Sabbath Message by Wade Cox

Atonement 10/07/26/120

Dear Friends,

Today is a very significant day in the Sacred Calendar. It symbolises our reconciliation with God. The ultimate phase in that reconciliation is at the return of the Messiah in the Last Days. He came first to deal with sin. For that reason the High Priest dressed in white linen for the casting of the Azazel Goat into the wilderness, and the sacrifice of the goat representing Messiah. The sacrifice is examined in the papers Atonement (No. 138) and Azazel and Atonement (No. 214).

The change of robes after that phase into the royal robes of the High Priest symbolised the Advent of Messiah as High Priest and King Messiah of Israel. Each year, and each Atonement, we get closer to that Advent and that much-awaited day. For many of those that dwell in peace it is not of significant import. However, for those faced with war and desolation it is indeed a significant event.

Many of the privileged of the earth think: “Yes it would be nice, but not just yet Lord”. For the starving, and the destitute, and the war-torn it cannot come soon enough.

It will come, and when it does there will be no running away from it. For the Church it is a matter of being ready, and not taken by surprise. No one can fill your oil lamp but you.

Since last Atonement we have seen some changes and God has removed a few people from places where they could have done, or were doing, harm.

Atonement is a matter of looking at where we personally went wrong, and where we were affecting the work, and how we personally adversely impacted on the work of God in the Church. Between last Atonement and this one we have seen more false statements and false accusations made about CCG and its officers than ever before in its history. God takes up the cause of the Church and its members as He sees fit, and when He deems it appropriate to act in a matter.

Atonement is about getting ourselves right with God and not worrying about what others do or might have done.
You are the one God is dealing with in so far as it matters to you personally. His dealing with other people is irrelevant to us personally, except in so far as they cause harm to the Church. It is none of our business how they relate to God. None of us is to invent false accusations or repeat gossip that we personally have not experienced or witnessed. If we have witnessed a matter then it is in terms of going to our brother.
The Fast of Atonement is the reconciliation process we have to go through before the good times of the Feast of God at Tabernacles, or Booths, representing the good times of the Millennium.
Christ comes to save the elect and then brings the world to Reconciliation at Atonement. From that year of the Atonement until the Millennium, Messiah deals with the world. Between the First and the millennial Fifteenth Day, or the weeks of years, there is a lot of pain and anguish. The period in the yearly Sacred Calendar for the Seventh month is, and should be, every bit as sobering as the period from 1 Abib to 15 Abib for the Passover.
There are many people who have thrown away the understanding of the Faith over the years. To listen to them, it is always someone else’s fault.
When God removes someone from the Faith due to their errors, He gives them a delusion in understanding. It is a fact that no one can keep the correct calendar that does not understand the Nature of God. We have seen it repeated time after time in the Faith. The Church was made to adopt the Hillel system when they advanced Ditheism in the Twentieth century. The Hillel system itself was developed after the rejection of Christ as Messiah.
Since 1994 we have seen extraordinary variations on a theme in the Churches of God. We have seen variations on the Hillel postponements that do not follow even their systems. We have seen the adoption of Samaritan errors that would have made even Jeroboam blush. We have seen false statements and accusations made to hurt the Church, and yet the people making them seem to have no remorse or conscience, and some even seem to believe the lies they utter, or at best be indifferent to their veracity.
All of us have to stand before God and defend what it is we have done. At Atonement we should try to be reconciled to our brothers. We cannot grow in understanding and develop the Faith in the Church with animosity among any of us. We must lay our gifts at the altar and go and be reconciled. Then we can be reconciled to God.
All of us try to do what we understand to be correct and just in the eyes of God. Many of us fail in various ways. The answer is to keep trying. Each year at Passover we are cleansed and renewed in the Holy Spirit, and begin the cycle again.
There are only a few years to go now until the end of the 6,000 years of Satan’s rule, and even that will be cut short. Would that God sent Messiah and bound Satan at the hand of a fit man, at the call of the Archangel, and sent him to Tartarus this Atonement. However, we know the period of witness has to come first. Let that be soon Lord God.
There are twenty-one years to go to the Millennium. At least seven of those will be under Jesus Christ.
Satan is angry and he knows his time is short. Our time is just as short and we have much to do. He is trying to stop us and to accuse us night and day before God. Let us get on with the work of God in all diligence.
Let us not be sidetracked and let us be resolute and dedicated to the task. When we fast let it be to break the bonds of wickedness and to break every yoke in accordance with the instructions in Isaiah chapter 58. Let us fast to silence those who would accuse us, and to make the work available to more people all over the world in all languages. Pray that we are given the resources to do so.

Wade Cox

Coordinator General


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