Sabbath Message by Wade Cox

New Moon and Sabbath Message 1/12/29/120

Dear Friends

Today is the New Moon at Jerusalem and very close to EENT. It is one of the very rare occasions that the Chinese Choy Yat or New Moon does not coincide with the actual New Moon at Jerusalem. Chinese New Year is officially tomorrow, Sunday 18 February, based on the New Moon in Asia. The way they achieve that event is to declare two thirty-day moons or months in a row. Chinese New Year is always one month earlier than the Bible New Year through an ancient alteration in China millennia ago. Otherwise they have always kept the New Moon as a Sacred Day from before they entered China from the West. The Chinese New Year has a fifteen-day holy period, which ends on the full moon of their first month as it does under God’s Law but somehow they failed to intercalate correctly on one year and began keeping the New Year a month earlier than the equinox. They have continued in this error. Their New Moon has long been dedicated to ancestor worship in China following on from the importance of the family and the meetings on the New Moon, which we see also from the Bible record. Their worship has now focused on Kuan Kung and also the Goddess of Mercy as a variation of the Mother Goddess figure Guan Yin. Christ will correct the idolatry on his return.

This is the New Moon of the Twelfth Month called Adar. It was on this month that the Book of Esther records that Haman and the Agagites planned to destroy the nation of Judah. Agag was a descendant of Amalek and a descendant of Abraham also. We will cover these aspects in the series being issued this month on the Descendants of Abraham. They had always been jealous of the birthright being given to Isaac and Jacob. Through the courage and wise intervention of Esther, a Jewess, who became Queen of Persia, the nation of Judah was not destroyed but preserved and the people who set out to destroy God’s people were themselves publicly hanged in place of those people they sought to destroy.

The story is examined in the paper Commentary on Esther (No. 63). It is, in fact, the story of the Church, which is represented by Esther. God is not mentioned here because He is actually represented by the King in this case, where the rulership is given to Esther (the Church) to rule even to half of the Kingdom with the Messiah. The theme is based on the way it intervenes to save God’s people. The Church does not keep the feast of Purim, which is the time in which this event occurred in ancient Persia. However, the Church does understand and appreciate the intent of the story and the application of the symbolism of the event. The Nazi leaders understood that fact when they were hanged and one observed that it was Purim for Judah.

In this month of Adar, before the Passover, God often lifts His hand and allows great trials upon our people but He also brings about change in the lives of the elect at this time and at Tabernacles. He also allows many things to reach redress and turns many things to the betterment of the elect.

Each of us, as God’s people, is required to endure patiently the trials we face. However, God also allows us justice and often prepares us for Passover and deals with those who would accuse us unjustly. The story of Esther is not one of weakness but rather delivery from evil and harm and false accusation under righteous judgment.

Each of us sins as we pass through life and any one who says he is without sin is a liar. We are prepared for the Passover and at the Passover our sins are washed away and we are prepared anew for the coming year ahead.

Your problem is not what someone else is doing but what you are doing and how you can be reconciled to your brethren for Passover.

The hardest sin we have to deal with is self-righteousness as it does not recognize its own sins and focuses on the apparent shortcomings of others.

The Church attracts many such people over time but they are often unable to remain because they focus on the sins of others and often are affected by lies and false accusations or are the cause of them themselves. Often those in sin do not think correctly either and are given a strong delusion. You cannot remain in sin perpetually and remain among the elect. God deals with you.

Remember that Satan is the accuser of the brethren and false accusation is the weapon he uses. However, God vindicates our causes. It is He that decides and determines in His own good time what is to become of us and how we are judged and what is done to vindicate us.

Often God deals with a number of issues at the same time. Sometimes He deals with many people over the same issue. Often damage is caused or allowed in order to bring lessons to the fore.

A coward will not inherit the Kingdom of God and nor will anyone who loves and makes a lie or lies. Over the last couple of years we have been given a clear example of the importance of truth and loyalty. We have seen how much havoc lies create and we have seen the damage done by disloyalty and a lack of discipline.

God is about to deal with those issues now.

Let us give thanks that He is merciful and just in His dealings as always.

It is important that we proceed to the Passover in peace and reconciliation. Please pray that we can do so. You are the start of the process. Love and reconciliation begins with us. Sin is forgiven each year at the Passover. God set it up that way. He forgives us and so should every one of us forgive one another.

The lessons in Esther are important and it is important that we study the paper to get as much out of it as we can. Look also at the work the Song of Songs (No. 145) and we will see how Christ and the Church is a love story of great significance.

Esther as the Church went boldly before the throne of grace symbolized by the king’s scepter, which was held out to her. So too should we go boldly before God and prepare ourselves diligently this month for that event.

The period between now and Pentecost will be very important for our spiritual development. Be of good courage and trust in God.

Wade Cox

Coordinator General


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