Sabbath Message by Wade Cox

Sabbath 5/10/26/120

This Sabbath we have seen the Saturnalia of the pagans in full swing. The world has gone through its idolatrous cycle of the worship of the god Attis. They have cut down his pine trees from the forests and they have decorated them with silver and gold, just as God told them not to do through the prophet Jeremiah. Six hundred years before Christ was born, God censured them for doing this evil thing but they are still doing it now. They decorate trees and place effigies on them of the gods, and particularly of the Lucifer and Eros systems.

How can a church believe that it serves God by doing what God has declared is unacceptable to Him (Jer 10:2-5)? They decided to introduce Christmas from the mystery cults and the worship of the mother goddess system in the east from Syria, and through the Church at Jerusalem. The Church did not introduce Christmas from the fourth century. It did not come into the Church until well after that, and it came in through the half-hearted converts who came into the priesthood from the monastics. They were corrupt and apostate then, and they are no different now. They are not Christians. Anyone who cuts a tree and decorates it, or places an effigy of one in the window or in lights, worships a false god. They are following the ancient system of the mystery cults and they do what God forbids through the Bible (look at the paper The Origins of Christmas and Easter (No. 235)).

The pine tree is sacred to the god Attis. Is it any wonder that the pines are used and decorated during the December festivals?

Now that the world is more blatantly moving away from so-called Christianity, the false worshippers are more open about their beliefs. They do not even pretend to include Christ in this shabby excuse for revelry. It is this little fat man in a red suit that allegedly sees good or evil and rewards that activity. What blasphemy that is. That judgment has been given to Christ and to no one else. The Church is to act in the matter of sin and to deal with it in the day-to-day activities of the Church. The pagans went underground and they are simply coming out into the open now that the Trinitarians are helpless to deal with them. The Church thought that it could compromise and smother the pagans by adopting their festivals. It could not, and the pagans now simply move on without it.

The priests of the god Attis brought their castrated perverted system into contact with the Church and corrupted it, as they had corrupted themselves in their own faith long beforehand.

I explained this week, to a few people that I knew, about the origins of Christmas and how that system was not Christian and was in fact forbidden by the Bible. They were genuinely amazed regarding the origins. They wanted to know how the Trinitarian systems could still adopt the practices if it was forbidden. I explained that they simply disobeyed God and were not true Christians. A young lass covered her ears, and said “Oh no!” when that concept was advanced. Most people think that they can ignore what God says, and do as they like and it will be all right. You can be a Christian and disobey God as long as you call on the name of “Jesus.”

The fact is that most people think that God does not exist. Scientists ignore the creation and then try to explain it in terms of its self-existence. Anyone who actually thinks that God made the creation is viewed as a nutcase. Men, who are trained to act within the scientific method, take the implausible evolutionary model as fact. They suspend their critical evaluation in the very model they use and take it on faith on a greater scale than that which they despise in the religious.

This week we will start on the revamp of the “History of Religion” web site On that site we will explain the progress of world religion over its rise from the garden and the results of the flood into the Babylonian system. On that site you will see the two systems running side by side over the history of the world. Coupled with that site, we will develop the site regarding the “History of Nations” at

On those sites we will show how the world fell from Eden and how Satan established a system of worship. How that system continued on into this day, changing and adapting to the national growth and movements, and using the nations against themselves to their own destruction.

The Christmas system is the mark of the sun cults, as is Sunday worship. Both observances set a system aside from God. Both are a mark of disobedience. The same system will go on through the New Year revels, which are actually only a new introduction to our people.

Until the Reign of William of Orange in England, the New Year was on 25 March. The New Year in January was introduced from the continent under Roman instigation. Our people did not observe it until that time. Yet people think it impious to suggest that our leaders and people should refuse to have anything to do with this corrupt system. The fact is that, during the Reformation, Christmas was banned firstly under Henry VIII and then, after Mary Tudor reintroduced it, Elizabeth did not ban it again. It was left to Cromwell to ban it again and he is vilified by the Trinitarian system for his reforms.

Many of the festivals were, and are, advocated by criminal and lascivious elements. The Halloween system was advocated by criminal elements as a means of extortion. That is why it is not encouraged among our people and is only now coming back into society. It breeds a criminal and extortive mentality. I was simply amazed at the extent of the system in the USA when I first saw it there. In the USA, Halloween is set up and leads into Christmas, and then the New Year, and on it goes. The entire calendar is set up on the pagan days of human sacrifice, and yet God is ever on their lips while they sin.

The tests for false Christians are simple:

• If they do not speak according to the Law and the Testimony, there is no light in them (Isa. 8:20).

• If you come across those who say they are Christians and that when they die they go to heaven, do not believe them. They are not Christians (cf. Justin Martyr, Dial.with Trypho see also Original Doctrines of the Faith (No. 88)).

• If you speak with those who say Sunday has taken the place of the Sabbath as the Fourth Commandment for Christians, you know thereby that they are not true Christians.

• If you come across those who say there are two true Gods, or a threefold God, you know they are not true Christians but in error and, either consciously or unconsciously, they are blasphemers.

• If they do not follow the Temple Calendar, as Christ and the Apostles kept it, they are in error.

• If they say that the Commandments of God were nailed to the cross, rather than the chierographon or bill of indebtedness from our sin under the Law, and quote Colossians 2:14, you know thereby there is no light in them and they are not true Christians.

• If they keep the pagan systems of Christmas, Easter, and Halloween, they are false Christians.

• If they say they do not need to be baptised in repentance, they are false Christians.

What then has happened to Christianity? It was opposed and fought by the pagan systems, and Satan has given his power to the opposing systems to disguise and discredit true Christianity.

Do not be deceived by those who say they are Christians but who do not follow the Bible and obey God. They are not Christians. Christianity, as it has always been, is a small faithful remnant of the followers of Christ and the Apostles. Their doctrines have not changed and they await Christ as they have always done. The promises to them are significant. It does not matter how many claim Christ and say they love God. If they love God, they will keep His Commandments. If they love Christ, they will do the same. These are the elect, namely, those who keep the Commandments of God and the Faith or Testimony of Jesus Christ (Rev. 12:17; 14:12).

Why is it so difficult for a society to obey God? Why do people undermine the Laws of God and misinterpret and wrongly implement what God has told them to do? The answer is that that they do not wish to obey God and deliberately undermine what He has told them to do.

What should we tell them? The answer is that they should repent and abandon this false system of worship and the false church that introduced it. They should repent and prepare for the correct New Year and the correct feast of the Lord, and turn to him with their hearts and strength.

There is no easy way. If one wishes to become one of the elect of God, then one must obey and follow the Bible system. When Christ returns, everyone will be made to obey the Law and the Testimony. The Bible clearly states what is to happen. Why then does everyone disobey now and then expect to be rewarded for it then?

When you are faced with systems that are not in the Bible, ask yourself where does this come from and why are we doing it? You will often find the answers in the papers explaining why and where the systems originated.

Very soon we will face more problems and we will be forced to re-examine our views and beliefs. The Middle East is degenerating as I write and much will happen in the near future. The warnings that are being issued are not simply about terrorists. There is a social upheaval occurring that will change the way of life we face. The Middle East will see a change that will impact on its structure in a way that will alter it forever. Soon we will come into a face-to-face conflict with Islam that will force both Christianity and Islam to re-examine and evaluate what they are doing. Nothing will be the same again. The manipulators behind the scenes think they can reorder society and do away with everything that is based on the structure of God. They will fail and themselves vanish, but before they do, they will destroy the world we know.

We will survive by returning to the Laws of God and supporting each other in righteousness. Do not be carried away by fables. Keep close to the Church and sound doctrine. If you hear new ideas and novelties that attack the doctrines of the Church, do not be deceived. There is One True God and one calendar that has been followed by Israel and the Church for millennia. We have one Bible structure and one canon, and our history is identifiable. Do not be deceived by novelties. Do not be intimidated by false Christianity. If God is for us, who can be against us?

Love one another and pray for those who despitefully use us. Those who follow false systems do so in ignorance. Do not be deceived or dismayed.

Trust in God and stand in awe and cease to sin. Know that God has set apart all His people.

Wade Cox

Coordinator General


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