Sabbath Message by Wade Cox

Sabbath 9/11/29/120

Dear Friends,

This month is the month of instruction given by God through Moses at the end of the Forty Years in the Wilderness.

In the Fortieth Year of the Exodus, the beginning, the end of year and the Fifth Month of Grace were marked by signal events.

In the First Month of Abib of the Fortieth Year, to mark the beginning of the end of the period of probation, Miriam died at over 126 years of age (Num. 20:1). After Pentecost at the New Moon of the Fifth Month of the Fortieth Year Aaron died at 123 years of age (Num. 33:38). Israel mourned for him 30 days to the New Moon of the Sixth Month, and from that day the move into the countries east of the Jordan commenced and the preparation for the occupation of the Holy Land began.

The old nation of the spies and the rebellious died in this period, and Miriam also died to demarcate the end of the nation of the spies and those who fell in the wilderness. All of those who rebelled against God were dead and removed from Israel by the Passover of Abib of the Fortieth Year of the Exodus.

God then proceeded to bring the new nation of uncircumcised Israelites, with the faithful few under Joshua, into the Promised Land. His first act after Pentecost and the activities of the striking of the Rock by Moses and Aaron was to take Aaron from Israel and pass the priesthood to Eleazar his son. This occurred at the New Moon one third of the way through the year. On a year-for-a-Jubilee basis that would account for the period within the 17th year of the Jubilee, that is, from the New Year of 1 Abib of the year 1994.

From the Sixth Month to the end of the Tenth Month God moved Israel closer to the point of entry and dealt with the nations to the East of the Jordan and took lands from them and began to deal with the sons of Lot and the sons of Esau.

In the New Moon of the Eleventh Month God began to prepare Israel for their inheritance. Moses began to instruct them finally on the last stages of the Laws of God and the confirmation of their inheritance under Joshua and then under the 12 rulers of Israel, called Judges in English (Deut. 1:3). This sequence was done to confirm the faithfulness of Yahovah Elohim to his inheritance. This instruction was to take the Eleventh Month of the year and Moses died at the end of that month.

God had decided to remove Moses at the end of the Eleventh Month and remove his body from memory. It was this event that Satan as god of this world tried to prevent and battled with Michael for his body (Jude 9). The thirty days of mourning ended on the last day of Adar of the Fortieth Year and Israel began to occupy the Promised Land on the New Moon of Abib.

A similar process was seen at the end of the flood. The waters abated and after 150 days during the Feast of Tabernacles on the Seventeenth Day of the Seventh Month the Ark came to rest on Ararat (Gen. 8:1-4). On the New Moon of the Tenth Month the waters abated so that the tops of the mountains were seen. The period that saw the beginning of the abating of waters on the Seventeenth Day of the Seventh Month was the equivalent in the last Jubilee to the year 2008. From this year the subjugation will begin. All changes often begin on a New Moon and often in the Third Year of a cycle, which that year is.

At the end of forty days in the Eleventh Month Noah began the first of three tests to determine if the Earth was fit to be inhabited. He released two birds. The first bird released on the Fortieth Day, or the Tenth Day of the Eleventh Month, was a raven. The second bird released was a dove. The raven symbolised the activity of the spirit of war that was still present among the Host. The dove represented the peace of the Holy Spirit and it was only able to find rest on the planet in stages. The raven did not return to the Ark but the dove returned and was taken back into the Ark because there was no place for it to rest in the first instance. After seven days the dove was set forth again and it returned with an olive leaf and Noah knew that the waters had abated from the face of the Earth. Noah waited another seven days and set the dove forth again and it did not return (Gen. 8:6-12). The dove was a symbol of peace through the Holy Spirit that had been restored to the Earth by the cleansing waters of the flood poured out to remove the corruption and violence of the Nephilim. In the last days it will be fully restored to the planet for the millennial system.

Noah thus knew that the waters had cleared from the Earth. On the First Day of the First Month of the New Year of the Six Hundred and First Year (of Noah’s life) the covers were removed from the Ark and the Earth began to be reinhabited. This last or six hundredth year was the same as the final year in the wilderness of the Exodus. They both represent the final Jubilee of the end of this age and the end of the rule of the god of this Earth. The period from the Tenth Month to the end of the year covers the period or final quarter of the Jubilee or 12.5 years from 1 Abib 2015 to Atonement 2027. From this period the Earth is cleansed and gradually made inhabitable through the waters of the Holy Spirit and the actions of Christ and the Church. By 2019 the Law of God will be restated over the entire period in both Israel and the world as a whole until the subjugation of the nations in their entirety by the Jubilee.

In this period of the end days the process of Sanctification begins with the cleansing of the Church of God.

The last year of the Forty Years is represented by the last Jubilee of the Forty Jubilees.

The first fifteen years of the Last, or 120th Jubilee, were similar to the period from the preparation for the Passover and to the Feast of Pentecost of the Fortieth Year.

From the First Year of the 120th Jubilee, i.e. 1978, to the Fifteenth Year 1992 the system was cleansed. In 1993 the authority of the old ministry was removed and the system was cleansed. By the New Year of 1994 God commenced to purge the Church beginning with the third year of the cycle and the structure was renewed.

The Church was prepared for the renewal and the reinstitution of the Bible or original Temple Calendar in full, including the New Moons and the Sabbaths of the Lord. That included the Reading of the Law in 1998. That period went on to the Second Reading of the Law in 2005 and the preparation for the last period of Sanctification.

Thus the end period of Sanctification is similar to the end of the year and the Repetition of the Laws of God as covered in Deuteronomy beginning from the New Moon of the Eleventh Month and ending with the death of Moses at the end of the Eleventh Month.

The Mourning for Moses covers the end of the period represented by Adar of the Fortieth Year of the Exodus. Thus the period of the Churches covers the forty years of the end, but the Mourning for Moses covers the period 1997 to 2027 (see the paper The Last Thirty Years the Final Struggle (No. 219)).

From 1994 to the year 1998 with the Reading of the Law was the equivalent of the change of the priesthood from Aaron to Eleazar in the whole of Israel. 2003 is the half-way point of the Jubilee and the Fourth Year of the cycle. 2005 was the Sabbath Year of the Fourth cycle of the 120th Jubilee.

2006 began the period of Sanctification with the First Year of the new cycle and began the 21 years to the changeover to the millennial system. 2007 begins the last time-cycle of the end period. The Jubilee year begins at Atonement of 2026 and goes to Atonement of 2027, when all is restored. From the end of Tabernacles ploughing begins for the harvests of the first year of the Millennium.

The job of the Church is to reinforce the Law of God at the end as Moses did with the issue of Deuteronomy before he was taken and before Israel entered the Promised Land.

Our job is to hang on to our calling and keep the faith. Let no one steal your crown.

Wade Cox

Coordinator General


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