Sabbath Message by Wade Cox

Sabbath 12/5/29/120

Dear Friends,

This week we saw yet another step in the escalation of the Middle East Conflict. It is now getting to the point where it will develop into the full-blown conflict of World War III.

We never cease to be amazed at the gullibility of the average citizen. Shi’a Islam in Lebanon provoked the recent conflict in the Middle East with the aid and backing of Iran and Syria. The Lebanese government simply was unable to control Hezbollah. Rockets were reportedly supplied to Hezbollah by both Syria and Iran. Israeli soldiers were attacked and kidnapped. The Gaza strip was also supplied with those rockets. They have been firing rockets into Israel against civilian settlements for months. The UN could have intervened but it did not and said nothing. The UN could have intervened in the Balkans and yet a Dutch Battalion on UN duties did nothing as thousand of people were murdered on a systematic basis. The UN troops did nothing whatsoever when the Rwandan genocide was introduced and well over 900,000 men women and children were massacred in the most brutal way with the contrivance of the Trinitarian religious systems.

Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge wiped out a major portion of the Cambodian people with impunity. The Nazi Holocaust was aided and abetted by the religious systems of Europe. The world did nothing while millions of men women and children were exterminated, and if they were fortunate they were shot or gassed before they were put in the fire. The Jews and the Gypsies went quietly to the ovens and so did the Bible Students of Europe and the Prisoners of War. The ravings we saw from Gibson this week in California are the evil sentiments of Trinitarian bigots around the globe. The world hates Judah because the Messiah was a Jew and Satan uses all he can to effect their extermination. They have a part to play on their conversion in the near future.

The Geneva Convention in WWII applied only to the people that Germany and the West wanted it to apply to. Stalin and the gulags killed more of the Russian people than the Nazis. Stalin killed as many or more Ukrainians than the Germans killed Jews. As Clausewitz has pointed out: war tends to its extremes. These activities in the 20th century were to exterminate classes of people that were part of the moderate power structure of the nations. Satan uses these struggles to weaken the nations and their intellectual base.

"You cannot qualify war in harsher terms than I will. War is cruelty, and you cannot refine it; and those who brought war into our country deserve all the curses and maledictions a people can pour out" (General William Tecumseh Sherman 1820-1891).

Terror was a legitimate weapon of WWII. The nations now condemning terrorism and enforcing the “war on terror” used terror to break the will of the German people and to destroy the civilian morale and capacity to resist. Bomber command inflicted more massive force against civilian targets than ever seen before. The use of the Atom bomb against civilian targets in Japan was deliberately designed to kill civilian men, women and children in order to break the morale of the populace and destroy the cult of bushido in the minds of the people. Truman made that clear to the Japanese people. Their religious system was at the heart of the problem. The Geneva Convention only applied in specific circumstances.

The Jews were promised a homeland in 1917 by the allies. They had to fight for it in 1948. Their 70th anniversary will be in 2018 at the beginning of the final subjugation of the nations by Messiah between the Sabbath Years of 2019 and 2026. Lebanon will be four years ahead of them in 2014 but their times are the same because of the events of the Palestinian movement into Lebanon from 1948. Modern Israel has been attacked with the sole objective of destroying them as a nation and removing them from the face of the earth. The Middle East has not given them peace and will not give them peace until Shiloh comes and establishes peace. The Iranians and the Syrians seem to think that they are part of the process of the wars of the end, but they do not read what God has said about it. In 1997, the last thirty years of the wars of the end were introduced in the paper, The Last Thirty Years: The Final Struggle (No. 219). That paper was issued together with the paper Global Warming and Bible Prophecy (No 218). It was considered fantasy until it came to pass exactly as we said it would in the tapes and papers, and now continues to unfold. We have covered the nations involved in the paper War of Hamon-Gog (No. 294). That war is upon us and will continue now to drag nations into the great whirlpool of destruction.

We will issue the paper World War III in the near future and explain how it develops and what happens to the parties.

The current unfortunate atrocity in Lebanon with the killing of 52 civilians, 30 of whom were children, and 15 of those children were disabled, is drawing the condemnation of the world. Yet these same Shi’a insurgents and administration in Iraq are forcing doctors to deny medical attention to patients based on their religious affiliations. Shi’a deny treatment to Sunni and vice versa. Doctors are being threatened daily over treatment there and are leaving the Iraqi medical system en masse. The doctors trying to hang on are discussing the issues on radio when they can get air time. Death squads roam the administration. These people think that is normal. They are militant bigots and will stop at nothing. The Sunni and Shi’a hate each other almost as much as they hate the West. Iraq is on the verge of full-scale civil war, and if the Allies were not there they would get straight at it, and Iran would assist the Shi’a. No one stopped to ask the question of the Hezbollah terrorists in the village of Qana, which was where Christ performed the miracle of water into wine, what they thought they were doing. The Viet Cong used the same tactics. Use a population base and invite reprisals, then use the propaganda to wide effect. We heard nothing from the UN about using civilians as human shields, which is what this is. The Lebanese people should never have allowed these children within firing distance of this conflict. Hezbollah knew they were there and deliberately exposed them to counter battery fire for propaganda purposes. Such a high proportion of disabled is also not normal.

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert also said he was in "no rush" for a truce, and told US Secretary of State Dr. Rice that Israel needed 10 to 14 days more to continue its offensive against Hezbollah, an Israeli government official said.

Separate to the comments of the prime minister, the Israeli army said it aimed to establish a "security zone" along the southern Lebanese border by Wednesday.

"By Wednesday we are going to establish a 2km-wide 'security zone' in which there will be no infrastructure or sign of Hezbollah's presence," said army operations chief General Gadi Eisenkaut.

With the death toll rising, UN Secretary General Kofi Annan has asked an emergency meeting of the Security Council to call for an immediate ceasefire.

"I'm deeply dismayed that my earlier calls for immediate cessation of hostilities were not heard, with the result that innocent lives continue to be taken," he said, adding that both sides in the conflict were guilty of "grave breaches of international humanitarian law".

By 10th of the Fifth month (Ab) Hezbollah is now ready to discuss the ceasefire, but they will pour rockets into Tel Aviv if Israel does not agree and that will escalate the matter.

Israel cannot be forced to the verge of extinction without fighting to preserve its integrity. The use of force against the US was met with massive retaliation after the recent 9/11 terrorist incident .

In the early Twentieth century a North African group kidnapped a US woman and the nation sent in a military force and dealt with them. Why should we be surprised at this action?

The aim of these people is to force a reaction from Israel. The result will be a disaster in Lebanon, and in Iraq, which will spill over into Syria and then we will be faced with the same situation as we were at the fall of Babylon. The Medes and Persians invaded and they used their position there to control the Middle East. Tyre was given Seventy years through the prophet Isaiah then also. The Lebanese, with Syria, Iraq and Iran will force the confict. Nato will react, and then the Russian and Chinese systems will be drawn in and the conflict will escalate. Tell us, when the limited nuclear exchanges on cities are escalating into full scale nuclear exchanges, that this was the catalyst and how important it was. Complain when tsunamis reduce Tyre and Sidon to rubble.

Nato is now taking over control of the counter-insurgency operations in Afghanistan, as the military culture of the US is less used to it than the British and Commonwealth allies like Australia, and perhaps Canada. Before they went into Afghanistan and Iraq, we said that this was a weakness in the planning, and from the experience of Vietnam it would occur again. It has happenned, and Nato will be forced to get involved on a broader scale.

Weaponry tends to efficient destruction, and survival disregards conventions. Modern warfare began with the American Civil War. The rifle gave way to the machine gun and revolvers and weapons were streamlined. World War I saw gas and chemicals developed and cannon became decisive on both land and on naval gun platforms. WWII saw nuclear weapons develop. The airplane became the primary delivery system using both land and sea and the rocket emerged as the new delivery platform. This next war will see chemical weapons used on a massive scale against population centres and great tracts of country to disrupt lines of supply. Nuclear technology will be used alongside lasers and other advanced weaponry and deception systems. Natural disaster will be promoted by technology generating earthquakes and tidal waves by weapons.

The Lebanese doctors are now claiming that the bodies being recovered after the airstikes and attacks are displaying strange symptoms. The bodies are blackened – literally black – but the hair is not burnt and thus the cause appears to be chemical in origin rather than napalm and normal war burns. This phenomenon occurs in some non-biblical European prophecies. The US was using depleted uranium in their weapons in Iraq and it is causing significant mutilation in the newborn.

Freedom will disappear with perceived technological necessity. Genocide on grounds of religious expediency will become common.

History will judge these radical Shi’ites of Hezbollah, when what they have done is viewed against what they promoted in the name of God. By 2027 Lebanon will be part of Israel and the adminstration will spread from the Negev to the Euphrates, and these people, including Syria, will be at peace whether they want it or not.

So also will history judge the Sunni and the Trinitarians, both Western and Orthodox. We have also explained some of the process in the paper The Last Pope (No. 288). It is only to be expected that a relgious conflict in the Last Days will see Rome as the centre of attack and Jerusalem as the goal of the varying sects for dominance.

The Bible has a lot to say about these wars and what happens. The whole sequence will be explained so that you will see it unfold and know what is to happen next. Do not be dismayed.

In understanding the sequence you are empowered and prepared. Endure to the end and you will take your place at the end of days.

Wade Cox

Coordinator General


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