Atonement Message by Wade Cox

Atonement 10/7/27/120

The Day of Atonement (or Yom Kippur) is a very important day in the worship of God under the laws He gave us.

This year Atonement falls on the Fifth Day of the Week (called Thursday by the Anglo-Saxons) according to the Ancient Temple Calendar. The Temple Calendar was determined by the New Moon Conjunction as calculated in the astronomical schools, as we are told by Philo. That means that for this year the Day of Trumpets, which is the New Moon of the Seventh Month, fell on a Tuesday, the Third day of the week.

Why then did the “Orthodox” Jews and the Churches of God infected with Armstrongism keep this festival two days late? Why will they keep Atonement two days late also and have it fall on a Sabbath? Is any of that manipulation permitted under the law of God?

The answer is no. If one does not keep the Day of Atonement then one is cut off from one’s people. In other words the disobedient are removed from the congregation of the Living God. These people keep the Sabbath they are required to keep and fast but do not keep Atonement. Many will take up an offering on this day.

Why do the Jews using the Hillel calendar postpone the Sabbaths and Holy Days, and especially Passover and Atonement?

The answer is so that they can keep their traditions that run counter to the express commands of God. Ask this question: If God had said to Moses, you will kill a lamb and sprinkle the blood on the doorposts and the death angel will pass over you on that night of the fifteenth of Abib, and Moses had said: Ok Lord, but we will do it two days later because it will inconvenience us if we do it on the days according to the conjunction. We will do it after the appearance of the Finger of Ashirat, which is after the later crescent moon and a symbol of the goddess. What would God have said and done?

He would have sent the death angel on the appointed time and the firstborn of Israel would have been slain along with Egypt. But Moses and Israel obeyed God. They obeyed and were saved alive. The Egyptians did not do that and their firstborn children died.

If the church was told to remain at Jerusalem for Pentecost and decided to hold it on a Monday, or on another day other than the First Day of the week, Sunday, what would have happened? What would have happened is exactly what did happen. The faithful remnant that was there in obedience at the third hour or 9 AM received the Holy Spirit as promised. That is what happened and why only a small number received the Holy Spirit initially, and why the populace did not understand what had happened to them. If the church had decided to keep a calendar like the later Hillel Calendar they would have been excluded from the faith.

We have seen recently Armstrong offshoots even trying to claim that the postponements under the Hillel system were in operation during the Temple system. Any historian with any training will tell you what the calendar system of the Temple was and how it was based on the conjunction. There was not even a formal system of postponements in place when the Mishnah was compiled. That was some 130 years after the destruction of the Temple and the when Pharisees had taken control of post-Temple Judaism for all that time. Even the Jews who keep the postponements will tell you that they came into place in 358 after Babylonian rabbis brought the system to the Chief Rabbi Hillel II in 344 and the system was able to be implemented. (See the paper God’s Calendar (No. 156) and the Calendar papers from the Bible Study Program (B1)).

Why do these ministers make these false claims? Why do people believe them? The answer is simple. They are in the religion business. They need to control the previously brainwashed populace that seeks to be reassured they were not in error all that time they worshipped a false system and false people. The people are deceived because they want to be deceived.

Are the Anglo-Saxons any more gullible that the Europeans or the Asians or Indians or Africans? No. They are not any more gullible. Their susceptibility to falsehood and idolatry is simply different. Some nations worship idols. Others worship their ancestors. Many of their women can be found bowing down kissing blocks of stone carved into any strange shape or even no shape at all. Some worship spirits and the winds and waves, even today. We have even seen exorcisms conducted on telephone booths in Asia. The people who look down on these simple people nevertheless worship men, and can be conditioned into any foolish idea provided they don’t have to think deeply and can feel superior to others.

Self-Righteousness is endemic in most societies. The crippling of a society is often conducted from within. In the USA there are counties that forbid alcohol and wonder why organised crime plagues them like a nemesis and consumes their young like a flesh eating virus with drugs and gluttony and multiple others vices. The prohibition mentality is essentially an unbalanced view of hysterical self-righteousness. Organised crime in the West was made possible because of it. Corporate crime enslaves our people even in the food industries through harmful substances. Authorities themselves cannot be trusted to educate and protect us. Education and reconciliation is the only way to develop a people in balance. God expects us to behave in a rational manner and be developed rationally from our childhood by responsible parents.

What then is Atonement about and what is required of us? This day is designed to identify us with the process of reconciliation to God within the plan He has laid down for our redemption. We can no more postpone this day than Messiah can put off the reconciliation it symbolizes. Nor can he postpone the Day of Trumpets, which is the day he is ordered by God to return to the earth to save us who eagerly await him.

One day of the calendar depends on the other from the New Moons and the entire system is ordained by God. We obey or we do not obey. The choice is ours but the penalties are unavoidable from the decisions we make.

To atone we must be at one with God. We must be reconciled through the sacrifice of Christ who paid the price for us. That is why an offering on Atonement is forbidden under the law. It is a set fee tax that was paid for us by Christ. It is written: no one shall give more or less that the prescribed fee (Ex. 30:15).

The tax of Atonement, which was essentially a census tax, pointed towards the Messiah. He paid it for us and we are counted as citizens of the Kingdom and City of God because of that fact.

On the Day of Atonement we fast and afflict ourselves so that we might break the bonds of wickedness and let the oppressed go free, from Isaiah 58. We pray for the freedom of our people and the enlightenment of the whole world.

It does not matter what country we are in, nor does it matter from where we come. We pray for the freedom of the world and the salvation of all mankind.

The coming of the Messiah is the start of the new system and the restoration of the planet.

Look towards that day with joy and hope. Do not be discouraged nor be afraid.

The world is being conditioned into animosity towards God. No one is allowed to promote religion now unless it is the liberation theology of the Indo-Buddhist systems subtly promoted by the sociologists in the education systems. The demonic doctrines aimed at destroying mankind, such as vegetarianism and like aberrations, go hand in hand with those systems. Do not be deceived by these people. They are but a passing phase in these end days. By the time the people themselves are ill they are usually unable to intellectually identify and correct the errors in their thinking due to dietary deficiencies. Strengthen your families and promote the health of your children. Use Atonement to be at peace and be free of the bonds of wickedness enslaving our people. Pray for our leaders that they might be freed from error and wrong influences.

Love God and love one another. Be at one with all men and thereby show we are at one with God.


Wade Cox

Coordinator General


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