Sabbath Message by Wade Cox

New Moon 010230120

Dear Friends

This is the New Moon of the Second Month. On the New Moons matters of prophecy were often discussed.

This month I would like to draw your attention to the aspects of Global Warming once again. This is in effect to update you on the politics and the facts and fictions of Global Warming.

The paper Global Warming and Bible Prophecy (No 218) was published to draw attention to Bible Prophecy concerning the issue of Global Warming.

At present politicians are using Global Warming for political purposes and it is being used to bring in effective political controls of human populations and resources and intrude into people’s homes and businesses.

Previously we have drawn attention to the cyclic nature of Global Warming and pointed out that there are warm periods every thousand years that last from between one third and one half of the period, that is, from about 350 to 500 years in each cycle.

The last warm period was the Medieval Warm Period that lasted from the middle of the ninth century CE to about the end of the fourteenth century CE.

The period before that was what we have termed the Roman Warm Period which lasted from the first century BCE to the fourth century CE. Its finish saw the end of Roman occupation of Britain and the beginning of the next Cold Period under the Anglo-Saxon occupation.

The period before that was from the time of Saul and David, and the period before that was from the Flood. Indeed the Flood was probably caused by the shift in poles and the melting of polar ice among other acts of God in dealing with the nations.

The description in Genesis would accord with a greater area of the Middle East above water than currently exists.

It is probable that in the period pre-Flood both caps were on landmasses.

Remember that the film, An Inconvenient Truth, for which Al Gore was commended, was in fact designed for political ends and is not correct. What is being pushed is that Global Warming is the result of CO2 emissions. That is the reverse of the truth.

The fact of the matter is that Global Warming is a cyclic phenomenon and occurs once every thousand years for some centuries. There is a rise of over two degrees each time, and it gets hotter than it is now. Sea levels rise each time by approximately seven feet or more.

Scientists are now aware of the problem and are measuring it on other planets also. The sun is becoming more active in this cycle and all of the planets are being affected.

If it is solar induced, and it is happening on Mars and elsewhere, then it cannot be the result of human activity and it does not matter one jot what we did or did not do regarding emissions. What is important is what we did in relation to God and to the planet in obedience to His Laws. The effect on the rise by emissions and pollution will merely increase the severity of what would have occurred in any case.

The fact of the matter is that God is now about to use a normal earthly cycle, which happens every thousand years, to deal with nations and bring this world literally to its knees.

God is going to increase the solar output so that we are brought to repentance and the world is sent into the millennial system with a proper attitude and under God’s Government and Laws.

There will be increased monsoonal rains in the tropics, and the winter rains will develop over time to develop the Southern Hemisphere with those monsoonal rains as well as the winter cycles. Increased water will be seen in the Middle East and North Africa as a result of the cycle, but God will also intervene in that process.

We know that the Witnesses will have the power to shut up the heavens during the time of their witness (see the paper The Witnesses (No. 135)).

What is happening is that we now know that CO2 emissions followed Global Warming cycles but they did not cause them. Thus, arguments by politicians like Mr Gore and others are “cart before the horse” arguments. They are logically incoherent, being the exact opposite of known scientific fact. They are being used by Globalists to ensure the New World Order. They don’t care how much human freedom they destroy. That is their aim anyway.

What will happen is that God will simply ratchet up the environmental disasters until man repents. The sun is the source of life in our system, but it is also the source of heat and too much heat will destroy our civilisations as we know them. Nothing will be left of this system under Satan. Nothing of its religious structures and nothing of its idolatry and pagan calendar and ways of worship will be allowed to survive. There will be no discussion of the situation. Messiah will not negotiate on anything.

God will send the Messiah not to save mankind but only for the sake of the elect. The timings and the sequence are examined in the papers, Advent of the Messiah: Part 1 (No. 210A) and Advent of the Messiah: Part 2 (No. 210B).

When he arrives he will not be this longhaired, weak, effeminate half-man that is portrayed by so-called Christianity and also Islam. That figure is the Attis or Adonis of the Mother Goddess cult of Easter or Ishtar (see the paper The Origins of Christmas and Easter (No. 235)).

Christ will not play second fiddle to any Mahdi figure or Twelfth Imam of Shi’a Islam. Isa or Jesus Christ is the Messiah and he is the Captain of the Army of the Lord God and he will destroy these false religions that oppose and pervert his teachings. The Law of God is quite clear on what Christ was and how he kept the Law. He was not a Nazirite and thus obeyed the command to poll his hair only. He was a Jew and walked into a crowd of his own people and was not able to be distinguished. Jewish men in the Temple period wore short hair in accordance with the Bible. Many also had beards.

Islam can put each other to the sword all they like but they will not debate with Messiah and nor will modern Christianity. Hinduism and Buddhism will likewise be shown to be simply aberrations of the past superstitions and idolatry.

The demons will be put in the pit and will stay there for a thousand years and there will be no negotiation with anyone.

The kings of the Earth will tremble and hide themselves from the wrath of God and the Lamb, and well they might.

Scripture cannot be broken (Jn. 10:34-35).

Wade Cox

Coordinator General


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