Sabbath Message by Wade Cox

Sabbath Message 11/9/28/120

Dear Friends,

As we moved into the new building this week I was struck with the thought of the effects of the time cycles of the calendar. The Sacred Calendar intercalates seven times in every nineteen years. Every nineteen years it returns to virtually the same position except for two hours difference.

Spiritually we all experience the time cycles in our lives and often we do things over the nineteen-year period and then we experience new changes and new prospects.

Often our lives are different. Sometimes they return to positions we had at the end of the previous cycle. Most often the cycles are used to teach us lessons and to provide us with experience over the years.

It is a mistake to think that the cycle is exactly the same. Once a Church of God, (the Worldwide Church of God) made the mistake of thinking that they could go back 1900 years from 1931 when the Hillel Calendar had 14 Nisan on a Wednesday and determine the day of the crucifixion as being on a Wednesday in 31 AD. The problem with this reasoning was that they did not take into account the 2 hours every cycle they were out. Now 200 hours is eight days and eight hours out of sequence. Thus the logic was flawed in that regard. Also the Hillel Calendar was not in place at the time of Christ. It did not come into operation until 358 AD or CE after it had been presented to Hillel II in 344 and tested over the 14 years in between 344 and 358. Look at the papers God’s Calendar (No. 156) and The Calendar and the Moon: Postponements or Festivals? (No. 195).

We have also seen Churches of God trying to pretend that the Hillel Calendar and the postponements were in operation at the time of Christ, when it is a fundamental matter of history understood by any Jew and historian of religion that they were not in place at that time and were not in place at any time that the Temple was in operation.

One of the major problems that we face now is that the academic standards of the religious ministry are dropping and the evangelicals do not embrace the truth with any rigour.

The university at Harvard was named after a minister and was established in order to train the ministry in the colonies some sixteen years after they were founded. Harvard is now largely secular and the religious system does not care what is true, by and large.

God takes time to deal with each and every one of us over the period of our calling and over the period of our preparation prior to our calling. Sometimes the nineteen-year cycle is used to address the problems we face in our thinking, and to drive home to us the sequence in terms of things we understand, or can associate with or relate to. Sometimes we are made to wander for a cycle, as were the prophets of old, to teach us and others lessons relating to the impermanence of the physical world.

How would we fare if we were asked to go to Egypt, for example, and walk around naked, or lie on one side cooking our meals on cow dung for protracted periods? Only the exhibitionists in our society might think that normal; but the prophets did it because they feared God.

It is a trifle easier if God deals with you directly in terms you can understand. At least you know that you have been given a clear instruction. We have the Bible and the Church to guide us.

However, we are reliant on the proper understanding of the Scriptures to guide us rather than direct communication in simple terms from God, through the Host.

We all should be dedicated to the Faith. When we are given tasks we should be faithful in what we are given to do. Do not assume that God will not deal with you. When you are given correction and a way out of the problem, do not treat it lightly.

God deals with us in infinite patience and love. We only have a few years on this earth. Do not waste the time given to us.

In terms of our natural life, we are given the first nineteen-year cycle to grow. We are adults at twenty; commencing the next nineteen years to 38 years of age. The next sequence ends at 57 years, commencing the new phase at 58. The fourth phase ends at 77 years. Most people do not go on into the fifth phase from 78 to 97.

We are all born at different times, but we progress through the cycles in which we find ourselves learning through the circumstances of the time.

We will understand more fully when the system is explained to us, but for the present we walk by faith as did those before us.

You can make a difference to the walk of others. You can help by the things you do or do not do. Do not hinder, but love one another. Do not be envious or jealous of one another. Do not seek the hurt of others.

The Church of God is a family. We should not lose sight of that fact also. Do what we can to uplift others and to help them in their affairs.

Teach the new ones and encourage the old ones. Do what you have to do and be content with the circumstances in which you find yourselves.

Be loyal. Be diligent. Be honest.

Make no railing accusation against anyone. Avoid gossip.

As you progress through life God will smooth you down and make you more able to cope with the trials of life.

God puts you where he wants you and God deals with you as He sees you need development.

The baptised member near you is your neighbour, and your brother, and the one you should uplift.

If you have not talked to them for a while, ring them and talk with them and tell them how much you appreciate them. We all need to know we are appreciated.

We appreciate your prayers. We go through trials and are often the target of problems, more than you perhaps realise. The prayers of the saints avail much. Keep on doing what you are doing.

Look to the needs of the Church and help where you can. Draw attention to things that can be improved. Point out errors.

Let us hope that we are able to settle down to the years ahead and come through intact as part of the Churches of God to the First Resurrection.

All else is unimportant in the larger scheme of things.

Wade Cox

Coordinator General


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