Sabbath Message by Wade Cox

Sabbath 03/11/26/120

Dear Friends,

Once again we face a campaign of spin-doctors, now in dealing with the environment. I notice that there are political leaders in the USA now adopting the position of “What Global Warming?” This winter has been very cold in the Northern Hemisphere and so, it is not happening. This week a work was released on the effect of warming on the Greenland cap, and surprise of surprises, the academics say it is warming. They published a map that showed the increased effects of Global Warming on the Greenland cap and said that it is happening. The maps from 1998 to 2002 showed a significant effect of the warming but the scientists said that it may take a millennium to melt, but also that in the next 50 years the changes may become irreversible. The maps are on our web site at the Environment and Global Warming sections.

Don’t you get the feeling of déjà vu? Haven’t we been here before in 1997 when we released the paper on Global Warming (No. 218)? Wasn’t it going to take a millennium to raise the water levels 12 inches or 30 cm.? It took 1260 days. Weren’t President Clinton and President Bush before him saying, “I see no climate change. Where is it?” “My scientists are not telling me that.”

Even the Australian Prime minister has had to bite the bullet and admitted to the recent Milan Conference that the changes are happening. It will warm five degrees within 70 years and that will take the Greenland cap with it and raise the world water levels six metres. The Commonwealth would laugh any of the Commonwealth Prime Ministers to scorn if they asserted it was not happening. We have island states going under water at this very moment. How is it that a politician in the US can adopt this ostrich approach and get away with it? The answer lies in the isolation of the American public. They are not kept informed and they can be influenced to think what the spin-doctors want them to believe. They will also have to change their life styles to protect the environment. They are conditioned to rely on legislation to control behaviour. We are being manipulated on a daily basis now and our behavioural patterns are being constantly manipulated. That does not mean to say that the other nations, and especially Europe, are not doing that also. They are probably worse. In Europe it is a crime to speak against the EU. They don’t have Habeas Corpus and trial by jury. They are locked in the mentality of the dark ages of Inquisitorial oppression. They are trying to get our administration and public service lackeys to convince us that we don’t need trial by jury, in that it lets guilty men go free. In order to achieve that, a few judges are doing that so that public resentment grows, and we will fall for the gag, and agree to give our freedom up to the politicians. The Americans have a saying: “The biggest lie is the one that goes; I’m from the government and I am here to help.” In a sense, it is true in that the more government we have, the more interference we have in our daily lives.

Never assume that more regulation from an external party will guarantee you more freedom. Discipline comes from within. It comes by obeying a set of rules that are comprehensive, and obeying them from choice without coercion.

The clearest and most concise set of rules ever invented was the Ten Commandments. They are in fact expansions on the Two Great Commandments on which hang all the Law and the Prophets. The First Great Commandment (No. 252) relates to the complete love of God and the Second Great Commandment (No. 257) is complete love of your neighbour. The entire Law is built in commentary on these two Laws.

Our forefathers swore an oath to God that we would keep these Laws. They were given to us at Sinai by Jesus Christ into the hand of Moses, and were left with us in trust so that the entire world might know the will of God. We have allowed other influences to interfere with our duty. We have allowed false religion to introduce a different understanding of God, His Law, and His Calendar of Worship and to interfere with our beliefs. Do not be deceived. Our own leaders betrayed us over the centuries for the sake of power, and our own leaders made deals with the demons and their priests. The problems we face are due to our own disobedience as a people. The problems the planet faces are also due to our own disobedience and stupidity.

The misuse of power is an abuse of privilege. No nation has the right to oppress another nation or group and must consider its position. This morning an American composer was on the ABC radio in Australia and he made the comment that, at present, it was not difficult in the US to be described as un-American. Remember that criticism is healthy and freedom begins with free speech. Without it, you have nothing.

When we begin to sin, we suffer penalties. Isaiah tells us that we will be given women and children to rule over us when we are wicked. Is that male chauvinist propaganda? No it is not. When a nation sins, its thinking becomes warped and its power is lost. Its men and its strength are lost. I will deal with that aspect regarding Isaiah in the near future.

We fought a civil war in England in the seventeenth century to ensure the supremacy of the parliament and freedom of the individual. That notion was also based on the Magna Carta signed at Runnymede in 1215. One of the copies is in a glass case in the Australian Parliament House in Canberra. Never forget that it was dissenters who kept the Laws of God and the Sabbath, who first undertook the colonisation of America. The Pilgrim Fathers were non-conformists who kept the Sabbath and were not Trinitarians. They were called Brownists after one of their leaders Robert Browne, a teacher at St Olaves Parish School in Surrey. Many came from Surrey and other areas in London, who had their origins in the west country in Devon, and the Southwest. Three of their leaders were executed before they were allowed to leave. They left and stayed in Holland for a number of years before the Mayflower and the Speedwell were chartered. The captain of the Mayflower lived at Rotherhithe in Surrey. Look at the paper The Dutch Connection of the Pilgrim Fathers (No. 264). Trinitarians persecuted them under the Reformation in Elizabethan England. When they settled in America, those who followed them persecuted them and they had to move and form another colony. Do not be deceived. The Trinitarian Protestant leadership cannot be trusted much more than the Roman Catholic. It was only when Unitarians were strong that freedom of worship was made surer, but idolatry was punished.

We see the silly arguments being espoused now, by Jews and Protestants together, regarding what are termed the Noahide laws. Implying that a simpler set of laws was given to Noah for the nations, and that only the Israelites were given the full Ten Commandments. That is a lie. It is designed by both pseudo Jews and pseudo Christians to undermine the Laws of God. Over the years ahead, a much greater effort will be made to stamp out the Laws of God and the true tribes of Israel. God has said He will use that people to bring all nations to Him under Jesus Christ, as King of Kings and Lord of Lords. That statement means what it says. God gave us one set of Laws through Jesus Christ. It was Christ who slaughtered the animals and made skins for Adam and Eve, and who gave them the Laws of God. It was Christ, as Elohim and Angel of Yahovah, who shut Noah in the Ark and instructed him in the ways that he should go. It was Christ, as the Angel of the Presence, who gave the same set of Laws to Moses again at Sinai after he had brought Israel out of Egypt. He has never changed and God is immutable giving us one body of Law (see The Law of God (L1)).

As you build up to the Passover, look at what is expected of us. Look at what we have to do and accomplish. We have such a short time and much to do.

Work while there is still daylight to work, for there will come a time when we will not be able to work and the Witnesses will deal with matters after us (see The Witnesses No. 135)).

Pray that we are able to increase and complete the work we were sent to do. Love one another in that endeavour for we are judged on how we treat each other under the Laws of God.

Wade Cox

Coordinator General


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