Sabbath Message by Wade Cox

New Moon 1/11/29/120

This is the New Moon of the Eleventh Month. There are now eight weeks left to go to the New Year. The last sixteen months since the reading of the law have been a trying time for the church. The church has been tested and many things have happened that we all would rather not have been through but the saying is that what does not kill you makes you stronger. Since last Passover we have been very productive and this next year seems to be a new phase in productivity yet again. The adversary would rather we had not achieved what we have and are about to do.

Each of us has to get ready for the Passover. Each of us has to be reconciled to our brothers.

When we go to the Passover we have to wash one another’s feet. Much goes into the preparation for that process. Have a look at the papers involved. The two papers are the Significance of the Footwashing (No. 99) and also the Significance of the Bread and the Wine (No. 100).

Your job is to get ready for the Passover and take it worthily.

It is not your job to convert your brothers and sisters. Your job is to get yourself ready and get to an authorised site for the Passover and take it in the right attitude of mind repentant before God.

Each of us was called out of the world and prepared for baptism and many of us have been through many Passovers. Some of us decide it is all too hard and some of us throw it all away after years of struggle. Some of us also come back to the faith after years of discouragement and start again. There are a number of us who have been down that path. It is not fruitful and those who have done so will tell you that is the case.

Over the last eighteen months we have tried to be reconciled to those who think they have a problem with us. Our job is to try to be reconciled. If they do not wish to be reconciled then we are not obliged to try further. Our task is to take the humble path and seek reconciliation. We are not obliged to accept lies and continual abuse nor are we obliged to fellowship with people who are of a hostile mindset. The Holy Spirit is a spirit of peace and truth.

Very few people ever have to leave the church. The ones that do leave choose that path. Some are put out for causing division and some are marked because they cause division in accordance with Romans. The church is obliged to respect the decisions of the church in those circumstances. However, by and large the decisions made by individuals are their own and they fall by the wayside because they sin and they do not repent and it is always someone else’s fault.

When there is a problem in the church remember two things. The ministry are faced with handling the situation and they are also bound by confidentiality in the matter and it may just not be your business so don’t get involved. Gossip is the biggest single problem in the church of God. The tongue is the biggest single weapon in the arsenal of the adversary.

Your job is to accept those in your midst that are reconciled to the faith through the ministry and do not ask questions. Your job is to get yourself right with God and take the Passover worthily.

Another person’s sins are just that, their sins and not yours, and you should not be worried about what they do and concern yourselves with what you do and how God sees you.

God makes us examine ourselves each year and he is merciful and only opens our eyes to our sins on a progressive basis so that we are not consumed with guilt at our own unworthiness.

One of the things we have noticed is that the ones most ready to admit their sins and be reconciled to one another are usually the most trustworthy and loyal brethren.

There is a spirit of peace in the church and harmony and much is being achieved. Over the next two months up until Passover we will work on a number of projects including Internet video and also radio. Please pray that we are able to continue and to put behind us all the things that might hinder us in the work.

Many of those in the church are now in a serious process of examining themselves and their fitness to undertake duties and prepare for the Passover.

Reconciliation starts here. If I have offended anyone this past year I sincerely ask your forgiveness. I would seek to be reconciled to all of you between now and Passover. I hope that all of you are able to say and do the same things.

This next ten weeks is a serious process of self-examination and then of prayer and fasting for the sanctification of the church and the people of our nations.

God lifts His hand over the next eight weeks and it is usually serious. Do not be discouraged. God also makes those who offend the church aware of their problems over the same time and deals with many things and many issues among those whom He has called. He also deals with those who would seek to destroy us.

Sometimes changes occur and new directions open up. Make the most of the opportunities that God gives you. Often those changes are at Passover or at Tabernacles.

Nothing can be done except that God allows it to happen. The church is the Temple of God and He has chosen to dwell among us. We are all sinners but He has chosen to use us to confound the mighty. Love one another and forgive those that trespass against you so that God may forgive you your sins this Passover.

Wade Cox

Coordinator General


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