Sabbath Message by Wade Cox

Sabbath 15/12/29/120

Dear Friends.

This Sabbath (and the First Day of the week in the Hillel Calendar) is the feast of Purim. Monday is Shushan Purim in Jerusalem only according to the Hillel Calendar but not according to the Temple Calendar. Purim extends over Friday and Sabbath. Historically, as a result of the intercession of Esther, the King of Persia issued an order to destroy the enemies of the Jews at that time.

These days the stakes are much higher. At present there is much posturing in the Middle East. Iran, which is ancient Persia, under President Ahmedinajad is strutting across the stage of the Middle East like a peacock for which the throne was named.

The US in Iraq is a captive of the Green-belt around Baghdad. Iran is declaring its nuclear intent and the US is declaring its determination not to allow it to become nuclear. Israel is arguing for an all-out strike against the nation that has called for its extermination. Its priesthood and its soldiers understand that a war has to occur with Syria also before the final establishment of Israel.

Two US carrier task forces are in the Middle East now. The UK is stepping up its force in Afghanistan. Australia is stretched to the limit from the Pacific to the Middle East. Kuwait is being equipped with Patriot missiles (although they proved totally useless in the previous Iraqi war).

At present no order has been given. The carrier forces are there as a bluff or in preparation for a strike into Iran. There can be no other explanation. It has to be one or the other.

We said before they went into Iraq that they would go in without a plan and make assumptions like they did in Vietnam. We said then that the Coalition had read history totally incompetently in Vietnam. Under the Trung Sisters Vietnam had thrown off the Chinese yoke and had resisted China for almost a thousand years. They were the only ones in Asia capable of resisting China. When the US withdrew from Vietnam, China invaded within two years and Vietnam, in spite of being weakened by years of war with France and then the US and its allies defeated China and forced their withdrawal. The situation was misread then and in Iraq and now.

The coalition did the same in Iraq and had no real plan and no capacity to enforce order and development. Iraq is now in a Sunni/Shi’a civil war. Morale is a serious problem and the Chiefs of Staff and Secretary are not being given full access to the force because of this morale problem.

The fascinating aspect of the situation in Lebanon is that the Shi’a groups are being encouraged by the US into what appears to be a civil war there perhaps by political ineptitude, or perhaps it is by deliberate policy.

The destabilisation of the Middle East is in no one’s interest. Yet it is happening by one mishandled crisis after another.

This year Purim will be accompanied by an eclipse of the Moon in the Northern Hemisphere, which will appear red.

Let us hope that is not the start of the war. Let us all pray that sanity will prevail. However, there has been little cause for optimism to date.

For those following the markets this week it has been an interesting time. The Chinese markets fell over 9% and it caused panic in Wall Street and around the world. Commodities are at present a key investment and the checks and stalls in China are having the effects that the US market used to create. It used to be said that the US sneezed and everyone caught a cold. That appears to be true now also with China. The pension funds are causing the rise of markets above value levels and investors are both worried and trying to take advantage of it all.

Commodities are being pursued because they are limited and it is assumed they will have more value than stocks and shares, which everyone knows are too inflated. However, war will interfere with the markets and commodities will be redirected into the war machines. The problem is that the nations must be able to secure them.

Ironically the strength of the European economy and the euro is working against its Airbus consortium, which is controlled by France, Germany, Britain and Spain. Their concentration of production is inefficient and they have to shed 10,000 jobs to remain competitive with Boeing and that may not be successful either.

The formation of the New World Order is proving harder to achieve on the terms originally envisaged. The Kings of the East seem to be reforming and adjusting and no one is certain where it is all headed.

This Passover we hope to have the entire sequence developed for the Sons of Shem and the Descendants of Abraham and the prophecies directed towards their future. That will be the theme of the Passover studies. Not all Arabs are sons of Ishmael but rather many are sons of Shem and not descendants of Abraham. We will examine that aspect also.

Despite what they are doing in the Middle East, the Bible tells us what will happen irrespective of their behaviour and irrational decisions. The King of the North will occupy the Middle East killing many people and then move into the East and North to deal with forces there. We will also outline these aspects at Passover. The King of the North will come to his end with none to help him at the soon coming Kingdom of God under Messiah.

At present the world is like a group of people standing on a pyre of highly flammable materials and trying to strike matches to see where it is going and to gain advantage over and eliminate their perceived opponents also standing on the same pyre.

Coupled with that problem is the fact that the situation with Global Warming is now being understood better but also used for the attainment of other political agendas (see also the paper Global Warming (No. 218)).

The melting of Larsen A and B shelves a few years back has now revealed that significant changes are happening in the new marine environment. We are also becoming aware of the massive flows of water under the Antarctic caps that lubricate the mass and make it much more mobile and unstable than was previously thought.

The scientists are still speaking in terms of many thousands of years but the figures are starting to decrease for the age of the ice shelf. What we do know, however, is that there is more CO2 in the atmosphere now than ever before in the history of the cap and the levels are coincident with its size.

We are also proceeding into an age when human freedoms are being reduced or removed and the survival of whole nations will be at risk.

Each year it seems to get worse.

We need to pray for peace and assist one another as much as possible. Let us pray that, this Passover, people are able to meet together in peace and harmony. Let us pray that the Hamans of this world are silenced.

Wade Cox

Coordinator General


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