Sabbath Message by Wade Cox

Sabbath 15/5/27/120

Dear Friends,

In a recent article in The New American – July 12, 2004, a forthcoming book was discussed. The article pursues the apparent symbiosis between the Bush Administration and the Bin Laden network.

It deals with the book due out in July, Imperial Hubris, where a senior intelligence official describes the Bush administration's Iraq campaign as "an avaricious, premeditated, unprovoked war against a foe who posed no immediate threat," and argues that it has made the US (and logically other nations with it) much more vulnerable to a catastrophic terrorist attack. The article states:

“The anonymous official, identified by the Guardian of London as a figure ‘centrally involved in the hunt for bin Laden;’ is described by former CIA counter-terrorism chief Vincent Cannistraro as ‘very well respected, and looked on as a very serious student of the subject.’ Peter Bergen, author of two well-regarded studies of al-Qaeda, says that the official's views ‘represent an amped-up version of what is emerging as a consensus among intelligence [and] counter-terrorist professionals.’

'Anonymous believes Mr. Bush is taking the U.S. in exactly the direction bin Laden wants, towards all-out confrontation with Islam under the banner of spreading democracy,’ comments the London newspaper. He also maintains that al-Qaeda, rather than being ‘on the run;’ as the administration and its mouthpieces insist, has become more professional, more efficient, and more decentralized - and hence much more dangerous.

The analyst also ‘thinks it quite possible that another devastating strike against the U.S. could come during the election campaign, not with the intention of changing the administration... but of keeping the same one in place,’ continues the press account. ‘I'm very sure they can't have a better administration for them than the one they have now,’ he grimly observes.”

Readers will recall that the move into, and war in, Iraq was discussed here in the paper The Last Thirty Years: The Final Struggle (No. 219). The paper was issued in 1997, long before either conflict had been commenced or even discussed and years before September 2001. The war in Afghanistan was examined then and the subsequent movement into Iraq was also discussed. The fact was also stated that the war in Iraq would become a tar baby that would consume more people after the war than were damaged in the war.

At the same time, the looming Global Warming threat was also discussed in the paper Global Warming (No. 218). At that time, the comments were seen as alarmist and perhaps even unbalanced. The facts are that everything said in both papers actually came true or are now considered conservative estimates of what is to actually happen. All this happened in the space of seven years.

The end aim is the promotion of an all out war between Islam and the so-called “Christianity” of the West. The Bible model is very clear that the wars of the Last Days will kill over a third of mankind. These wars are promoted by the demons under Satan to kill all flesh. Christ said that unless those days are cut short, no flesh would be saved alive.

Observers will note that the argumentation used against Iraq is now being used against Iran, and it is being acknowledged that it was in fact Iran that should have been identified first. At present, the administration in the US is actually serving the interests of the religious war protagonists. The article is quite correct in that the interests of the all out war parties in both the West and Islam are being served at present.

The aim is to get Islam so embroiled in conflict that it sees itself with no alternative but to invade Europe and to strike at the US and its allies with massive terrorist activity.

What is being created is the decentralised ideological model that sees a much more innovative and locally entrepreneurial system of terrorism than previously existed. Islam sees itself as benefiting from this system but ultimately it will be forced into open conflict. Islamic extremists see war as holy and necessary to eliminate non-Islamic theologies.

The erosion of basic freedom is now underway. The socialist ideologues also saw it as essential to eliminate religion as the underpinning of the western systems, and the elimination of the family as the alternative to the state.

To this end, they will support the conflict between Islam and Christianity, hoping that in the end people will turn on and destroy both elements. The Trinitarian model in Europe wants war to eliminate Islam and preserve itself. Islam sees its end as eliminating Christianity. The Indian Liberation theologies of Hinduism and Buddhism see the conflict as beneficial to themselves. Paganism will also benefit in the short term over this conflict.

It is for these political and ideological reasons that the wars are increasing and the visionaries are predicting World War along these lines. The Middle Age prophet Nostradamus predicted this conflict coming into Europe.

The Roman Pontiff Pius X also predicted the removal of the papacy from Rome with the escape of the Pontiff over the dead bodies of his priests. Advancing Muslim armies will not simply kill these priests, but the priests will experience them in the process of the war that they themselves help to generate.

In the paper The Last Pope (No. 288) we examined the coming war of the Last Days. It has actually commenced and has been ongoing now since the beginning of this Twenty-first century. The West simply has not experienced it fully as yet. The quatrains by Nostradamus detail the war’s duration at 27 years. The Millennium beginning in 2028 is thus the end of the wars of the end although a war at the beginning of the Millennium is indicated by the Bible texts (see the paper The Day of the Lord and the Last Days (No.192)). The coming of the Messiah is merely the beginning of the divine intervention and direction of the wars to eliminate the means and tools of war itself. The wars do not end with the coming of Messiah but rather take new direction with him.

Do not be surprised at what happens in the USA over the coming election. The new administration there will also be faced with the same power plays and influences affecting this one. The failures of the system to control the conflict and implement the necessary changes and reestablishments will seriously hurt the cause of the current administration.

The world system is gearing up to generate this war. The innocents will be most hurt, but all will suffer. This sequence of war will change the face of this planet forever. Most will die. All will change. Repentance will occur. Death will follow disobedience.

I once pointed out at a conference some years ago, that God will not tolerate disobedience in the Millennial system. The Bible is quite clear that the Sabbaths, New Moons, and Feasts of the Law of God will be followed. The nations will all keep them and the nations will send their representatives to Jerusalem, or they will be punished. They will receive no rain in due season and hence suffer drought and the famines that follow, or they will be struck with the diseases of the plagues of Egypt (Zech. 14:16-19; Isa. 66:23). That is Scripture and Scripture cannot be broken. At the conference one minister of a Sabbath-keeping denomination, that teaches against the feasts and does not keep them, denounced me as being “a Hitler” who wants to kill people. They simply don’t get it that God speaks through his servants the prophets and that Scripture cannot be broken. God said it, and not me. The Lord rebuked him.

The plan of God is expressed in a complex system of prophecy that is understood line upon line and precept upon precept; here a little and there a little.

It is however very simply expressed in words that a child can understand. The whole world will be run according to the calendar of God for a thousand years and during the Second Resurrection. To obtain the benefits of the earth during the millennial system, each person will have to follow the Laws given to the patriarchs. The end results will be plain to see. The earth will simply withhold its produce from the disobedient. There will be no argument. The obedient will receive rain in due season the disobedient will not. There will be no doubt about it. Ministers who teach contrary to the Laws of God will die of their error, and those that follow them will follow them into death.

The recent decision in South Carolina regarding the prayers that mention Jesus Christ in the USA being prohibited in the town council will be seen as a relic of a past trying to make sense of a dissipated religious system that did not follow the Bible concepts. The action brought by a Wiccan is another step in the advancement of the pagan system in the West. These attacks will continue unabated now until the Millennium and the restoration of the Bible system and the destruction of the Trinitarian Constantinopolitan model throughout the world.

World War III is being developed as a religious war. Despite the legislation by the intelligentsia in control of our academic and legal institutions, and the false premises upon which the judges decided their cases to further their dissipation of human freedom, it will continue on as a religious conflict and they will be swept away with it.

God is not mocked and His word does not come back empty. If it becomes necessary, the stones will cry out against the models being advanced to silence the Bible statements.

There is much to do while we can still work.

Do not be discouraged but try to work while there is still time.

Love one another as God and Christ love us.


Wade Cox

Coordinator General


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