Sabbath Message by Wade Cox

Sabbath 10/10/28/120

Open Letter to the Nations

On Capital Punishment

On Friday 2 December 2005 a young man was executed in Singapore by the authorities there for drug trafficking. He was a young Australian male of Vietnamese extraction. He had been caught trafficking heroin and this was reportedly not the first time. The quantity of heroin was significant and may well have caused the deaths of a number of his fellow countrymen. Singapore has a mandatory death penalty for drug trafficking. Most of South East Asia has the death penalty for drug trafficking. The damage drugs do to the young and the addicted is so alarming that the nations of ASEAN have decided to combat drugs internally on a large scale as a most serious problem.

What happened in Australia was more extraordinary. The young man had converted to Roman Catholicism and so the RC church made this some sort of issue of humanitarianism. The Australian politicians outdid themselves kneeling at the altar rails of churches and praying for the life of the young man. The Pope appealed for commutation of the sentence and for clemency. Minister Lee of Singapore said quite simply that they abide and uphold the rule of law and this man would be executed. They execute an average of one person a fortnight in Singapore.

Experts in jurisprudence condemned hanging as barbaric and condemned the concept of a mandatory death penalty as unjust. Campaigns are being mounted against the death penalty as though it is a cause celebre and this young drug trafficker was a form of saint. A minutes’ silence was to be held for him, which aroused the protest of the Australian RSL movement, who saw such an honour as being reserved for the dignitaries and heroes of the nation and not someone being executed for a serious crime and for bringing the nation into disrepute.

Much of the problem and the protest are because drugs are now deeply entrenched in the Australian way of life and the Australian psyche. It is destroying the genetic pool of our nation. The drug trade is controlled by the political and law enforcement systems and distributed by their minions in the gangs and underworld. Police are helping to eliminate security leaks in the underworld by releasing the names of informers for underworld execution. Police at the highest levels are involved, and police have been executed by more corrupt officers over opposition to it.

Singapore is involved at the highest economic and political levels. The centre of opium production in East Asia is Burma. Afghanistan supplies the European trade through West Asia. That is why the Taliban had to be removed as they had almost stamped the opium production out by 1999-2000. Opium production largely in the British sector is now back to pre-invasion levels.

Singapore is intimately involved in cooperation with the Myanmar regime that produces the very heroin that this young man was executed for trafficking. So where is the rule of law? Asia keeps control in the East, while it milks and destroys the West. There are nine alleged Australian drug mules on trial and facing the death penalty in Indonesia. A model was recently released after being sentenced to three months for personal ecstasy use. She was in the company of a senior politician’s son at the time and that may well have accounted for the leniency. Who knows what is behind it all? The fact is that we have to stamp the drug trade out and we have to clear our political system of the menace as well as sweep our entire police system clear of the corruption. We will only do it by ruthless measures and a dedicated political will. The solution is revolutionary and involves Bible principles including quarantine and cities of refuge.

The fact that the RC community could make such a protest when it has been the cause of the most intense persecution and the most horrific systems of execution on the planet is cause for incredulous derision. Is the leopard changing its spots? We think not. Is Europe and its politico/religious system developing a collective conscience over mass execution after its record in the twentieth century? That too is unlikely.

We drew attention to the fact then that the European Economic Community made comment after the McVeigh execution that capital punishment in any form is wrong, and that to be a member of the European Economic Community you must outlaw capital punishment. You must ratify this standard before you can join the EEC. There are in effect many thousands of pieces of legislation that must be adopted for membership.

Britain has sold its entire heritage of common law out by joining this community. The fundamental guarantees of human liberty, such as Habeas Corpus and the Presumption of Innocence, are simply written off. That is happening everywhere and not just in Europe. The misuse of police records and rumour in place of conviction is destroying our sense of justice and doing away with the presumption of innocence. A “where there is smoke there is fire” vigilante attitude is coming to prevail in the minds of the populace. They are puppets of an increasingly corrupt police state. As one bush sage said: “We have the best police money can buy.” Those who oppose them are destroyed using misinformation or even murder.

The English speaking people fought a civil war to ensure justice in England and Wales in 1611, and from that war the systems in the Commonwealth and the United States of America evolved in precedent. The US, Britain and Australia are legislating their freedom away. However, with the US and Australia, the constitutions of both nations override the draconian legislation that has been enacted there recently. Britain has no written constitution and depends only on its common law tradition, and is extremely vulnerable because of that fact.

The Bible legislates the death penalty under the Laws of God for certain repeated offences. The Bible punishment for premeditated murder and man stealing, or kidnapping, is death. This is the law Christ gave to Moses at Sinai. The United States of America implements this penalty in various states. Often overzealous attorneys because of the politicisation of the system in the USA demand and receive guilty verdicts against innocent men through withholding evidence and incompetent investigation.

The third great safeguard of our people is trial by jury and that safeguard is also a requirement. In the EEC there is trial by tribunal, which is a political process akin to the old Star Chamber system. The EEC has no freedoms in its civil system of a comparable nature to the USA and the British Commonwealth. It is, in fact, based on the legislative system enacted by the first great antichrist of modern times Napoleon Bonaparte.

Another problem that is emerging is the bleeding hearts Protestantism that is coming into fashion where judgment and the payment for crime are being downplayed by Antinomianism within the so-called Christian system. This religion neither follows the Laws of God nor regulates its activities by responsibility. The death penalty was laid down in the Bible and its application is followed by certain rules that ensure just dealings. It is a Bible principle that if a man withholds evidence and a death ensues, then the false witness must be put to death in accordance with the same punishment he sought to inflict on the accused. If this principle were followed there would be few if any false convictions.

Timothy McVeigh was the product of an antigovernment mentality in the USA, which wallows in conspiracy theory and is fuelled by the activities of clandestine organisations directed from Europe and its religious system.

McVeigh admitted his guilt but, even so, the same sort of withholding of evidence that occurred in the Waco case was evident in McVeigh's trial.

Taking a persons liberty instead of their life does not make it right. The government officers in the Waco affair should have stood trial and have been executed for their gross perversion of justice, just as McVeigh was executed. The officers that withheld evidence should also be tried and, if convicted, punished in accordance with the Law.

Justice must not only be done it must seen to be done. The bleeding heart liberals do not see that their mishandling and disobedience to the Laws of God is destroying the rule of law in the English-speaking people. Nor do they see that disobedience to the Bible system is causing the destruction of the planet and its food systems. They talk about the environment without understanding the cause and effect and God’s Law.

Europe has killed more men in its history and under totally unjust and genocidal terms than any other continent. If it was not for the British Commonwealth and the United States of America, the whole world would be under the domination of an unjust and evil system produced and guided by this religious monster at its head. Soon America, and Britain, and Canada, and Australia, and South Africa, and New Zealand will again face a monster and this time they will have abandoned the Rule of Law that gave them justice.

The correct application of the Law of God is found at the web site with the papers and the application of the death penalty in particular is found at

Our freedom does not lie in following a European system that now seeks to undermine our institutions that made us great. Obey God and His Law and purge the nations of corruption and drug trafficking.

Wade Cox

Coordinator General


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