Sabbath Message by Wade Cox

Sabbath Message 25/10/29/120

Dear Friends,

The Earth is now suffering serious problems in a number of ways. This week a marine insurance broker drew attention to the fact that many marine vessels are reporting great increases in the incidence of ship alarms being activated by methane gas coming from the oceans off continental shelves due to methane escaping from the warming sea floors. As the ice melts the heat is trapped and the methane escapes. It is happening in vast quantities also over the swamps of Siberia and elsewhere as the permafrost increasingly melts.

Much of this increase has happened before and will cause a rise in sea levels of over seven feet as it has done in the past. Every thousand years there is a warm period that lasts for some four centuries with a following mini ice age that drops the seal levels back down another seven feet or so. It is a repetitive cycle every thousand years.

What will make this one worse is that we are also contributing to the problem with the industrial age and it will cause further heating. However, the main causes are natural flow-on effects that God has allowed to happen due to man’s use of his environment. The details have already been recorded in the work ( Global Warming and Bible Prophecy (No. 218)).

Part of the misuse of information is done for political purposes in the Last Days for the establishment of the Beast Power, but there will be massive problems in any circumstances.

The increase in earthquake activity is also causing an increase of chemicals into the seabed and adding to the problems of gasses and algae. Technical experimentation with weaponry is also adding to that activity.

Some cities are also on fault lines and on others concentrations that will cause serious damage. Scientists have just discovered a major problem below the city of Tokyo, Japan.

New York has just reported massive sulphurous smelling gas emissions and has closed some subways and is trying to identify the cause of the problem. It seems to be caused by natural emissions and perhaps of methane rather than man-made emissions. They have tested and ruled out various gas leaks. In 2005 there was another mysterious odour, like maple syrup, which could not be explained either.

In Austin, Texas police cordoned off ten blocks of the downtown business district after more than 60 birds were found dead along Congress Avenue. Air testing failed to determine the cause.

On Wednesday 3 January it was reported that hundred of birds were found dead in Esperance Western Australia and a toxic substance is suspected. Birds have been found over a number of areas and the toxin may well be naturally occurring.

Years ago miners used to take birds in cages down into the mines to detect gas emissions. The birds were the first to die.

In a recent news article it has been stated that over 4.5 billion people could die form Global Warming related causes by 2012. What is called a hydrate hypothesis has drawn attention to the growing alarm over climate change.

It has been postulated by scientists that the Global Warming effect could turn agricultural areas into dustbowls worldwide by 2012. Were this to be so we could expect global famine and anarchy diseases and war on a global scale as the power blocks fight over dwindling resources.

A recent theory, called the hydrate hypothesis, says that historical global warming cycles have been caused by a feedback loop where melting permafrost methane clathrates, also known as hydrates, spur local Global Warming leading to further melting of clathrates and bacterial growth. According to an article by John Stokes of 9 Jan 2007, over 4.5 billion people could die from Global Warming related causes by 2012. There are 400 billion tons of methane in the permafrost of areas like Western Siberia. As it melts in increases the speed of the melt and becomes exponential.

At least we are now recognising that there are Global Warming cycles, and that they become exponential. The hypothesis is really an identification of the Warm Periods/Ice-Age cycles that take place every thousand years.

Before these people can really resolve the problem they must take into account the Roman and Medieval Warm periods. No matter what we do the world’s sea levels will rise seven feet and perhaps more. Even if we turned off every engine and heater in the world right now that is going to happen naturally.

The real problem is that scientists are not yet agreed on when we will reach the tipping point. New lands will become viable also. We farmed Greenland in 996 CE and we will farm it again soon. We will sail around parts of ice-free Antarctica again soon as we did in the Roman Warm Period two thousand years ago, as we know from the Piri Reis Map of 1513.

We are going to see massive changes to the Earth’s landscape and many will die in the process. The wars are the main problem. It seems that people simply do not know the way of peace and they can’t resolve things peacefully. The planet is groaning and it will get worse. We need to start proper water conservation and storage and we need to use it wisely for protecting the wildlife in our own areas.

Remember in 1997 when all this was just a slow change that would take a thousand years to rise a foot, and we were alarmists for suggesting that the theories just did not add up with what the Bible said and what was actually happening. Now we revise the whole scenario on a monthly basis and we have gone from a foot by 2997 to 4.5 billion dead in 2012. That hypothesis now acknowledges that the superpowers will go to war to ensure water, land and food. The fish are dying also and we may be left trying to raise fish in farms and keep them cool enough to survive.

The wars will add to the crisis and solve nothing. The Beast Power will try to establish world control as a result of these incorrect arguments regarding the causes of Global Warm periods.

What we have to remember is that the god of this world is prepared to destroy it so that the Messiah and the elect cannot take us through to the New Millennial system. When Satan’s time is up he is prepared to destroy us all rather than see what Messiah and the elect are able to achieve in the thousand years allocated to them.

Please pray for each other and that we are able to achieve peace and encourage one another. Protect our people and the Church.

Wade Cox

Coordinator General


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