Sabbath Message by Wade Cox

Sabbath 24/11/26/120

Dear Friends,

This week we saw the messages and had to suffer through the pagan custom of Valentines Day. In some countries it was seen for what it was but they also had no idea of what the true system and calendar of God was or is. In Saudi Arabia, both the Pagan Valentines Day and curiously enough indirectly God’s Calendar were denounced as follows.

RIYADH (Reuters) - Saudi Arabia's religious authorities have ordered Muslims to shun the "pagan" holiday of Valentine's so as not to incur God's wrath, the local al-Riyadh newspaper said Friday.

"It is a pagan Christian holiday and Muslims who believe in God and Judgment Day should not celebrate
or acknowledge it or congratulate (people on it). It is a duty to shun it to avoid God's anger and
punishment," said an edict issued by Saudi Arabia's fatwa committee published in the Arabic-language

"There are only two holidays in Islam -- Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha -- and any other holidays, whether to celebrate an individual, group or event, are inventions which Muslims are banned from," said the committee, headed by Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdulaziz bin Abdullah al-Sheikh.

Now the words Pagan and Christian seem to be a bizarre contradiction. It is certainly true that Valentines Day is a pagan day of human sacrifice. It has nothing to do with Christianity. The hearts came originally from the bodies of the victims. The Muslim clerics profane the holidays of God and level criticism at Christianity. It is right that we as a people are criticised for celebrating this abomination however, they have to get their own act together and obey the prophets and the dictates of the Laws of God given to Moses and kept down to Christ and their prophet Muhammed. The Muslim calendar as it now stands is a pathetic caricature of the true Calendar of God. The problems have been outlined in the paper Hebrew and Islamic Calendar Reconciled (No. 53).

We as a people have never stopped killing our people and particularly our young.

God says: You shall not pass your children through the fire to Molech. He says more pointedly as a pillar of the faith: Thou shalt not Murder. However, we still do murder our young and have done for millennia. There are Ten Commandments given to mankind and not, just as Judaism would have us believe, to Jews as a part of a larger body of Israel, in a barren desert camp millennia ago. It was a directive to all people for all time and from Adam.

Consider this news article from the USA and the magnitude of the ethical barbarism in the acceptance of what is happening there and elsewhere in the world.

“Va. Lawmakers Consider Fetal Painkiller BillWRC-TV
Updated: 4:18 p.m. ET Feb. 06, 20049:48 a.m. EST February 6, 2004 -

Virginia lawmakers are considering a proposal that would require painkillers be administered to fetuses before abortions are performed.

Delegate Dick Black, a Republican from Loudoun County, Va., introduced the measure. The plan (House Bill 1315) will be considered by the House of Delegates' Courts of Justice Committee on Monday. The Senate takes up a similar measure on Thursday.

"We must do everything possible to relieve the terror and suffering of children as they are aborted," said Black in a statement released to the media.

Black's bill would apply to any abortion performed after the 12th week of pregnancy.

The bill is enjoying support in the Virginia General Assembly with more than 50 delegates and 15 senators acting as co-sponsors of the measure. The sponsors are mostly Republicans but the plan does have bipartisan support.

Under the plan, abortion doctors who do not administer the painkiller could face criminal charges.”

Think about the ramifications of this aspect of the determined destruction of a human being. Ethically we are terminating the life of a living being. If we might do that at six months in the womb then we might do it as an infant. There is no rational or logical reason for making a distinction in the matter. God said we were not to kill our infants.

Now the US Congress is deciding that we must put these babies to death painlessly. We must give then a pain killer before we tear then apart with surgical instruments and then take them piece by piece out of a womb and perhaps use their dismembered bodies for research and to prolong the life span of some geriatric recipient.

Let not the aged fool who seeks to prolong their worthless life be content as they too will go the way of the aged inconvenient baggage in a society not worth the name.

When we kill our young in the name of convenience then we too will kill our aged. The saying goes: “Be kind to the children as they will determine your nursing home.” That is no longer a joke if indeed it ever was.

As I look at our history I see that our aged parents were always looked after by the family and not by an inefficient uncaring system. In 1932 they started euthanasia in Germany. As soon as the Nazis took power they started.

The war to end the brutality was in fact simply to make it more palatable.

The logic of what is being done is painfully clear.
It is OK to kill unborn babies if we do it painlessly.
Therefore it is OK to kill babies if we do it painlessly.
If it is OK to kill infants if we do it painlessly it is Ok to kill criminals if we do it painlessly.

The killing of inconvenient people, either babies or criminals, is Ok if it is painless. Therefore scarce resources determine the killing of the aged and infirm.

Absurd reasoning?

That was the logic of Nazi Germany when it introduced Euthanasia in 1932. It was the logic that reduced a Chinese state to cannibalism millennia ago. The Russians were eating one another on the same reasoning in WWII.

Each time a feel good English speaker sends a Valentine card they endorse the barbarism of the ancient past. They worship the gods of their ancestors and they turn us back to a barbarous past that God commands we leave.

Each time we see the hearts being handed out on cards we are left with the message that barbarism is OK provided it makes us feel good. We see it now creeping amongst us on an ever-increasing basis and it is endemic and rampant in the commercialism of the US.

Send this message among us. Do not condone paganism and the evil of the past. Clean it from our system. Neither should we be deceived by the lies of a Muslim clergy that refuse to obey God and pollute the system in disobedience to their leaders and prophet and the laws of God.

Repent and obey God. Stop murdering our children.


Wade Cox

Coordinator General


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