Sabbath Message by Wade Cox

Sabbath Message 20/6/27/120

Dear Friends

Let us examine the concept of religion and loving one’s brother as an exercise of the faith. In basic economic terms that concept translates into the social concepts of social justice and equity. In watching modern religion, in what are claimed to be Christian nations, we see a very serious movement developing that seeks to identify and harness the religious conservative elements into a union or identification with the conservative economic groups of the nations. That is, and always will be an uneasy alliance, in that power has not been the lot of the followers of Christ. World power was a carrot used to corrupt the Church from the Fourth Century.

In the same way, the political left has sought to identify itself with the international socialist movement. That movement was fundamentally alienated from the religious systems of the world due to the Communist Manifesto, which sought to undermine the two pillars of the non-socialist world, namely religion and the family. By their basic anti-Christian and anti-Muslim approaches, the socialist left alienated and earned the mistrust of the Christian west. In the bizarre days of the hysteria of cold war misinformation, McCarthyism was born. The cult manipulation that was developed by both sides still exists, and is used by all governments to a greater or lesser degree.

The Roman Catholic system after an early opposition, has sought to and has developed a dialogue within the leftist and Marxist systems, in so far as it helps them to remain operational within the nation states that permit them to exist. Like the fish of the Marxist-Leninists they too swim in the sea of the mass and seek to control its outcomes.

How does that argue for social justice in the world? Well, the sad fact is that both systems are simply arguing about who will ultimately control the fatted calf as they ride it to market. Both are arguing about control of the New World Order. The religious system that is controlled by and through Rome, is attempting to unite the religious groups in order to come to a dialogue with the competing power blocks, and attempt to influence both and control either one from within, or to be accommodated within the system that emerges. Thus, they coexist with the Humanists who seek to declare them redundant. Religion is seen as the opiate of the uneducated mass.

For the New World Order to emerge supreme it must control the entire means of production, distribution and exchange, and enforce its control on the entire world. This is the final “Empire of the Beast” of the last days.

When the intellectuals saw this conflict emerge, it was understood that the socialist system would be a prime driving force in the system that controlled the direction of human activity. George Orwell saw it as being comprised of three power blocks of Eurasia, East Asia and Oceania. Thus, Europe extended into Asia and the Middle East. East Asia was the entire Far East based on China and adjacent nations. Oceania stretched from “Airstrip One” which was Britain, to the US and Australasia. Africa was a battlefield as was Indonesia and Northern Australia and all the buffer zones between the three major powers. However, conflict was arranged and war was moved from one power block to the other. One block was an enemy at one period and an ally at the next. Big Brother and the party, through the media, controlled all things. It intruded into every facet of human life. The communication media was used to spy on and control human thought and the party elite were the privileged few. It was called 1984 because it was written in 1948 and Orwell did not know how far into the future it would be. One thing he was sure of though was that it would happen.

The Bible says that the world will be controlled by this one world system. The whole world gives their power to the Beast and it would come together and rule for “one hour”. Prophetically that is a period of two weeks. Thus, for less than one month it will come together and achieve world domination. Satan will give his power to the Beast so the Bible says. It will turn on the religious system and devour it because it hates the religious whore that has controlled the power of the nations in the past.

Thus, in the scramble for power and control, we are all manipulated. There is scant freedom of the press because most of the media is controlled from a very small power base. Journalists don’t cover the real issues. They sell hate and misinformation. Governments lie to the people and they think it is not only permissible, but also their unspoken duty in protecting the people from the nameless bogeymen that would seek to overthrow their control of an uneducated public. Fear is the pervading message of the media and nowhere more so than the USA.

How does that all match up with the religion that God demanded Noah and the Patriarchs, through Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, establish? How does it compare with the system God gave to Moses through the Angel of Yahovah at Sinai?

What do Christ and Christianity require of us? How would Christ reconcile the fact that the people in the USA, who seek to claim his name and teachings, do not obey him? Mainstream Christianity does not obey the Bible at all. They have rather identified with the political right and have become part of the military industrial complex that sees it as correct to deny basic medical facilities and social justice to the poor and underprivileged in our society. The underprivileged work for unbelievable hours, just to pay their rent. Divorce shatters families and the children suffer. Mothers are forced to leave children to work for the basic assistance they need to live and raise the young. However, what is more insidious is that the families, and the institution of the family, are being deliberately destroyed. This destruction is the silent policy of both sides of the political spectrum.

How is the family being destroyed? The political system is deliberately applying a discriminatory policy to people in marriage. In fact, it is so insidious and warped that even those in stable partnerships are being disadvantaged. Do not let anyone fool you by saying they don’t do that. It is both sides of the political spectrum that are attacking the family under this agenda. The conservative elements in both the USA and Australia have been in charge for the last number of years, and they have done nothing to improve the lot of the stable married working family. The right has shown no leadership in removing the anti-family legislation of the socialists before them.

Couples that are married are penalised for one of the pair remaining at home and raising the children. They are encouraged by monetary policy in their entitlements to remain apart for as long as possible and not to get married. Even if they form stable relationships they are penalised, let alone if they get married. The result is a nation that raises bastards and women with multiple relationships and children with no or multiple fragmented paternal role models. Health and education are functions of the privileged. The Bible has said this would happen to our people in the last days and it will get worse. We must repent.

Grey hair also consumes us and aliens devour our strength. Australia relies on immigration because as nations we are too selfish to provide for our young families and we abort our young. A hundred thousand aborted per year in Australia; who knows how many in the USA. The answer is simple. If the politicians were serious they would increase the baby bonuses and increase the tax benefits to married couples. A woman should get the basic wage to stay at home and raise a family. Tax relief would not mean that the richest few percent got the majority of tax benefits.

Visa requirements are actually organised so as to penalise couples that are trying to get married in normal procedures and bring their spouses to the country. De facto relationships are encouraged by the immigration authorities over marriage by policy restrictions, and don’t let anyone tell you they are not.

The parable of the Good Samaritan was directed at the thinking of the religious elite and the rulers of Judah in his time. The story is contained in our Children’s Bible Study program. It is considered a basic teaching of the faith. The man was lying injured and in danger of dying. The self-righteous passed by and offered no assistance. The hero of the story was a man who was despised by the religious elite of the time and not a man of the nation of Israel but a Samaritan, one of the hated in Canaan. The basic theme underlying the thinking of the society was the same as it is today. Humanity considers that if a person is hurt, or poor, or disadvantaged, or sick and disabled he, or she, is a sinner and it is his, or her, own fault. The Hindus and Buddhists even teach this anti-social doctrine as a condition from birth through reincarnation based on Karmic debt. That is the debt incurred by sin in a previous life. This attitude is basically self-righteous and has no real part in the message of Christ as expressed in the Bible or in the Koran.

If we can see our brothers in need and not help them, then we are missing the basic point of our faith.

The time is coming soon where Africa simply cannot pay its debts to the world banking system and will have to repudiate. The Bible says that we can lend to other nations but not charge interest. The prophets counted it to righteousness that they neither paid interest nor charged it.

The world must be able to implement the Bible system and replace this current structure.

As our knowledge improves, we know what is happening to the DNA systems and how they work. We can follow families and people and see how the world developed and people spread from place to place. It may be that this is the worst time in the history of nations for the destruction of the family and the core unit of the nation.

In a few decades the entire world will be divided according to the tribes based on our knowledge of the YDNA system, and all land systems and nations and peoples will be allocated according to those tribes and families. That is why the emphasis is on the destruction of the families and the weakening of nations. The demons wish to weaken us and stop our move into the new system under Christ in the Millennium.

Satan is giving his power to the political system in the last days to see the world suppressed.

How do we stop that? How do we cope with that problem?

The answer is that we turn to God and we trust in Him. Give our ways to Him and He will establish our thoughts (Prov. 16:3). It is not the other way around. Trust in God and stand in awe. By faith we will be preserved. The truth shall set us free. Help your brothers and love one another. There are many things that we have to do to overcome the evils of the world. However, we should not be dismayed by what is happening. Do not be undermined by a media that seeks to manipulate us. Do not be discouraged by the things that surround us.

We are often asked why we insist on those among us being in agreement on the basic doctrines of the faith as expressed in the Statement of Beliefs (A1). Similarly, they attack us for being organised under a Constitution (A2). Why would someone want to join us if they did not agree with us? If they do agree with us, where is the problem in affirming they agree with us by application? Let your “yes” be “yes” and your “no” be “no.”

We are a dedicated Church that believes the same thing, and we band together under one doctrine and a sound legally enforceable government. Each of us has a position and a role and is able to protect themselves and be protected from oppression within the Church as well as from outside of the Church.

Officers and members of the CCG are expected to behave in accordance with the doctrines of the faith and within our core documents. We are all expected to behave ethically and to love one another in truth.

Only when the entire world is governed by the principles of brotherly love, and justice, and truth are we able to reach the millennial Period of Just Rule. These principles will guide us onwards in the millennial system under Christ. The world can object all it likes, but they will obey the Law of God under Christ. It can be done two ways: the hard way, or the easy way.

For us, the easy way has been opened up. It seems difficult now but it will become easier as we progress. God will assist us through all the difficulties ahead. Knowledge is power. Do not be dismayed at what happens. We expect to see these and many more problems before we emerge into the kingdom of God under Christ.

Look now towards the Feast of Tabernacles season ahead of us. This represents the system we are in training for and the coming peace of Jesus Christ. When the hysterics ask you: “Have you got Jesus”, say rather that: “Through Jesus Christ we have attained God.”

Love one another and by that fact you will show others that you love God.


Wade Cox

Coordinator General


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