Sabbath Message by Wade Cox

Sabbath 20/8/28/120

Most of us have observed that the human race does not like doing what it is told or conforming to laws and social standards yet the human being craves for acceptance in its social groups.

God has given us a set of rules and a series of standards by which to live. Each rule is designed to make us happy, healthy and socially interactive and to make us function both as a person and as a group.

Yes, we have lost sight of the rules and objectives and we denigrate God and each other in the push to downgrade and ignore His Laws and Plan. In doing this we follow the guidelines and objectives of the fallen host and we obey priests that serve the demons by their very teachings.

The most evil step in this insidious process was to teach that Jesus Christ did away with the Laws of God. Make no mistake, every person who claims to be a Christian and says that the Laws of God are done away is a liar and is a servant of the demons. If they do not speak according to the Law and the Testimony, there is no light in them (Isa. 8:20).

Over the next 21 years God is going to bring this world as we know it to an end. He will replace it with a system functioning on his Laws and according to His purpose under Jesus Christ.

Much of this change will be brought about by the breach of God’s Laws and the consequent effects on society.
In the great tribulation that will unfold now and progress up until the introduction of the new millennial system many people will die and a great many will cause the death of others simply by their refusal to obey simple laws and procedures.

It is only a matter of time now until the next pandemic breaks out from sources such as the avian influenza. The strains are developing in simple and avoidable ways. The earlier strains such as Hong Kong Flu were caused by people in the Hong Kong area raising pigs in close proximity to ducks in intensive conditions that were near migratory bird habitats. The flu thus passed from the unclean migratory birds to the ducks and to the pigs and they were eaten. The strains passed to humans using these agents. Had the pigs not been raised in conjunction with the ducks in such an environment, the strains would not have developed and migrated. The obedience to the food laws, and the restrictions on eating dead carcasses, and on drinking blood would have prevented these diseases.

The new avian flu, which resembles the first outbreak of Spanish influenza that killed so many millions in 1918, is coming from eating dead chickens and from drinking Duck’s Blood Soup. Now these two items are prohibited by biblical law (see the paper The Foodlaws (No. 15)).

It may seem like perfect justice to have the people die who are consuming these items; however, it is not just they that will die. Soon the virus will develop a vector or mutate to be transmitted from human to human, as the earlier virus did arising from pig consumption in Kansas among the troops. The exact circumstance of the mutation is unclear but it was probably from a dietary interaction of the vectors; that is feeding one vector to the pigs from where it mutated.

The virus will probably mutate first into pork consumption and then from human to human. Thus, vegetarians will die in large numbers as well as non-pork consumers. Not contributing to the problem they will nevertheless die, but perhaps not as many. Asia will suffer first but the world will follow as the virus spreads.

What is most surprising is that we know what causes the problem, yet we do not educate and we do nothing to prevent the problem at its cause or source.

The Second Great Commandment is broken in this way. We simply do not care enough about each other and we will not educate for things that are covered by and vindicate the Laws of God.

Asians are not alone in this madness. The Western world promotes products that kill. The nation leading this industrial genocide is the USA. Part of the madness stems from self-righteous ignorance. Due to the prohibition lobby, most Americans were not taught the responsible use of alcohol and most were taught that it was bad. Consequently it is often abused among Americans and where it is not, a counter culture of substitutes has arisen that is in fact killing Americans.

The America authorities know for certain that the sugar substitute Aspartame is a lethal concoction that promotes brain tumours, and lymphatic cancers, and DNA damage. It is used in soft drinks because the US populace has substituted caffeine addiction for the responsible use of alcohol in wine and beer consumption. We are all being encouraged to feed the poison to our children and thus destroy both the health and well being of nations; in the US, and In Canada, and Australia, and everywhere else that is silly enough to adopt this soft drink culture. Even some of the airlines adopt this irrational behaviour. Not so long ago, an American Airlines steward asked me for five dollars for the wine I asked for with my dinner on a trans-Atlantic flight. When I was surprised at his request he explained that the policy had cut down drunken behaviour on flights. Now I have gone around the world I don’t know how many times and I have never seen an incident of unruly behaviour due to alcohol consumption on an aircraft. The ones that rarely occur usually make headlines. The policy, in fact, further encourages the consumption of these poisons in soft-drink cans as they are freely distributed.

Let us be clear about these things. Wine is not a prohibited substance under biblical law (see the paper Wine in the Bible (No. 188)). Caffeine is not a prohibited substance under biblical law. The rule of the Bible is that the body is the temple of God, and we are not to destroy the temple of God, which temple we are. Thus, we are not to consume foods prohibited by the Bible. Nor are we to overindulge in foods permitted by the Bible or about which the Bible is silent.

Soy is also a deadly item in food production. It was meant to be used as a nitrogen fixer and consumes metals such as aluminium, which makes it dangerous to the function of the brain and the nervous system and to health generally. We are being destroyed as a people but our brains are deteriorating so fast that we cannot see through the advertising propaganda, and our health authorities are in the pockets of the corporations. In fact, corruption is one of the greatest enemies our people face in this fight to regain our national health, as it is so entrenched at all levels in all departments and not just the police force.

The Bible is clear on the consumption of fat and so the foods that are based on this item are prohibited. What is so hard to comprehend about this aspect? The Bible says that a glutton will not inherit the Kingdom of God yet millions walk around the Western world hardly able to do their shoelaces up due to obesity. In ancient times the Celts placed every overweight person on half rations and extra work until they got their weight under control. Eli was overweight and the Bible mentions it. Our people simply would not tolerate it. Now we see grossly obese people (with no medical problem other than their obesity) going to buffet restaurants dressed in tracksuits and sneakers as though on a training jaunt. They have no respect for themselves and no respect for the others around them. They would not even be allowed into a tavern in other nations after dark dressed that way.

What is worse, our children are now growing up permanently damaged by parents who cannot control their diets. Much of the problem stems from teachers who are contemptuous of the Bible standards and who have destroyed the society’s capacity for discipline, both in self discipline and for social correction. Standards are being broken down all the time and churches are assisting the decline. In contrast, the US NBA is insisting on higher standards in its dress code in order to halt the decline in its image and to appeal to a better social spectrum.

Standards in our society are being redefined. The young are changing their views of what constitutes actual sex. The older generations held oral sex to be an intrinsic and even more intimate aspect of normal sexual activity. Following the line of the former US president William Clinton regarding oral sex not really being sex in the same way, the West, led by the US, is engaging in this form on a basis that is truly dangerous. Much of the thinking comes from the double thinking in the advertising media.

Casual sex is decimating populations that grew as a result of promiscuous sexual activity. That is especially so in Africa. AIDS is not the only disease spread in that way. So also, drug activity is spreading diseases through blood contamination. There are so many types of Hepatitis now that it is frightening.

These problems will escalate between now and 2012. WWIII will simply escalate from the current terrorist activity and the international political tensions and ambitions that are with us right now. We are at war. It is not with individuals but with a background ideal that seeks to control the nations by escalating the violence among us in order to control us and take away our freedom.

If we truly love God, we will love one another as we are commanded, and do what we can to help each other and to remove the threats to our society.

Obedience to the Laws of God start with the next thing you put in your mouth, or how you treat and quarantine an illness. It comes with what you say about someone else, or how you deal with them in business and in all activity. Your neighbour is the one right next to you now.

Love one another as God and Christ love us.

Wade Cox

Coordinator General


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