Sabbath Message by Wade Cox

Sabbath 3/10/28/120

Dear Friends,

This Sabbath the online Bible study is for The Devils Designs (No. 43). It is a simple paper with a central core of truth in it regarding the way Satan uses some key concepts against the brethren using their own weaknesses.

The major weapon he uses is a feeling of resentment that he places in us against the fact that we are not in control of all matters that affect us. Satan promotes resentment against God and Christ and the entire authority of His Church. Satan spreads division in the faith by the use of half-truth and imagined grievances.

The corruption of truth is the creation of a lie. Most of us say we would not lie, but the fact is that we often put a twist on a matter that embellishes a view or grievance of ours, and the end result is false witness and division.

One thing that makes it easier to do this is that people willingly listen to, and act on, half-truth instead of discussing the issues first with the people concerned.

If you love your brother you will hear him and give him the opportunity to comment. If you think they did something wrong, then go to them and don’t spread malicious gossip about them. Character assassination is murder to a person’s character and is a breach of a number of commandments.

We should be loyal to one another, and uplift and support one another in the truth. If we have grievances, then there is a procedure in place for the handling of such grievance. We set that in the Constitution precisely to eliminate the abuse of the brethren by authority and each other. If you leave the Church then you walk outside of that process.

We all have a responsibility to the faith. We all have a responsibility to the body to ensure that it is protected. When we are called, we are called to the faith and the truth, and only the truth will set us free. We all have an obligation to work for and support the faith and publish the Gospel of the Kingdom of God.

We love one another, however that love of one another does not mean we tolerate heresy and division. The Scriptures tell us we are to mark those who cause division. Esteem others better than we do ourselves. Uplift each other. Give encouragement. Do not be the source of discouragement.

God is not against us. He is for us and it is His pleasure to give us the good things of the creation.

God will establish the conduct of his work and protect it.

If we are given instructions, do not resent direction but, rather, cheerfully comply and pray for those who are entrusted with the duties they perform. Be a joy to those entrusted with the duties of the faith.

Love one another and support one another.

The simple comment that the head of the woman is the man, and the head of every man is Christ, and the head of Christ is God wraps up the entire complex relationship of the society under God’s system. The family is the cornerstone of the nations, and every head of the family is directly responsible to Jesus Christ and thus to God for what they do. God and Christ are not at odds over what they do and command. The Bible is constant from beginning to end, and does not change the Law of God or what is required of us under the Law.

To love one another as we do ourselves is the Second Great Commandment. If we uplift one another and do no wrong to one another, and make no railing accusation against one another, then we do well.

Please protect and care for one another. Respect the wishes of the Church in what it asks in the exercise of that responsibility.

Satan is the god of this world. We serve another system and the One True God under Jesus Christ.

Our system is different and we are commanded to be different as a separate and special people. We are ambassadors for God and Christ and their system, and we should present ourselves as such. When we are together in worship and feasting we are before the heads of government of the entire world. Look and act as though we are ambassadors.

Love one another as we are commanded. We have an obligation to protect one another.

Please pray that we are protected and encouraged. Let us pray that our enemies are silenced and brought to repentance.

Wade Cox

Coordinator General


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