Sabbath Message by Wade Cox

New Moon 01/12/27/120

Dear Friends,

This is the New Moon of the Twelfth Month. This week, aside from the issues of the False Prophecy series, we would also like to speak about the painful subject of genocide.

It is about time that the West woke up to the fact that the greatest acts of recent genocide have been conducted by, or committed under, the jurisdiction of the European or western system. It has presided over the most horrendous acts of genocide such as the Nazi system in Europe or under the Communists in the Soviet Union. China and Japan are also not blameless.

In the Twentieth Century the mindset of the Europeans has urged their people to genocide of the most horrendous proportions. It simply follows on from the dreadful intolerance and religious persecutions and purges over previous centuries. This last month saw the commemorations of Auschwitz. We all listened to the stories of the survivors. What horror!

In the same week on the morning of 27 January, US time, we were privileged to hear President G. W. Bush of the USA speak on the subject of the compatibility of some religions with freedom. In an interview we got an insight into the viewpoint of President Bush on this issue. Is it another Vietnam? Is it another unplanned blood bath? Or is it a planned step in a war to bring the world system into a single order where no freedom is possible in the end?

QUESTION: Mr. President, Senator Ted Kennedy [of Massachusetts] recently repeated his characterization of Iraq as a, quote, "quagmire," and has called it your Vietnam.

And the questioning of Alberto Gonzales and Condi Rice in the Senate has been largely used by Democrats to criticize your entire Iraq program, especially what you're trying to do post war.

I wonder if you have any response to those criticisms. And what kind of effect do you think these statements have on the morale of our troops and of the confidence of the Iraqi people that what you're trying to do over there is going to succeed?

BUSH: I think the Iraqi people are wondering whether or not this nation has the will necessary to stand with them as a democracy evolves.

The enemy would like nothing more than the United States to precipitously pull out and withdraw before the Iraqis are prepared to defend themselves. Their objective is to stop the advance of democracy.

Freedom scares them. Zarqawi said something interesting the other day: that, you know, he was talking democracy and how terrible democracy is.

We believe that people ought to be allowed to express themselves. And we believe that people ought to decide the fates of their government.

And so the notion that somehow we're not making progress, I just don't subscribe to.

I mean, we're having elections and I think people need to put this moment in history in proper context.

That context, of course, starts with whether or not the world will be better off with Saddam Hussein in power and whether or not America [would] be more secure.

After all, I've always felt the Iraqi theater's a part of the war on terror. And I am encouraged and I am heartened by the fact the Iraqi citizens are showing incredible bravery.

They're losing a lot of people. Obviously, these targeted assassinations of innocent civilians are having an effect on Iraqi families. But they want to vote. They want to participate in democracy. They want to be able to express themselves and to me that is encouraging.

There's a notion in some parts of that world that, you know, certain people can't self-govern; you know, certain religions don't have the capacity of self-government.

And that condemns people to tyranny. And I refuse to accept that point of view.

I am optimistic about the advance of freedom and so should the American people.

After all, look what's happened in a brief period of time: Afghanistan, the Palestinian elections, which I think are incredibly hopeful elections, as well as the Ukraine and now Iraq.

We are witnessing amazing history. And the fundamental question is: Can we advance that history?

And that's what my inauguration speech said. It said yes we can.

I firmly planted the flag of liberty for all to see that the United States of America hears their concerns and believes in their aspirations. And I am excited by the challenge and am honored to be able to lead our nation in the quest of this noble goal, which is freeing people in the name of peace.

What is the problem?

A cynical observer might note that the use of democracy in a nation that is composed of three separate groups of people with no idea of the preservation of the rights and entitlements of the others is a recipe for disaster. At the very least, the learning curve will show it is painful and erratic. The Sunni fear democracy because it will place the power in Iraq into a more numerous and hence more powerful group of Sh’ia Muslims. The Kurds will be a second force that might simply side with the Sh’ia party to force the redistribution of wealth and control from the formerly powerful Sunni. The Sh’ia power base will then be used to undermine the Muslim clerical rule in Iran and that is what many Muslim leaders fear most. There is a new system underway in Iraq. The people have just voted in unexpected numbers and show they wish to organise a democratic system. Let us pray they are able to do so in peace. The Sunni have a point of leverage in that they may be able to veto the Constitution because they have three provinces under their control. Let us pray that sanity prevails in the time ahead for them all.

That there is an agenda to influence the political structure of Iran as it is currently structured seems evident. It appears to be a target of the US and Israel; that seems obvious now. This power change may be the precursor to another planned advance in the Western New World Order. That may not be a good thing at all. Especially when we get the messages coming out of the US at present regarding the assessment and classification of the entire nation, starting with the school kids. We have seen the reliability of the psychiatric world that seems to specialise in its own weakness. One thing the Twentieth century did teach us was that Bureaucrats cannot be trusted with power. That was true from the Nazis, to the Communists, to the UN. Where does it end?

Are we now to assume that President Bush’s or even the US version of religion and “Christianity” is the one that is compatible with his or its version of “freedom.” We assume that Islam is not compatible with freedom, and who else is not compatible? When a nation holds the keys to Armageddon, who decides, and who is safe? Boris Yeltsin, President of Russia was a drunk, and he, even under hospitalisation, released the nuclear black box only while he was actually under the knife and unconscious.

When Ronald Reagan was President of the USA, the sense of panic in the Kremlin was allegedly rampant.

But who releases the information and who decides what is to happen, and how much are we manipulated with lies and the programs of the globalisation powers that be? Much is not fully understood and much of our information is controlled and leaked when a particular social end is desired. The media in some nations is simply pathetic. There was virtually no reporting of the detainee decision when it was handed down in the US or in Australia criticising the Bush administration. It was a landmark case and the media coverage was simply pathetic.

It is a blessing that some rational minds in the US are now starting to see that there has been an executive coup, and their executive has simply dispensed with the Constitution and the laws they have fought so hard to preserve. In a recent US Court decision a number of important points of law have been emphasised. What we have been saying about the unlawful nature of US and Coalition activities has been reinforced.
It has reportedly been decided that:
The US base in Cuba at Guantanamo Bay is a US facility and subject to the US Constitution.
The detention of prisoners without proper legal process is contrary to law.
The US is subject to the 3rd Geneva Convention.
The Taliban are entitled to protection under the Geneva Convention.
There has been unlawful detention and torture of subjects.
The use of torture is prohibited under the 3rd Geneva Convention
The use of evidence obtained by torture is inadmissible as evidence.

Now these are most important restatements of the fundamental rights of our people and of the rules of war.

It appears that the Executive will appeal this decision. Let us hope that the appeal will serve to write in large letters the legal and constitutional rights of US citizens, and any prisoners and foreign detainees they may decide to imprison or hold in the US by executive orders. No amount of provocation justifies the breach of laws we have fought so hard to achieve. The Australian and British Executive have likewise a moral and legal obligation to insist on the constitutional and common law rights of their citizens, no matter where they are, and especially if they are held improperly. It should not be left to a US judge, two and half years down the track of a war crime, to have to explain to an Executive the basic and fundamental rights of their citizens, much less the responsibilities that were incumbent on British and Australian officers of the Parliament and the Executive. We do what is right and, if the enemy is ten thousand times ten thousand, we oppose them because what they do is morally wrong and against God’s Laws. We follow just laws and do justice because it is right. In Hebrew, the language in which the laws were given to Moses, the word for justice is the same word as the word for righteousness and that is Zedek or Zadok. To abandon just laws is to abandon justice, and what follows is injustice and eventually murder and oppression. Such a people are an unrighteous people. Why are our people silent?

The Coalition is at war “justly” in Iraq. Yet, why have over 2 million people been exterminated in the Sudan in the last twenty years and we have not heard a bleat? There is no doubt that genocide is being conducted there.

The UN has not pressed charges. The Chinese and Russians refuse to force a hearing. The US will not recognise the International Criminal Court of Justice that would try these criminals in the Sudan. So the Genocide goes on.

In Rwanda the UN actually forced the UN forces there NOT to intervene and between 900,000 and 1.7 million people were butchered in the most awful manner.

There has been no intervention in Zimbabwe and in a host of other African countries.

The UN officials from the top down need to be placed on trial for the actions in the Food for Oil program in Iraq.

There is no provision of adequate health programs to stop AIDS and malaria, and a host of other diseases.

War crimes seem to be sanctioned. The treatment of the US prisoners is criminal and at last a judge of the US courts has said so.

The British now sanction the detention without trial of individuals on the grounds that one cannot make a distinction between a British subject and a foreign terrorist in the UK. Have the Law Lords all gone mad?

No, sadly not. It would have been better if they had gone mad for then they might have an excuse. There is a deliberate agenda to destroy the laws of the nations that prevent totalitarian control. These people that we have placed in positions of power, are trying to destroy our freedoms. The basis of Common Law is the only protection that the British have against their own parliament, as they have no written constitution and can pass any law.

The very system we created to protect us has been undermined by the people we elected to protect it.

The defence forces we created and paid have been subverted to destroy our national freedoms. They spy on us from each other’s lands and exchange information on the grounds that is it good for security, and they don’t give a fig about our constitutions. They even admit that is the case and think they are justified by this bogeyman of their own creation. Senior military officers have admitted and justified this behaviour as such to CCG officers.

Much of what is happening is difficult for the average man to comprehend. Many would rather believe that it is not true. Many would rather shoot the messenger and prevent the people who do understand from speaking about it.

These are facts: The echelon system of the US listens in to Australia, the British Commonwealth, and everyone else that picks up a phone or sends an email. The facilities in Australia monitor the US, and the British monitor the US, and they all pass it around. The constitutions of the US and Australia matter nothing. The British don’t have a written constitution so it doesn’t matter at all. They get away with it because our people are manipulated by fear and the shortsighted stupidity of their politicians. Our military think it is smart to get around their own constitution.

So why are we in CCG concerned? The continued genocide of the nations of the world has to be stopped, and it can only be stopped by the responsible action of people in the democratic nations who can exercise some decision and control over their political systems.

Leaders of nations cannot be allowed to commit genocide or incite racial and religious hatred. The fact that a religion does not like the system of the West does not justify its elimination by anyone. Nor is it justified in eliminating anyone either.

The fact of the matter is that the UN has an obligation to place the Arab system of the Sudan on trial for Genocide, and if the Secretary General cannot handle the problem or obstructs the process, he should be joined to the proceedings as well.

If we do not repent and take action to stop the genocide of nations we will all face the complete obliteration of our peoples, and the leaders who encourage it will be swept aside as were the aristocracy in the French Revolution.

One of the biggest single issues we face in the 21st Century, whether we like it or not, is genocide. It is the final and absolute condemnation of our society and the inability of mankind to even tolerate, let alone love, one another.

It starts with the deliberate murder of our children and goes on to the murder of those who disagree with or inconvenience us. Only when we all realise the problem will our leaders be forced to do something about it.

Love one another and by that action and fact we will show that we love God and that the love of God resides in us. Repent and stop the murder and injustice.

It is important that, in this month leading up to the Passover, we stop and repent and prepare for the Passover so that we are able to pray for our people. In this way, we can ask God to respond to our prayers for intervention and the salvation of the world.

Read the Passover papers and prepare for this year ahead. Study the Laws of God and apply them in our lives. Pray for me, most miserable of sinners, and for one another so that we are able to rectify our lives and the problems we face and help to create.

Remember that there are twenty-one days of the Passover period from the New Year of the First Month, Abib, to the Last Holy Day of the Feast on the Passover and Unleavened Bread. Sanctification comers from right conduct and right preparation. There is not just and eight-day feast, although some don’t want to even keep that properly. The entire press is twenty-one days and we had better understand that fact. It starts with a New Moon, which is kept holy to God. The Seventh day is a fast for the simple and the erroneous. The fourteenth day of Preparation begins with the Lord’s Supper, and the Footwashing and the taking of the Bread and Wine. It in effect commences the feast and on this day Christ died for us and for our salvation. If we do not drink his blood and eat his body we have no part in him (read the papers: The Lord's Supper (No. 103); Significance of the Footwashing (No. 99); Significance of the Bread and the Wine (No.100)).

Get ready for the New Year and from that day sanctify the Temple of God, which Temple you are!

Wade Cox

Coordinator General


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