors as well. Allen had made many errors and repeated much of the British-Israelite fables of the pseudo-historians such as Jowett, which simply destroyed what was essentially an historical fact with myths and fables. Had the DNA science been available perhaps Allen would have done a better job but that does not excuse Armstrong for what he did.

The facts of the matter are that there is no single nation in Europe that is of a pure DNA structure and the combination of Semite and Japhethite lineages is completely intermingled there. Most of the people of Western Europe are sons of Gomer and Magog and of the Hebrews and some North Africans. Eastern Europe is Slav and Semite and some Hamitic people. No nation is completely pure now. All this will be explained as time permits. The truth simply fulfils Bible prophecy as God gave it to Noah and as his sons were blessed.

There is absolutely no conflict between the DNA structure of modern science and the Bible story. The only conflict lies in the extended mathematical models used by modern science to justify its blatantly discontinuous and incoherent evolutionary premises.

We have an obligation to answer these evolutionists that use evolution as a religion, and answer them we will.

Have a blessed and peaceful Sabbath.

Wade Cox

Coordinator General


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