Sabbath Message by Wade Cox

New Moon 1/9/27/120

Dear Friends

This New Moon adjoins the Sabbath and thus, we have a long weekend in most nations. At this time I wish to speak about a problem that faces all nations, but particularly the western nations in which vegetarianism is becoming entrenched along with the poor structure of the western diet. Our people are being destroyed by doctrines of demons, and they seem to be unable to break free mentally from the insidious ideas that have been insinuated into the thinking of our people, and particularly among the Churches of God, from the Adventist errors of Ellen G. White and the false doctrines advocated by her followers.

The theological exposition of the doctrines espoused by the demonic host has been expounded in the papers The Doctrines of Demons of the Last Days (No. 48)) and Vegetarianism and the Bible (No. 183). All in the Church should study these works so that we are aware of just what the demons have done, and how successful they have been in altering the diets and ways of thinking of the world. They have succeeded in altering the thinking process and affected the capacity of human beings to maintain a healthy body and mind. Our people are destroying their capacity for rational thought on a progressive basis.

There are a number of straight facts that need to be spelled out in no uncertain terms, so that we might understand what is to be done to correct the problem and restore the health of our people and the nations. The myths associated with diet need to be dispelled.

Myth 1: God intended the human species to be vegetarian.
Myth 1A: The counter myth to Myth1 is that the species evolved and the vegetarian model is the aim and role of the higher more enlightened humanoid.

Both of these views are contrary to known fact and science.

God did not, and does not ever intend for the human species to be vegetarian (See Vegetarianism and the Bible (No. 183)). Humanity has never been vegetarian on any ethnic basis. It is not virtuous to be vegetarian. It is not smart or intelligent to be vegetarian. Vegetarianism is in fact an imputation against the nature and plan of God. Nor is it unhealthy to eat red meat. Nor is it more beneficial to eat white meat. In fact, the reverse is actually the case.

Vegetarianism, and the even more aberrant form Veganism are a direct danger to the health and well being of infants and the elderly. The State has a moral obligation to undertake remedial education for the families who espouse this aberrant thought form.

Myth 2: White meat is better for you.

Most problems associated with the modern diet come from sources other than red meat.

One of the strange dietary misdirections is found among vegetarians who think that somehow they do the environment a favour by eating no red meats and if forced to, they will eat white meats and seafood. When faced with a seafood diet, they choose shellfish and crustaceans including oysters.

Muslims are also among the deceived because they have failed to obey the Koran and have commenced eating shellfish and think that, because they don’t eat pork and dog, they can eat anything else that crawls on sea or land. The food laws are clearly expounded in the Bible and the Koran reinforces the Bible text. The fuller explanation is found at the paper The Food Laws (No. 15). This text is presently being studied by Islamic nations in some detail.

We will list some clear issues and fallacies regarding the food system and how we can better regulate our diet. It is important that we realise where the problem lies in the regulation of proper nutrition and how we must implement that knowledge in our daily lives -- in the way we regulate our diet and how we cook, not just for ourselves, but also for others.

Red Meat

Red meat is essential to the maintaining of a healthy body and particularly the brain. The fatty tissue in red meat helps the brain develop in children and the vitamin B series (especially B 12), assist the synapses to develop and the nervous system to grow and then maintain itself in adulthood. Dairy products are highly beneficial if not essential to this process also.

If you do not eat red meat, you also do not properly access Haem iron and thus the blood stream is affected. Iron in vegetables is not in any way as efficient as the iron obtained from meat, which is Haem iron. That form is necessary to the body to process other elements in the diet.

The following diseases are a direct result of failing to maintain red meat and dairy products in the diet.
* Anaemia including pernicious anaemia.
* Nervous disorders where the myelin is attacked and the nerves obstructed in their capacity to maintain the body tissue and organs.
In every case that we have observed where diseases of the nervous system are experienced, especially MS, vegetarianism or abstention from a balanced red meat diet has been evident.

Soy is not a substitute for milk products and, in fact, the product is highly dangerous and likely to be fatal to infants.

Soy is an aluminium scavenger and accesses other heavy metals that damage the brain. The rise in Alzheimer’s disease and brain degeneration seems to be directly related to the increased uptake of these chemicals into the system. Soy has folded protein and is highly inferior. It was never meant to be a food. Some 2,000 years ago, the fermentation of the soybean was developed to make a cooking sauce. Soy sauce is highly carcinogenic if kept longer than its “use by” date. The Chinese identified soy as one of the five sacred grains, but unlike the other four that were identified in their ideograms in the language by their seeds, soy was identified by the roots and is a legume used for soil fertility and is not, and never was, meant to be eaten. It is not beneficial to the human species and one day it will be outlawed as a food, and the law will punish parents who deliberately feed it to their children exclusively. There are parents in prison right now for killing their children by deliberately and solely feeding them soy diets resulting in their death, and despite official warnings to the contrary.

Children have to be exposed to meat diets slowly as babies so that their bodies can develop the enzymes necessary for the proper absorption of meat. Most normal families understand that process.

What happens when a person gives up a red meat diet is that the body slowly stops producing the enzymes necessary for the absorption of meat, and the body starts to react to the meat so that after a while a person starts to feel nauseous when eating red meat. That does not mean there is anything wrong with meat, nor does it prove that the vegetarians are justified by such a reaction of the body. It simply means that the body is regressing and needs to be slowly developed to the stage where it again produces the enzymes necessary for the proper digestion and processing of the meat.

This problem is well understood. There are products available on the market that can assist the body over this period. It is not a justification to say, “Meat makes me sick.” You have done that to yourself. It can be fixed and we have an obligation to do that. Each of us has an obligation to maintain a healthy body for the work of the Lord.


The only food allowed to us from the sea is that which has fins and scales. Fish that do not have scales are scavengers and are high in mercury and heavy metals. Clean fish may also have increased levels of mercury in some species, but the mercury is accompanied by other elements such as selenium, which appears to limit the availability of the mercury to humans.

Shellfish have a high incidence of heavy metals, and they are distributed evenly across the body rather than being confined as they are in clean species. Oysters are filter systems for the marine environment, and infect humans with viruses that they store in their flesh. The creation is balanced and there is a place in the food chain where each is food for others. God gave us specific species that we may eat and explained that fact to us from the beginning.


One of the most important things we need is clean water. Our availability of water and our storage of it are being undermined by the imbecility of the scientific and political community over time. I once observed first hand a council that legislated to force the removal of all the water tanks used for rainwater storage from private homes, so that the town would be forced to use the town water supply. In Australia, that struck me as a perverse form of control and short sighted, if not imbecilic.

Recently, tests were done on bottled water in Australia and the bottled water was found to be above the recommended levels for metals such as aluminium and others. The water out of the taps in Australia reportedly appears to be safer than the bottled water as a general rule.

One problem with distilled and over-purified water is that the availability of iodine is limited, especially in Australia, and that means an increased incidence of thyroid disease or deficiency. Iodised salt often counters that problem.


That leads us to the next problem, namely salt. Often we will do what other people say but never take the advice of our own families. A woman, near and dear to me, once was told by a quack naturopath to give up salt. She did that and, when told that she would suffer serious problems and that salt was necessary to the regulation of the body and health systems and hair, she ignored the advice. When her hair started to fall out she went to the doctor and the doctor told her what her family had told her, but this time he had to put her on salt tablets in the short term to remedy the problem.

God says we are the salt of the earth. That does not mean that we make up an unnecessary ingredient in the scheme of things. It means we are scattered here and there sparingly to influence the development of life on the planet. We are essential to that process.

Bone growth

The growth and maintenance of bone is done through the intake of calcium in dairy products and vegetables. Meat, milk and cheese are key ingredients in this aspect. A few years ago naturopaths told people to give up milk products, and many are the people who now suffer from osteoporosis as a result of that stupidity. Those products along with exercise are essential to the maintaining of a healthy body.


Sugar is available to us in virtually all foods. It is being put in virtually all processed foods now. Our people are becoming unhealthy as a result, and diabetes is on the increase. One factor that has not been taken into account in this rise is the incidence of steroids in the medication system and in the food chain. The prescription of cortisonal steroids is actually a major contributing factor to the increase of diabetes. Regulate sugar intake intelligently. Contrary to popular belief, some chocolate can be beneficial to the normal person.

If you develop diabetes through the problems of the modern diet or medical practice, remember these facts:
* Diabetics have seven times the likelihood of going blind than normal people.
* They have four times the likelihood of suffering a heart attack.
* They have many times the likelihood of amputations than normal.
* The cause is the sugar levels in the blood damaging the capillaries and being unable to maintain blood supply to the tissues. Many other diseases flow from this problem.

Wine and Alcohol

One of the best ways of avoiding heart disease is to eat good lean red meat and take a glass of wine with dinner. The French eat as much fat as the Scandinavians and the Americans but suffer less than half the incidence of heart attacks that the others do, solely because they drink red wine. Alcohol in moderation is good for you.

If you have problems with alcohol, learn to control it. A drunkard will not inherit the Kingdom of God because of his control problems.


Cook with olive oil and coconut oil. These two oils are natural and do not affect the eyes. Do not use vegetable oils in cooking and foods because they cause macular degeneration and are sending us blind. They are a post World War II US corporate manipulation for profit and must be outlawed in food processes. Use butter and not margarine. Do not use butter with olive oil as a softener as that also has been modified and is harmful. Reportedly coconut oil actually reduces danger from fats. Do not heat nut oils.

Quacks and the Churches of God

One of the problems we saw develop over the years was the avoidance of qualified medical practitioners by the Churches of God. This was largely due to a complete misapprehension of the biblical position on doctors because of the idolatry associated with the cult of Aescalapius in the early Church period.

Medical practice is a minefield of negligence and malpractice it is true, but that does not mean that we should cultivate the quacks and demon worshippers that drift in and out of naturopathy. Seek proper medical advice and, if in doubt, get a second opinion. Do not follow quacks, and do not make decisions based on unprofessional or unscientific advice. That does not mean we swallow everything we are told.

Centuries ago it was a death sentence to go to have a baby in the hospital through lack of hygiene. Now it is a positive godsend to many a mother and child who might have died otherwise.

Remember this: If you don’t eat meat you are not virtuous, there is something wrong with you and your thinking. The chances are that you will have some medical problems of the types indicated above.

If you are underweight, you are not beautiful and you may well be ill or in the initial throws of becoming anorexic. Super models are often thin but they are also often anorexic or bulimic. Most don’t have babies and some may never have children due to their diets and lifestyles. Thin people are often healthy if it is because they work hard and walk distances. However, the beauties of yesteryear were well-rounded women who were not skinny.

A healthy well-fed woman has a beauty all of her own and has prepared herself well for the raising of a family. A man needs proper nutrition to care for his family as he must bear the burden before God, if not before this mixed up social system we find ourselves in at present.

Do not be discouraged if we find ourselves in difficult situations. We must all encourage one another and help one another. The time will come when many damaged people will enter the Church, seeking refuge from the insanity of a deranged system. We will be faced with more and more people suffering more and more illnesses. And one of the problems with reduced mental capacity through these forms of dietary induced aberration, is that the people are increasingly less able to see that they are not functioning adequately. The people who let their children die from degeneration induced by a soy infant diet, were themselves suffering from the effects of their own aberrant veganism and could not mentally process the facts of the danger their child was in. They thought they were being virtuous in feeding the child that way, and reportedly were going to do the same thing to the next child that was actually in the womb when they were sent to prison.

The demons seek to weaken us with that form of false teaching. False teachers in the Churches of God have gone a long way to promote the false doctrines. Not the least of these was the false prophetess, Ellen G. White, and her entourage. Her teaching actually modified the plan of salvation to accommodate vegetarianism when it is plainly a false system with the Bible structure (See the papers The Pre-Advent Judgment (No. 176), and The Millennium and the Rapture (No. 95)).

Encourage one another and make sure one another are properly cared for and nourished. Raise your children to be sturdy and strong and fed a balanced diet so that they might better serve the Lord.

Love one another. One of the best ways of showing someone you love them is to feed him or her well.


Wade Cox

Coordinator General


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