Sabbath Message by Wade Cox

New Moon 1/3/30/120

In terms of the Civil Calendar, Wednesday, May 16 celebrated the 40th annual Jerusalem Day. After 19 years of division Jerusalem was finally reunited in the northern summer of 1967.

Thus after a complete time-cycle Jerusalem was reunited by war on 16 May 1967. Forty years have now passed and the city has been given its time for repentance and unification.

The New Moon of the Third Month of the Thirtieth Year of the 120th Jubilee represents a new beginning and what we might describe as the beginning of sorrows, although there has been precious little peace there in Palestine since 1947 and since the opportunity given to it in 1967.

On 30 April 2007, in the Second Month of the year 30/120, on the day of the second Passover and sixteen days before the end of this Forty-year period, the world took a very important step towards the coming man-made global catastrophe called the New World Order.

On 30 April, President Bush signed an agreement on Transatlantic Economic Integration between the US and the European Union. The agreement was signed at the White House by President Bush on behalf of the United States and the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel as current president of the European Council and the European Commission President, Jose Manuel Barroso.

That document is based on the premise and states that: “the transatlantic economy remains at the forefront of globalization”.

This agreement was signed without ratification by Congress as a law or by the US Senate as a treaty. It is without precedent in the history of the United States. The treaty has to be Ultra Vires (beyond their legal power and authority).

The agreement established a new Transatlantic Economic Council. The Council is to be chaired on the US side by a cabinet-level officer in the White House and on the EU side by a member of the European Commission. The current head is Allan Hubbard, assistant to the president for Economic Policy and director of the National Economic Council. The EU head is Gunther Verheugen, Vice-president of the European Commission in charge of enterprise and industry.

The agreement shows that no matter whom the US elects as President they will be constrained by the agreement and the Transatlantic Committee for economic integration.

At the subsequent press conference, President Bush thanked the other two leaders for signing the “Transatlantic Economic Integration Plan”. He is reported as saying that: “It is a recognition that the closer that the United States and the EU become, the better off our people will be”. Barroso said that the Transatlantic Economic Council is meant to be a permanent body, with senior people on both sides of the Atlantic.

As part of this integration, Secretary of Commerce, Carlos Gutierrez has consistently pushed for North American Integration. The ambassador for Mexico to the U.N., Enrique Berruga, has called for a North American Union to be created in the next eight years (cf. Jerome R Corsi The New World Disorder, 8 May 2007 The aim is to get the union in place by 2012 and certainly before the key point in 2015.

In order to achieve this goal of world globalisation the British Commonwealth had to be gutted so that they could not oppose it, as they did in WWI and WWII, by withdrawal from it. They have no manufacturing sector left that can produce a motor vehicle or steel or ships. Fifty percent of their workforce is government employed in created tasks with no real productivity.

Their economic system has been kept up so that the changes can be made without objection from the masses. When they are collapsed they will be powerless to do anything about it.

Canada is being integrated without an informed debate and likewise emasculated.

Australia has been kept in positive growth by the resources boom in the growth of India and China. Its manufacturing sector has been seriously and deliberately undermined by overseas relocation of industry but it is propped up by its economic alliance with Japan and the small manufacturing capacity that it has left. It also has been betrayed from within by these NWO globalists.

They and the US are being gutted and they do not understand what is being done to them. Presidents and Prime Ministers are increasingly making these unilateral decisions without endorsement of the various Parliaments or Congress.

The Transatlantic Economic Council is tasked with creating regulatory convergence between the US and EU on forty different public policy areas: Intellectual property rights, security standards for international trade; having US Generally Accepted Accounting Practices (GAAP) recognised in Europe; overseeing the development of innovation and technology in health industries; implementing Radio Frequency Identification (RFI) technologies; the development of science-based planning and control of Bio industries; and the overcoming of obstacles to investment by establishing a process of international dialogue.

These areas will allow control of the means of food production distribution and exchange and the control of all companies involved in the process. It will also allow the identification, monitoring and control of all citizens within the systems.

Where does all this end?

The New World Order aims to rule the world and will soon occupy the Middle East after the Islamic fundamentalists are used to provoke the conflict that will give the NWO – using the European and Transatlantic Alliance – the excuse to occupy the Middle East and dominate the world. War is very close at hand now. The propaganda machine works overtime in “dumbing down” the people and creating the atmosphere of hate necessary to the conflict.

This is the King of the North spoken of by the prophet Daniel.

At present there is opposition developing in the US to these agreements and objectives. Representative Virgil Goode R-Va., introduced House Concurrent Resolution 40 designed to oppose the White House administrations Security and Prosperity Partnership, and seeks to block the NAFTA Superhighway System and opposes the North American Union with Mexico and Canada.

There is also a movement led by a Phyllis Schlafly of Eagle Forum, which has prompted an increasing number of state legislatures to oppose a North American Union. It is thus quite obvious why there is no opposition to illegal immigration as it is designed to undermine the status quo that might oppose the union of the New World Order.

It would be safe to say that increasing opposition will result in the suppression of the civil infrastructure under martial law using the multiple presidential orders signed by the last few US presidents.

We will write more on how this Beast is formed and how it wages war over the next seven years.

Wade Cox

Coordinator General


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