Sabbath Message by Wade Cox

Sabbath 20/2/27/120

Dear Friends,

I would like to draw our attention to the issues that have emerged this week in the world’s affairs. The Arab world is analysing and discussing the events in Iraq, as indeed are most of the other nations as well. Thanks to the complete incompetence and amorality of the US military intelligence apparatus, the prison system has been shown to be a place of abuse, torture and inhumanity. The fact is that a series of war crimes were committed there. The people who did it have to be tried either by their own people or by the International Court of Justice in default. The abuse of power in Cuba by the US forces there appears also to be a war crime.

The military officers involved seem not to understand the implications of what they are doing. The female commander of the prisons in Iraq said that she did not condone the crimes, but said that the Military Police who did them were simply doing their duty and they were carrying out orders from the Military Intelligence Command officers who were in command of the blocks. Yet, she was in command of the prison and they were her troops. The Nazis used the same story at the Nuremburg and later trials. Adolph Eichman was among the last of these Nazis to be tried and was hanged on 31 May 1962 at Ramleh Prison, Jerusalem.

As some of you will recall, in the first war in Iraq under the previous President Bush I was asked what would happen, and I explained what they would do and how they would fail and have to go back in a number of years later. In fact, God had also given me an understanding of the September 11th attack eighteen years ago. The airplanes ramming the buildings were an obvious progression of the war for the control of the people going on amongst us. The demons are working unceasingly to destabilise us and to destroy mankind. They, through the incompetence of the human administration, will polarise the Western and Islamic worlds.

In 1997 we issued the paper The Last Thirty Years: The Final Struggle (No. 219) along with Global Warming (No. 218). In those papers we explained what would happen to us over the period of the build up to the Jubilee and the return of the Messiah. We explained there that the wars in the old central Soviet republics would occur and how the Coalition Forces would then be back in Iraq following on from that event. Before the Coalition went in there, we explained immediately after 11 September what would happen to human freedom as the greatest casualty. It was explained before the Coalition went into Iraq that they would find Iraq was like the tar baby, and they would be bogged down in an endless guerrilla war. We said the occupiers would suffer more afterwards than they did during the occupying hostilities.

The messages issued two years ago are still on the web under the “Sabbath Messages” section. Nothing has changed. The only thing we have done since 1997 is to include the facts as notes to paper No. 219 in the right places after they occurred.

It is now a fact that they have lost far more troops since war was declared ended than they did in the war itself. Much of this activity is due to incompetence and a complete misappraisal of Islam and basic human nature. That failure of understanding led to failures of planning and failure to utilise the basic human resources of a people long brutalised by the Ba’athist regime. The Iraqis are being galvanised into an opposition when it need not be so. The British are also making errors. The Americans might be expected to err given their performance in Vietnam, but the British seem also to have forgotten everything they learned in the years up to and ending in the creation of Malaysia.

None of us should forget, and no Muslim, either Sunni or Shi’ia, should let this fact be far from the centre of his thinking, that between 200,000 and 300,000 civilians were killed under Saddam Hussein. I listened to an Iraqi national say that they greeted the Coalition as liberators at first. He said that after a while they were stunned that the occupation was as bad as Saddam Hussein’s regime. There was nowhere one could go to find out what was happening and where relatives were. They simply did not set up an administration that catered for basic human needs and they did not plan to utilise the Iraqi people properly after the war ended. That fact, in itself, did not justify the earlier Islamic atrocities and external Islamic indifference to those atrocities.

The war between Iran and Iraq was a serious and brutal conflict, but many in Islam did not make much of a noise about the atrocities. Islam seems to foment dissent between Islam and Christianity but ignores its own problems. Christianity seems to do likewise to Islam. The problems stem from the clerics themselves and the advocates.

Some of the war crimes and basic civilian administration organised murders have a ring of the bizarre about them. The details of the Macedonian killings of the six Pakistani and one Indian illegal immigrant are a case in point. A government minister is reported to have ordered the police to kidnap people who could be passed off as Islamic terrorists. They detained the men at a border post and took them to a location near the US embassy and shot them and placed pistols on them. They then said they had been killed attacking a police convoy. The idea was to win points with the US administration after the declared war on terror. That event is multiple murder, and the minister and officers connected with that crime should all be tried for premeditated murder. Nothing is new. Harry Harbord “Breaker” Morant was shot for killing prisoners in the Boer War. We are supposedly “more advanced” today, yet more murders occur today than ever before.

The world has not detained and tried the Rwandan clerics in any real numbers for the systematic Trinitarian Christian inspired and controlled murder of a minimum of 900,000 people, and possibly 1.7 million in 1994 (according to the people I interviewed in Rwanda). It was not confined to the Roman Catholics, who are old hands at this kind of thing, but the Anglicans and even the Seventh Day Adventists helped. Some of the ministers are in prison today, but not enough.

Much of the problem lies in the creation of a secret police state apparatus masquerading as the intelligence agencies of the world. The Germans created the brutality of the concentration camp system but it took Stalin to perfect it. Some of the Afrikaners will argue that the British invented the concentration camp in the Boer War at the beginning of this century, but it was really the Americans in the Civil War where untold thousands died. How different was all this slaughter from that of Shaka Zulu who massacred untold numbers of the tribes?

The people have no real control over the intelligence systems anywhere. Their officers, through ministers, lie to the Parliaments when and how they like, no matter what the country. How many people died in the gulags of the USSR? Upwards of 60 million were killed by some accounts. The world didn’t intervene when that happened. There in the communist systems, and the POW camps of Korea, the torture and techniques of the camps were perfected. The least of these techniques, but also effective, was sleep deprivation. The intelligence system sees the use of these methods as part of the normal apparatus of war interrogation and has done so since the Korean War. It is thus in total conflict with the Geneva Convention. The problem is that it is no longer accountable to the Parliament or to congress, and does not consider it should be accountable. The US White House sent out the report to the press before it sent out the copy to the Senate Armed Forces Committee of the US Congress this week, and as the head of the committee, who was himself an ex-POW said, that explained it all. On the same news in Australia, the Attorney General was excusing ASIO (Australian Security Intelligence Organisation) for regurgitating Internet data in answer to important questions.

Our people see this and it is becoming endemic in our thinking. Good is bad and bad is good. Law and order can be ignored. No one is accountable.

The brutalisation of our children by media and games is turning out an unstable and brutalised population base whose ethics are no longer based on the values of our forbears. Drugs and junk food also destroy our people.

The increasing bureaucratic apparatus is the major contributing factor to the erosion of human freedom and the increasing costs of our administration. In the beginning of the twentieth century the administration took up some five percent of the population and resources. Now it takes up thirty percent. The taxes thus must be high in order to pay the costs. These days education and health have to compete with this ever-increasing amoral spy network that attacks and demonises its critics and intrudes into every aspect of daily life.

Society in the 1700s was a heartless product of class privilege that refused to educate and care for its masses. England had America and then Australia and NZ to which to send its problems. However, France had not the same system and consequently suffered the Revolution. UK was afraid it would suffer the same fate and, after the American War of Independence, colonised Australia. Some 168,000 convicts were sent to Australia between 1788 and 1868. Far more had been sent to the US but they don’t talk about that system there. Most Americans don’t understand that they were the dumping ground of the social problems of England and the UK for three times as long as Australia. What was demonstrated was that the progeny of the people, who were sent out as convicts for minor crimes, when given the chance were every bit as good and sometimes a lot better than the people who contrived their arrest. One case I know of was a retired head of a family of stonemasons who was doing some farm labour. He milked the cows and, having an extended family with grandchildren, and in accordance with biblical law, he took some milk home. He was charged with milking a cow and retaining the milk. An Anglican minister charged him. He was then tried and committed to a hulk and transported on the first available ship, not to Sydney where such a minor “crime” would have warranted, but to Van Diemen’s Land (Tasmania). Why? Because there were seven quarries in Port Arthur and they needed skilled stonemasons to teach the convicts to work them. He never saw his wife and children again, except for one son. Every crime over 40 shillings attracted the death penalty. Half of the sentences were commuted to life imprisonment. That meant transportation for life. Children of very young ages were transported, as were old men and women. Crimes of stealing bread and meat to the value of sixpence or less, or a shawl for three pence were common. The First Fleet to Australia was in 1788. It was placed under Governor Phillip and, aside from an incident on the disembarkation of the female ship, was orderly. The Second Fleet to be sent out was placed under private contractors. They turned one of the women’s ships into a bordello in the Atlantic. The people who did not die at sea were literally thrown overboard and died in the boats or the docks. The ones that could do so, crawled down the gangways to whatever succour they could get and survival. Why should we be surprised when the prisons, with private contractors, turn out to be as they are in Iraq?

The lessons we learned from the bad old days of the Industrial Revolution are being thrown away in the development of the Twenty-first century. We are returning to the days of indifference to human suffering and the imbecility of movements that place trees over human life and welfare. This week we saw a court award a settlement to the widow of a man who sought council approval to cut down a couple of trees in his yard that were too close to his house. Permission was refused and six months later the trees were blown down on his house and killed him. The council has appealed. The millennial system will not permit this sort of activity and control. We will all have our land and our vine and fig tree and no one will make us afraid. The tithe system will be reintroduced and the administration will be run from the ten percent given to it and the freewill offerings of the populace from their own ten percent festival savings (see the paper Tithing (No. 161)). The Terumah levy of approximately two percent will be collected and used for the feasts. Welfare will come from the ten percent collected every seven years in the third year of the cycle, and whatever is given and collected by the poor themselves in accordance with the Laws of God. Thus, all tax given to the state will comprise a total of twelve percent. All administration and costs will come from that amount, and it will be in abundance. If we obeyed God now, we would be blessed. If we obeyed God, we would not have to worry about this problem now. We wanted a king over us and we got one, and God will not listen to us now when we complain about it. We must repent.

The UN with the backing of the Islamic world should have undertaken the occupation of Iraq. The utilisation of the manpower of Iraq should have been planned and organised. The problem is that the UN administration has been exposed and reported as being corrupt for years. Iraq is a classic example of that UN corruption. Corrupt officers ran the UN “Oil for Food” program. The Australian Wheat Board supplied wheat to Iraq that was sent via a Jordanian transport firm. The costs of the food were inflated over twenty percent higher than one would have had to pay, even allowing for increased freight costs and handling charges. The UN administration is now reported to have pocketed the difference. This was known from as early as 1999. The Australian Wheat Board denies knowing what was happening and condoning the corrupt charges, but the people reporting and discussing the matter on ABC Radio National this week say that it was known from 1999. Who knows what else they did and stole? The UN obviously did not want to do anything before the Coalition went in because they did not want to kill the goose that laid the golden egg. No wonder the people are cynical. No wonder the world is so dishonest and corrupt when their well paid administration is the example of it all.

The European nations also wanted to make political gains out of Iraq and each nation wanted to get a share of the oil resources. The oil coming out of the Caspian through Iran is another resource that the world will not allow to be restricted. Georgia’s internal problems that interfere with the oil pipeline from the Caspian will be acted on by the west. The same problem exists in a number of nations. Australia did not bat an eyelid at the invasion of Portuguese Timor by Indonesia. Contrary to the posturing of the then Prime Minister, we now know publicly that they not only did know, but also encouraged them and were briefed continually on Indonesian activities. How many died as a result? Australia is trying to make up for it now. However, the oil agreement with East Timor favours Australia. Australia also slashed funding to solar and other alternative energy research, and increased funding to fossil fuel research in this recent budget. So much for the commitment to limit the causes of Global Warming.

The Islamic Western conflict is exemplified by Palestine. A vocal minority resists the planned withdrawal from the Gaza strip by Israel. However, we should ask ourselves what desperation makes a father and tradesman turn himself into a suicide bomber? How desperate and how demeaning are the conditions that prompt such action? This week this bomber blew himself up, and took two Palestinians with him who were trying to stop him. The Palestinians called them “Israeli collaborators”.

This problem will not simply go away. The world has traumatised the young for years in Palestine, and Israelis are themselves traumatised by a fight for their very survival. The psychologists are aware of the ways in which Middle Eastern and Islamic thinking differs from the West. They capitalise on that process as we see in the prisons, not only in Iraq but also in the detention centres in Australia and elsewhere. Children in detention are traumatised and they will remain traumatised for years to come, as we know from recent reports. They certainly will not love their captors for it. The minds of our people are being destroyed. The unaccountability of the espionage system sears their consciences and they harm others. For years these people have funded rebellion and war. It has to be stopped.

The way of peace they know not. Islam is as much to blame as Judaism and Christianity. The insipient paganism of the Western world is now emerging full-blown and will become a major force over the years ahead. In the end, it will die with its inflexible adherents but not before it does massive damage. Its relative morality will see much misery before it dies.

In the near future we will explain what is to happen over the next fifteen years, and then the seven-year cycle following that to the Jubilee in 2027.

What will happen is caused by a failure to obey God and a society that turns against God. The Canadian Parliament has just passed into law a bill that makes it a hate crime to quote the Bible to demonstrate homosexuality as being wrong. The fining of people for disagreeing with such a basic problem in human relations will not make it go away. Ultimately, the society will degenerate completely as it is doing and it will be dealt with. This is the exact same position as when our ancestors said to the prophets: “Preach to us smooth things.” They did not want to be told what to do and what not to do by any God. They vilified the prophets and when they could not stop them prophesying, they killed them when they were able. The thinking is: “If they don’t say it then it won’t happen.”

The problem is that when the Two Witnesses get here (see the paper The Two Witnesses (No. 135)), the world will not be able to silence them, and if they try to kill them, they will die in like manner. We will see miracles then that have not been seen for centuries. The world will see the administration centre on Jerusalem. The conflict will take place there. We work until then, for the time will come when we can no longer work. The aim is to silence us by the legislative process and terminate freedom of speech. When that happens, then we will wait upon the Lord. Until then, we must work with diligence. Love God and love one another, for in that way we triumph over evil.


Wade Cox

Coordinator General


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