Sabbath Message by Wade Cox

Sabbath Message 1/5/27/120

Dear Friends

On the morning of 7 July i.e. 20/4/27/120 ABC Radio National announced, in its news broadcast, two serious and what at first appearances are unrelated topics. The first item we will discuss is that of sunspots. Scientists have now observed that sunspot activity is the worst or most prolific that has been ever recorded. That means for a few centuries since they started measuring them. However, they also said it was not simply that, but that the ice record indicates it is worse than it has been for well over a thousand years. That means, they said, that the earth will heat up now from that activity. Coupled with the effects of pollution from fuel emissions the net effect will be to increase the heat of the planet’s atmosphere yet again. Thus, the effects are much more serious than at first anticipated or even recently anticipated.

A thousand years ago when the Vikings settled Greenland, the area was in two islands and the water mass was increased. Rivers were larger further inland from tidal effects of higher seas by seven feet or so. It was mentioned some time ago that the port of ancient Ephesus was a significant seaport. It is now miles inland from the current seaport at Kusadasi in Turkey. When the earth cooled somewhat, just under a thousand years ago, Greenland became colder and the icecap increased and became one frozen mass. The Eskimos were able to out-compete the Scandinavians and drove them out for some time. What you will see is that the cap will melt again and whilst it will freeze still and become Tundra, the mass of the cap will disappear. That will mean a rise of six metres in sea level and a loss of important fresh water reserves. The problem will extend to Antarctica also.

The increases in the heat will also affect climate, making it more erratic and drier in some areas and wetter in others. It will become a matter of life and death to store water. Radio reports state that Canadian scientists measured their tree rings this year. Last year was the driest and most fire prone they had in British Columbia. This year it is the driest for over four hundred years, from the tree rings they have measured. The northern forests are “a tinder box waiting to explode.” This is but the beginning of the problems. By the return of Messiah, a third of all trees and grasses and rivers will be burnt and dried up.

Is this a matter of our doing? The answer is yes and no. Yes, we did create the circumstances whereby the planet is now heating up with our silly use of resources and the profit at any cost mentality of the fossil fuel producers.

However, God has also taken a hand in the affairs of the planet. We will discuss this further below.

The second item of great interest was the AIDS epidemic. It was announced that the epidemic in Asia has now escalated so much that it is going to dwarf the epidemic in Africa. China, Indonesia and Vietnam were the centres of a major escalation in the incidence of detection. India will be not far behind them. At present, 8,000 people are dying each day and that is now increasing so much that this figure will become exponential. At the current rate, 73 million will die in Asia by the Jubilee in 2027/28 alone. The rate will increase by ten times that figure.

Eastern Europe is also suffering huge increases in HIV/AIDS.

The distribution is also interesting. The experts interviewed by ABC Radio National said that whereas initially AIDS was a disease of homosexuals and drug users, it is now a heterosexual disease also. It is no longer predominantly a disease targeting these groups. Thirteen women for every ten males now contracts HIV/AIDS. Thus, women will comprise 65% of all AIDS deaths in a few years. Rather than face the fact that women are behaving differently and are much more sexually active now, it is being claimed that women are unable to refuse sex in Africa and the developing countries. It is being explained away as unfaithful male partners contracting it and infecting their unsuspecting wives. Oh, that it were that simple. The fact is that women are sexually active also, and in Asia it is not the same problem as in Africa.

A cure will come but too late for most.

The US administration is being blamed for refusing to issue condoms with the programs in Africa. The Bush administration allegedly sees it as condoning promiscuity and so refuses to issue them. US workers in the field were heard expressing disapproval of the “extreme” religious views of the administration.

It is difficult to believe that programs won’t issue condoms to people to prevent them contracting aids from partners. However, who knows what thinking is behind most of the problems?

On the same day, China also announced that another deadly avian flu outbreak had occurred in South China. The following day, it was announced that the epidemic had spread to Thailand and Vietnam. It was also announced that concern was increasing due to the fact that pig organs etc. were being used for body parts and Xeno-tourism was being considered a problem. This problem is the movement of tourists into places for body parts that have serious diseases among these animals that may transfer to humans. The areas offering the services are playing down this problem at present. The stem cell researchers are using it to advance their cause.

The Bible speaks of the beasts of the earth rising up and killing mankind. The more uninformed originally thought that lions and tigers were going to breed up and kill us. It is now becoming painfully obvious that we have more to fear from rats, microbes, spiders, and mosquitos than we ever did from the larger animals.

Much of this explosion in human misery is self-inflicted. The great Marxist socialist manifesto made the adoption of the socialist utopia conditional upon the destruction of religion and the power of the family in society. That is why there has been a systematic attack on the family over the last sixty years, and now we are seeing the final assault on religion.

Teachers have been recruited and encouraged by the socialist structure to advance their religion or Sociology and its underpinning evolutionary theories against the family and the claims of a creationist theology. Society has encouraged its children to be rebellious and immoral. In fact, morality was reduced to discrete areas of sexuality and now, it is merely a matter of lining up to wait your turn for acceptance of your views in the political spectrum.

The Bible is now described as “hate literature” and we can be arrested, for example in Canada under the legislation C 250, for reading say, Leviticus or the Book of Romans. At the risk of facing criminal charges it is pointed out that we simply cannot legislate God away. He created us and He is going to deal with us and there is nothing we can do about it, except repent and in that way be saved alive.

The Australian government has introduced legislation to ban same sex marriages and adoption. The opposition groups have combined to delay it until after the election so that it can be shelved. Scandinavia leads the plunge into this moral mess.

When Israel goes bad, it really goes bad. The British Commonwealth is degenerating so fast that we can scarcely recognise the next generations, values, ideas and behaviour. Nigeria is pointing out to Britain and its churches what is acceptable in religion and what is not. The US is not far behind.

What is going to happen to bring this to an end?

The answer is fairly simple. The churches will be silenced by the ballot box and the legislature. The judiciary is already arguing and deciding cases on false premises. The law is being changed from the British system to the Napoleonic Code, and the French revolution triumphs and destroys our freedoms. We will say more on this later.

There will come a time when we will not be able to work. We are already in what is a famine of the Word of God. Legislation such as that in Canada will become more prolific. Bills of ”rights” will undermine freedom of speech and the basis of democracy. Political parties are now tame copies of each other promoting the same disinformation and concentrating on slander and ad hominem rhetoric rather than dealing with facts and ideas. The penetration and undermining of Churches is actually promoted. The mainstream churches will go back into the fold of the single original Trinitarian system. It then will be destroyed by political and financial constraints and finally the antagonism of the populace. The prophecies that concern this are examined in the paper The Last Pope (No. 288)).

When the churches of God can no longer operate and our time is finished the Witnesses will be sent and they will stand unafraid and unable to be silenced. They will not be able to be arrested, tried, imprisoned, silenced or killed. All the legislation in the world will not stop them. They will afflict the planet with plagues and other problems for 1260 days and no one will change one second of it all (see the paper The Witnesses (No. 135)).

The increasing sunspot activity is designed to bring the earth to a critical state. Soon we will face seven years like we did at the time of Joseph and the seven lean years of the Bible. We can repent, but we won’t.

The witnesses will shut the heavens and they will give no rain in due season as they command. By the time Messiah comes there will be some two billion people dead with a third of the environment destroyed and very scarce drinking water. By the time it is over it will all be gone.

Still they will not repent. The wars will still go on and the world system will march on him at Jerusalem and try for the last time to silence him and the power of the word of God.

By that time we will have gone through our captivity and only those who actually do listen and do change will live.

There will be no negotiation and no legislation that can be enacted to stop it.

Islam and Judah and Christianity will have all disposed of their false doctrines. All will espouse the Bible correctly. The nations will obey God and keep His laws and His feasts. The ones that are not obedient will simply die of the effects of no rain in due season or the plagues of Egypt. The great socialist system that enslaves men and that helped bring it all about by destroying families and religion will be a long forgotten dream of disobedient men. Between now and then there is much sorrow and persecution. You will all not have finished fleeing though the cities of Israel when the son of man comes (Mat. 10:23).

Do not be discouraged but understand that this is the sequence of the activities spoken of by the prophets that must be endured so that man can be saved. Unless Messiah cuts these days short and intervenes there will be no flesh left alive.

We must all work to ensure the nations understand and our task is complete. Work hard and do not be discouraged or dismayed. Love one another and show that you love God.


Wade Cox

Coordinator General


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