Sabbath Message by Wade Cox

Sabbath 16/6/28120

Dear Friends,

We are moving along now towards the Reading of the Law in this Sabbath Year. The Laws of God are designed for a cohesive social order among living beings. The entire structure of the Laws of God rests on a basic premise of social obligation. That theory of obligation has within it a series of protections for the rights of the individual, but the underlying thrust is one of obligation that is placed on the individual to protect the social order and the rights and freedoms of others within that society. Properly implemented the Bible structure is a perfect system of liberty and justice for all.

Philosophers are well aware that any social order that seeks to maximise rights and rights-based theory will fail to maximise utility in the long run. Only a system that works on a theory of obligation will maximise social utility in the long run. We have examined the causal structure of the universe in the work Creation: From Anthropomorphic Theology to Theomorphic Anthropology (B5), or, in other words, Creation: From a Man-made God to a God-made Man. Causation, that is, the laws that cause things to happen can only rest on theoretical relations and is thus dependent upon a spiritual interaction which denies any purely physical explanation. Such physical explanation is what we would term in philosophy, Supervenient Causation; or, A causes B causes C within a physical explanation and is incorrect.

No social structure that denies rights and social protection to the individual will survive. No social structure can do away with basic human freedoms and enjoy the support of its subjects. The twentieth century saw the creation of the most horrific and brutal regimes of modern times in both Nazi Germany and the Communist systems of both the Soviet and the Chinese regimes. Those social orders each were opposed by other social systems and they collapsed under that direct opposition and pressure. China and Russia are now reorganising and rearming to deal with the US and allied systems. They begin joint military exercises this month.

Notwithstanding those regimes and the horrible lessons we learnt from them, the very systems that opposed them, namely the US and the British Commonwealth, are now proceeding down the path of establishing a New World Order based on the very premises inherent in those systems. They are using the manmade structure of the UN, which is based on no moral order other than relativism. It has no legal order other than one that uses a code developed under Napoleon Bonaparte from the French Revolution and is deeply and fatally flawed. It allows imprisonment without trial and no presumption of innocence. It allows detention without trial and knows no process of Habeas Corpus. It can also retry repeatedly. The process of trial by a jury of one’s peers has been critical to the freedom of the individual in our society. So also, Habeas Corpus, which literally means “give up the body,” has been critical to the preservation of freedom in ensuring there can be no imprisonment without trial.

The Australian system has gone from one of the cornerstones of freedom and justice to a point now under recent legislation where the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation, ASIO, can detain someone for questioning without warrant merely on the basis that they think they might know something. The simple denial of any knowledge of the matter is not acceptable and not sufficient to release them. Not only can a “suspect” (whatever that is defined as being) be held without trial, but also they can be interrogated and they are not allowed to call a lawyer or any other representative. Their whereabouts is secret and if any journalist finds out and reports it, he is liable to detention and five years imprisonment for revealing the whereabouts of the suspect. Someone can now simply disappear without trace in what was once a free country. The US and the British Commonwealth are adopting the worst features of the regimes we fought to overcome a few short years ago. What is most serious is that the legal fraternity and the academics of these nations are allowing this to happen and in fact are undermining the rule of common law in order to establish this perverted European system of Star Chambers. The philosophers are spineless and dumb dogs. Oxford and ANU are allegedly the best philosophy training schools in the world and we have not heard a beep out of them. The only noise coming from the west is from people like Malcolm Fraser, an ex Prime Minister of Australia and Noam Chomsky the academic in the US, and the organisation of military families now starting to make noises in Washington. The unlawful detention and trial in Cuba is proceeding without much of a murmur.

These basic pillars of a just society are absent in most other systems that are not based on the British system of common law. Much of this legal system was developed over a long period of time and it had to be fiercely protected. The law drew much of its theory from an underpinning of the Bible views of justice. Those views had been instilled in the minds of its people once they could be given the Bible in print so that it could be studied.

There is a New World Order being implemented by a small and powerful elite of Globalists, or Internationalists who see the elimination of the nation state as a rational and essential progression of the human social order. The deals done regarding the sale of Telstra and the Australia Post system are prime examples.

The premises of this order rely on an assumption that Evolution is a scientific fact and that Moral Relativism is the convenient ethical system on which to base all law.

God has foretold of this system for thousands of years through His servants the Prophets and those warnings have been handed down to us in the Bible.

This system of Moral Relativism acknowledges no superior authority for its laws and hence has no superior causal structure other than its own expedience. Thus, no theory of ethics can ultimately control or direct this Beast. It will ultimately enslave, torture and kill whosoever it pleases and will redirect and appropriate whatever it pleases from whomever it pleases, for whatever purpose it deems expedient at the time. If this horrifying prospect is not accepted then perhaps the US philosophers might explain to their brethren elsewhere the horrendous ramifications of the new Patriot Act in the US. What is truly appalling is the fact that the provisions of the Executive Orders in the US, signed into effect by a series of previous presidents, in effect limits the US Congress to act. They enable the absolute abuse of power by the state on an ongoing basis. It does not matter what so-called party is in power. The powerful groups controlling them control what is progressively done and the media is part of the problem. It is not part of the solution and the watchdog it once claimed to be.

What is most fascinating about it all is that the US public is simply accepting the blatant erosion of its constitutional protections and freedoms in relative silence. The state has become the spy and oppressor on and of its own people. The British Commonwealth is being used in that way and the US is overcoming the protections of the Australian Constitution by spying on its citizens and sharing information. What is alarming is that the senior military staff and the Bureaucracy do not see the serious long-term consequences of these erosions of freedom. In fact, recent enquiries regarding the Iraqi prisoners of war tortured in the Abu Ghraib prison were passed on to the Army Staff in Australia and the information was suppressed. The Army says it did not pass the information on. Our senior staff lies to the ministers and the ministers lie to the Parliament, or the Congress, and it all is acceptable in the name of some nebulous security or justifiable through some other “old boys” net.

The stage is now set where a world dictator could emerge on the stage from the very heart of the NATO alliance and probably the US and its own people could be virtually powerless to stop it. The third and final Antichrist, assuming Napoleon and Hitler fitted these characteristics, could very well be an American President. It is certain that he will be a leader who is alive now. The stage is set for such an event. The financial vulnerability of the US system is not fully appreciated by the world. Only the Communist Chinese have seen the true potential of exploiting this chink in the US armour. They and the Saudi Arabians are truly massive holders of US land and capital. The means of production, distribution and exchange of the US and British Commonwealth is falling into the hands of the Internationalists and the foreign powers that seek to control their interests. Their politicians are not only allowing it they are also facilitating it. The stock market is being used to enslave smaller nations and pick the eyes out of their ownership of resources.

Bible prophecy is coming to pass now literally on a daily basis. God is now allowing these things to happen so that His Will and Plan can be brought to fruition. All these things can be triggered by a small manufactured crisis along the lines of the previous 9-11 murders.

It is thus very important that we prepare for this Reading of the Law with these things in mind. In that way we are able to see what it is that may befall us.

The development of the UN system will be a precursor to this final World Order. Its collapse is inevitable. The horror it does is, however, on a mind numbing scale. Its system of law based on this corrupt view of ethics and rights is a major factor in the horror and in its collapse.

Only the system laid down by God is correct and in harmony with the Creation and the causal laws He has fixed according to theoretical relationships based on spiritual principles or laws. The Creation is built on the things that are not seen and thus the laws that govern them in large part also govern the physical universe. The physical creation is a microcosm and a restricted part of a much greater creation. Thus, as big as the universe is, it is still only part of the picture of the Creation of God.

Only when the people of the world realise that they have a greater obligation to a system of law that ensures freedom from injustice and slavery according to the Laws of God will we be able to turn this mess around and make all men free.

Wade Cox

Coordinator General


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