Sabbath Message by Wade Cox

Sabbath 9/12/26/120

Dear Friends,

Last week I was listening to the President of one of the Pacific island groups, Tuvalu, speak regarding the inundation of his native islands. He said that with the high tides of the New Moon last week the rising salt water would destroy his peoples vegetable production systems of Taro and other root crops. His island nation has been a culture for thousands of years.

News reports drawing attention to the problem there this week said:

In 2001 this capital atoll of around 5,000 people was completely inundated by the sea but because the weather in the region was calm this week the king tides are not expected to be as bad.
"We are not quite sure what will happen but we expect most of the areas will be flooded by the sea for an hour or so," Hilia Vavae of the Tuvalu Meteorological Office told AFP.

The tides are increasing and inundating the atolls contaminating their fresh water reserves under the atoll as well. The report is to be seen at the web site on Global Warming. It is only at these key points at present that the tides are making the increasing water levels. A recent report has even denied that the water levels are increasing at all. The suggestion is that the land levels are falling due to misuse and population pressure. Not where I live my friends.

But it is not happening according to the US political system, which is not taking steps to muzzle its academics who are now openly stating the interference with their academic freedoms. We have posted details of the process on the web site in the Environment and Global Warming sections.

We live in a world where truth is cast to the ground and people are destroyed for the advancement of the few or the privileged.

This year, as I go to the churches in the nations of the world, I will speak of the history of the nations and the movement of the nations to their current allotted areas. I will explain how it was allowed to happen and how it was accomplished. The web site at will carry the details as we post them and I will expand on the process. I will explain how God set up the Israelite nation and moved them into place, and how He placed them in union with other tribal and national groups to deal with the inheritance of the nations, and will bring them into the promises of Abraham and the covenant under Jesus Christ.

From the end of this month and the New Year we will see the site expand to explain how the nation of Israel and the Parthian/Scythian horde entered Europe and settled into an area that had been set aside for the purpose since the days of Noah. I will explain how Bible prophecy is unfolded and how the rulership of Israel was moved and expanded to complete the process. I will also explain how the demons have sought to frustrate or weaken the nations involved by constant struggle, deception and warfare. Satan is the Covering Cherub who sought to weaken the nations and will be remembered for that in the Millennial system and the resurrection.

When Christ returns it will be to Jerusalem but he will return to occupy a throne and rule a nation that will be set aside as his priesthood, and that nation will be expanded to include people from all the nations of the world.

I have been frustrated for many years by the shoddy scholarship of the Churches of God and the blatantly plagiarised publications that have been advanced on an extensive basis to the English-speaking people. The details have been wrong and the work contained many errors that had been imported wholesale from other earlier works through blatant plagiarism, which would have been prosecuted with vigour in these days and has been prosecuted by the very people who stole the works in the first place. Herbert Armstrong of the Radio and later Worldwide Church of God (WCG) took the work of J. Allen in Judah’s Sceptre and Joseph’s Birthright and lifted vast slabs from it word for word in blatant plagiarism. They then published the plagiarism under the title The United States and British Commonwealth in Prophecy. They stole the good and the bad because Herbert Armstrong was too lazy and too ignorant to discern the difference. The hierarchy that followed him, much of whom now lead offshoots themselves, swallowed it whole being unable or unwilling to distinguish fact from fiction. They, however, knew it was plagiarised, as many of the members and ministry admitted that fact to me personally. In fact, it was a minister of the WCG who passed a small library of a deceased person on to me, knowing my interest in this matter. That collection contained Allen’s work. Later when one of the offshoots of WCG, the self styled Philadelphia Church of God (PCG) tried to publish it, they were prosecuted to prevent its use under copyright law. Such behaviour might make even Stalin blush. The PCG appeared unwilling to attack the matter on its true legal basis, namely that of theft and plagiarism and the fact that Armstrong then stole the WCG itself and tore up its constitution, contrary to law. If they had counter-sued on the correct grounds, they would have sent WCG into compulsory reorganisation by declaration in my opinion. However, they did not do that.

The truth is much more powerful than the silly British Israelite propaganda that has emanated from the UK and the backwoods of Southern USA. We aim to tell that story in all its colour and scope and, in so doing, we hope to be able to instil in all nations of the world a vision of the coming splendour of the conduct of the world systems. We will show all people how the world will be run and where they fit into the family that is the human species.

As preliminary reading for this work, we urge all of our people to purchase the work by Mike Ashley, The Mammoth Book of British Kings and Queens, Carroll and Graf Publishers New York. It is required reading for the program of lectures and the expansion of the Abraham’s Legacy web site. This work is the most comprehensive work on the subject of the tribal movement and the origins of the Western Europeans. We will expand on that work and tie it in to the movements from the Middle East and into Ireland also, as well as Britain and Europe.

After we have built on that foundation, we will issue another web site called the History of Nations at That site will be accompanied by the new History of Religion site at

The one site will show the spread of the nations from Adam and Noah, and the other will show the religion of God from Adam to the Flood, and the false religious system of Satan from The Garden of Eden and Cain at the first rebellion, and Babylon under Nimrod. Each will be tied into the site on Abraham and his legacy derived from his covenant with God.

In the works to be released, I will show the most surprising links and groups of the Europeans and also of other nations.

Some people might think that the items dealing with Northwest Europe might be racist, in that they pinpoint a specific lineage and show how Christ will come to take up that throne and that system and thereby rule the world. However, remember that God chose the people of Israel as the nation from which the Messiah would come and the tribe of Judah as the one from which he would hold the sceptre. The tribe of Joseph would be the one that held the birthright and in them the whole world would trust. Doesn’t sound much like it at present, but you will see many things emerge now that will place us on a path to the total reorganisation of our political and economic systems.

The whole world will benefit from that plan and that system God put in place. Scripture cannot be broken and prophecy will not fail.

The entire world is one family descended from Adam and one human race. We are one species with all people destined to work together to serve God as his children working in peace and harmony under His Laws. The nations are weakened by sin, which has been induced by Satan to show God that the creation was an inferior product and a bad idea.

Much of what we pass off as new and scientific theory is old propaganda dressed up to deceive us yet again. Much of it is simply untrue.

One day the world will scientifically analyse the world DNA and it will show the tribal origins of all people and tie them in to the sons of Noah and their wives. When that happens, not a grain of corn will be lost and all people will know where they fit into a one-world family. Evolution and silly theories will be put to rest. We will see pressure increase now to identify and locate the world’s people in the extended family of God.

Let us all do our best to build on the truth of God and extend the feeling of belonging and unity among mankind as the people of God.

Wade Cox

Coordinator General


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