Sabbath Message by Wade Cox

New Moon 1/13/28/120

Dear Friends,

We are at the last New Moon of the intercalary year. We have one month to go before the New Year and six weeks to the Passover. We should all be getting prepared. From what we have seen it is a very serious time. The demons seem to be very agitated and angry at present. It seems that their time is short and they are under pressure. Perhaps there is dissention in their ranks and they don’t know what to do about it.

In the early days of the Church it was believed that a number of demons repented after the sacrifice of Christ and the church leaders attributed their success to the repentance of the governing demon of that city or area. It was the common view of antiquity that the god of the city or nation state was represented there and in charge of the area and its spirit. The Triune god on the Capitoline Hill at Rome was a Trinity of an oak tree representing Jupiter as the collective reproductive Genii of the Roman State (hence the term genius) and the female Juno represented the female reproductive Junones of the state. The Minerva was the third element of the Trinity in Rome and had itself come from the Middle East.

The nation of Israel was given to Yahovah as his special inheritance. He was set in opposition to the gods of Egypt and Rome, and all others under the god of this world who is Satan. That elohim of Israel became the person we identify as Jesus Christ and he was with Israel in the wilderness (1Cor. 10:1-5). The identification of that nation of Israel, and the people that have been given to Christ, has been a subject of intense interest to the Church and the Faith for centuries.

In the paper sent out this week, we identify the Hebrews and the other nations of the world using the findings of modern science, and place them within the Bible perspective and explain the national groups. The paper is titled The Genetic Origin of the Nations (No. 265). In it you will find some very interesting detail and things that you may never have known. For example, did you know that almost 63% of all Jews are not only not Jews they are not even Semitic? Did you know that 52% of all Ashkenazi Levites are R1a1 Slavs? There are many and detailed facts and information in the paper that will make us all more aware of the origin of the world’s nations and how they are made up in male and female terms. For example, we can prove that all men came from one line and we can prove that all women came from one line. We can demonstrate that it is perfectly feasible that the world’s DNA systems could have been contained within the people on the Ark. The argument with the evolutionists concerning the DNA aspect would merely be how far back it might have occurred. The first parts of the paper contain more scientific detail but the last half is more easygoing in the distribution and identification of the nations.

Satan refused to take up his responsibility as the Lucifer or Light Bearer to the nations and instead he became the accuser of the brethren. Thus, all nations were entrusted to Jesus Christ who had to demonstrate his loyalty and die for his betrothed. Salvation thus came to the gentiles as part of the nation of Israel.

It does not matter of what nation you are physically. It matters only that you prepare yourselves to become part of spiritual Israel. It is of interest to see how God has dealt with the nations, and how the prophecies made by God have worked out over the years in the distribution of the nations and the people within them.

There is neither Jew nor Greek but only those of the Faith and those of the Second Resurrection.

Passover is coming upon us. Please help one another and fast and pray for us all.

Wade Cox

Coordinator General


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