Sabbath Message by Wade Cox

New Moon 1/10/29/120

Dear Friends,

This month marks a change in direction for the operations and we are about to start out on a talk back radio program around the world. We will commence in French and English. The first program will air today and will be in those languages.

There are teams starting on Children’s Bible Study programs and they will be in English, French and Spanish also.

The Asian programs will air in English, Indo/Malay and then the languages of the Sub-Continent and of China.

The time-frames will be staggered so that no matter where you are in the world you will be able to tune in to English and a regional language.

The radio details will be placed on the web site, and the Internet tune-in details will be sent to members in a few days.

The programs will cover the audio online and will have a talk back question and answer feature for each program. There will be a number of presenters so that a broad spectrum of coverage is obtained and not just one person is aired.

The end of the 29th year will see a new phase commence in the work. This is a new door that has been opened to us and we hope that it develops and grows. By Passover of the 30th year we will be well underway and any faults and problems should be obvious to us.

Hopefully we are able to develop the programs so that the entire Church works are developed and read over the year and we are able to encourage people by explanations and discussions. We need more recordings done as well.

In similar fashion the Children’s Bible Studies will be done in multi-lingual programs using a number of people in the Church both male and female with some young people involved to reach out to the youngsters and communicate with them.

We hope that this can become a major development in our communications worldwide.

Please pray that God provides the resources we need to do this work. It has the potential to be a very powerful tool for the extension of the work in the Last Days.

Let us do what we can as though it all depended on us, and pray as though it all depends on God. That way we can be assured of success.

God has opened many doors for us and He has given us many tasks to do. Let us make sure we do them and be slow to criticise and quick to help. Forgive and you will be forgiven. Cast your bread upon the waters and it will come back after many days. God’s word does not return void or empty.

The series on the Conversion of the Sons of Abraham (No. 210) has been started with the paper Part I: Waiting for Judah and we are looking now at some comments and we are developing that work.

There will be five papers in all. Part I will cover Judah, Part II Israel; Part III: Ishmael; Part IV: Lot and Esau; Part V: The Sons of Keturah. These papers will help develop the detail of the inheritance of Abraham and the place of the Patriarchs and their offspring in the conversion of the Gentiles. Your comments on all papers are welcome. If you wish to help with some research please contact the Secretaries.

You will also notice that we have put in place some screening processes for the forum as we have had some nuisance activity there. It has increased the work of the moderators but it has proved necessary.

Please pray for the well-being and success of the Church and its people. Love one another and try to do the best for your fellow brethren.

Wade Cox

Coordinator General


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