Sabbath Message by Wade Cox

Sabbath 16/9/27/120

Dear Friends,

One of the fascinating things in the pendulum of social change is watching people come to grips with the results of their activities in society, and wondering how it was that all these things came to pass.

The society is disintegrating before our very eyes and everyone is asking, “How did it happen?” The standards on our TV are appalling. Films are an endless source of violence and the promotion of sexual aberration. The youth are getting more violent and women are more liberated, yet more afraid than they have been, and will become more so as the social changes they advocated are brought into play, and destroy the fabric of the society they turned upside down.

How did we bring it all about?

How did our kids get screwed up with ADD, ADHD, Bipolar, and all the other abnormal mental and emotional disorders that are destroying the youth? What drugs are you putting down their throats to control these problems? How is that helping?

Step 1. Diet.

The first step in this tortuous path to destruction comes from uninformed do-gooders with zeal not according to knowledge. The uninformed decided it was bad to eat animals and destroyed their diets, and brought their kids up on vegetarian diets, and refused them what are normal and essential foods. The worst were the vegans who fed their kids soy infant formulas and refused their children essential foods. Now they wonder why they are suffering from emotional problems induced by the chemicals in these substitutes. We won’t call them foods because they not foods.

Cooking in aluminium pans did not help the situation either, but it was diet that was the major factor. Like the Romans and their lead pipes, these aberrations are damaging our genetic base.

Step 2: Recreation and Drugs

Then the druggies took over from the sixties. Chromosomal problems and environmental problems affected the kids. The drugs got worse and criminals got organised to distribute them. The temperance busybodies in the US were the primary factor in establishing organised crime and police corruption. Now police drug evidence disappears and is resold on the streets with the speed of an assembly line. Intelligence agents reportedly went around putting LSD in kid’s drinks to get the drug scene under way. In the Victorian era only wealthy fools smoked opium. The normal people could not afford it and had the sense to leave it alone. Now the medicos addict people and one wonders how it is so easy to do.

We have to face the fact that drugs are controlled at the highest levels of our society, and it is big business protected by corrupt politicians and law enforcement. The activities are a farce and there are no penalties based on performance.

We are rapidly destroying our next generation, and we are rapidly consuming the resources they need to survive. Corruption is endemic in our society now and something has to be done about it. It seems the more consumer oriented a society is, the more criminal its activities become.

Step 3: The Media

We altered the way in which our media presented things. At first it was bad language. Rhett Butler caused a stir in “Gone with the Wind” with the first swear word on film. “Frankly Scarlet I don’t give a damn” sounds rather tame now with the endless parade of obscenity we face on a daily basis. In those few short years we went down a long way. The way our media sensationalises things is part of the problem. However, the real culprits are the advertisers. Sex sells everything and the children are bombarded with it from the earliest days. Hollywood is being used to alter and destroy our current standards of thinking. It must be stopped.

Our teachers have been removed from accountability and they are badly educated and trained. Teachers are actually encouraging children to be rebellious and to disobey parents. A woman recently informed us that her son’s teacher told him that he was entitled to retain the government allowance she was paid for him now that he was sixteen. He then demanded the money so that he could spend it on his own “entertainment.” She was a divorced woman and cleaned houses so that she could feed her family and educate it. The teacher should have been legally pursued. That thinking among the educators has to be penalised and stopped. High schools now are issuing condoms and “morning after” pills. They are advocating aberrant sexuality among children at their most vulnerable ages. We have to repent of this behaviour and change.

No one wants to admit that the deterioration is the responsibility of our own education, entertainment and reporting systems. But slowly the pendulum turns. The freedoms we take for granted and those that our forefathers fought so hard to achieve are being eroded. We are fed on a diet of fear, and cowardice makes our people slaves to the social engineers.

Double talk is everywhere. The wowsers tell us how we can’t drink alcohol and their kids are running wild with drugs because they have not been taught socially responsible alcohol consumption. French and Italians drink every day but they regard it as a shame to be seen drunk. Texans, among some other states, won’t allow liquor to be sold in some counties. I was told by an American Airlines steward, when I was asked to pay for a drink on an international flight from Dallas, that the policy has reduced the amount of disorderly behaviour on flights. In all the years I have been flying, and I fly a lot, I have never witnessed any serious act of alcohol induced disorderly behaviour. It happens sometimes but I have never seen it. Good is bad and bad is good. The double think starts at simple things like alcohol. Tobacco is killing everyone it comes in contact with, but that’s all right to sell everywhere. On it goes. The authorities can’t deal with it because the pension funds would be affected, so it has to be done gradually. More die.

Others will tell you it is OK to drink whiskey but not wine. I have heard that advanced in all sincerity on US radio. They speak from appalling ignorance. The kids see and hear all this and the thinkers say, “What rubbish.” Who can blame them?

Smoking kills. We have known that fact for years. The companies have lied about it and have been allowed to lie. We have been tardy in dealing with the problem and our kids have suffered, and the costs are ultimately borne by the succeeding generations until it dies out.

All these things are being allowed in order to take control of the social situation we have corrupted, and we will face a system that will remove all freedom in the long run.

Education is the key to freedom and social stability. The stable society starts at the family level and goes to the village and the community. The Africans say: It takes a whole village to raise and educate a child.

What can we do to make a difference?

  1. Eat properly, consuming meats according to God’s Laws (see The Food Laws (No. 15)). Educate people to the dangers of vegetarianism.
  2. Maintain the family. Work to improve education and take responsibility for your own children’s welfare.
  3. Work to implement God’s Laws through your own local political systems. Participate in and support the selection of the system laid down in the Bible to the captains of tens, to the captains of ten thousands. Do not support corrupt officials and insist your representatives work to stamp it out and make the system accountable.
  4. Support your local environment and industry. Do not purchase from the global economy that performs on slave labour. Do not support corporations that undermine your national economic systems.
  5. Support decentralisation in your society. Woe unto us when we build house on house and field on field Isa. 5:8).
  6. Use renewable natural resources like timber and brick, wool and leather. Avoid unnatural or processed foods. Eat red meats and keep up your Haem iron and vitamin B12 and other vitamins. Keep your nervous system in order and make sure you monitor your health.
  7. The word of God is the beginning of all knowledge. Study and help to provide sound Bible knowledge throughout the world.

These simple steps will make a difference. Do not allow your people to be corrupted by the doctrines of demons in the last days (see the papers Vegetarianism and the Bible (No 183) and The Doctrines of Demons of the Last Days (No. 48). Be alert and informed. The web site on the health section has some good articles regarding the more modern findings regarding the effects of chemicals on our minds and bodies:

Where possible grow your own food and that way you know what chemicals are on them because you put them there.

Keep your children healthy. Don’t send them to church. Take them to church. Use your home to bring them up in fear of the Lord on Sabbaths and New Moons and Holy Days. You can make a difference.

Keeping the Children Alive

The most important single thing we can do to preserve our children is to stop murdering them. In Australia, we abort 100,000 children a year. The figures for the US and UK are many times that figure. At that rate, this last decade, we have murdered more of our own children than the Nazis killed Jews in the WWII era. The US and the British Commonwealth are guilty of the greatest acts of genocide ever perpetrated on a people. The incredible part about it is that they did it to themselves. The People’s Republic of China and the Soviet Union managed even more murders on their children. If any nation killed that number of people, there would be a drive to invade and punish them the world over, but the unborn are silent, and only God is left to take up their cause.

God says through the prophets that when we are wicked, God will give us women and children to rule over us. If we are killing our children, how will that happen? Well God also says that grey hairs are here and there on us and we do not know it, and aliens devour our strength and we know it not (Hos. 7:9). God says you shall not put your children through the fire to Moloch (Lev. 18:21), yet our infants are burnt in the fires of the hospitals to the gods of self-interest and immorality on a daily basis.

Because we have killed our own young, we will be left alone in our old age to support ourselves. The aberrant will be dependent upon the aberrant for their sustenance in the years to come. Because our young are dead we cannot breed, and we depend upon the aliens to do our labours as we age, and they devour our inheritance.

Our own self-interest devours our inheritance. A violent and rebellious youth have no values to maintain such a society. The wealth of a people is consumed in a stock market that is kept alive by the pension funds themselves, and it is all artificial. The laws of God concerning the provisions of inheritance are ignored. They have to be restored.

How do we change this situation?


Wade Cox

Coordinator General


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