Sabbath Message by Wade Cox

Sabbath 22/8/26/120

Dear Friends,

This Sabbath we will look at the issue of World Peace and how to achieve that goal. We will try to create a web site called Program for World Peace. This site will contain, among the issues of World Peace, a petition that we invite all the inhabitants of the world to add their names to. The petition will be divided into countries of origin. Each national petition as a group will be presented to the United Nations on the Sabbath years of 2012 for the Day of Atonement and every seven years subsequently following the ancient jubilee system of the Temple of God at Jerusalem. This will continue until the Jubilee in 2027. By that time we hope, and it will be our fervent prayer, that World Peace will be in place on a universal basis.

The petitions will remain on the web with a number counter showing progressive totals, but the names of the petitioners will be kept from direct scrutiny.

People have to want peace and they have to pursue it earnestly. In this way, we can give a voice to the poor and the oppressed and the voiceless of the world. By this voice, we can pursue the goal of world peace by nations and internationally.

Our energies can be directed to assisting this program and identifying organisations that can contribute to such an objective, rather than being disguised political organisations in their own right.

Religion has been used for the political advancement of interest groups and for the suppression of one set of values by another. It is our view that there is One True God, and that God has spoken to the planet through His servants the Prophets, and He has given us direction and guidance as to how we might live. It is our hope and desire that the truth of that message might be made available to all men and that the gifts and call of God, which are irrevocable, might be extended to all men in the Holy Spirit.

Draw as much attention to the existence and goals and objectives of the site as is possible. Please get your friends to add their names to the petition.

Look at the Bible message regarding peace. Christ is the Prince of Peace. It is he who seeks to unite mankind in peace. However peace does not come at any price. The planet can only be saved under God’s Laws and what we might term a just peace. Peace is not possible under unequal yokes.

Each of us has to understand what is required of us and how we might help others more efficiently, and how we might be able to work together to help the next generation grow and be better prepared. Each of us has to understand how to cope and extend help and friendship to others. Peace is a positive thing that requires action and thought about others.

The world does not operate on a theory of rights. For in maximising individual rights, the world fails to maximise utility in the long run. World Peace is possible if we realise that it is only by a theory of obligation that it can be achieved. It is written: “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your mind, and all your strength. This is the first and greatest commandment and the second is like unto it: You shall love your neighbour as yourself. On these two commandments hang all the Law and the Prophets.”

If we begin to ask firstly what we can do for our family, and then our neighbours, and our community, and our areas, and our countries, and our world, the planet will begin to survive. Ask firstly: “Is what I am doing what God wants me to do and is it helping to further the family and the community and the environment?” If it is, then do it with all your might. If it is not, find out what is best and do that.

The structure of the Laws of God will help you understand that way of thinking and living. These concepts and laws are contained in the series The Law of God (L1)

Use this Sabbath to catch up with your family and friends. First catch up with God if you have not been on proper terms with your heavenly Father. Then catch up with the earthly family. Then communicate with your friends especially the old and the sick, but enjoy life and the creation as God gave you to do. Make this a period of renewal and resolution.

In each person you meet, remember that you are an ambassador for God and the faith and an envoy of world peace. Greet each other with the term “peace”. Make it mean something to you and to those with whom you speak.

In the attachment is the open letter for world peace. That letter is the basis, of or introduction, to the Program for World Peace on the web site.

Let us all work together to achieve that aim.

Love one another and help one another.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General

Open Letter for World Peace

Program For World Peace

Open Letter For World Peace

To the Secretary General of the United Nations and to all the heads of governments of the Nations of the World.

Dear Friends,

We believe that all mankind was created free and equal.

We believe that there is a purpose for the creation and that God has spoken to us through His servants the prophets.

God has given us direction as to how we might live and how we might love one another, even as we do ourselves.

Each person is a living individual who has a right to live and to develop to the best of his or her ability, to reach the best of their individual capacities within the families and peoples that exist. Each person has an obligation to make his or her environment, and families, and areas, and nations better for their having been there and richer for those who follow them.

We believe that there is a purpose for the creation that we as yet do not fully understand but we do know that we are born to have a part in that plan. Each one of us is a child of God, each as precious as the other.

We believe that the planet and mankind cannot survive with it under the current conduct of the governments and administrations set in place by mankind.

The principles of the administration and conduct of the planet run counter to the directions God has given us through the prophets. This has occurred through the misdirection of the word of God through the traditions of men. Some of the misdirection is done under the umbrella of that which is called Science or Academic Discipline of one sort or another interpreted by men in isolation. Some of it is done under the guise of religion. Men oppress and kill one another under the pretext of divisions even within the same brand of faith.

We believe that by a return to God and a genuine seeking after His Will, as expressed in His Word, we will be able to understand how to govern the planet according to His Laws. Further, we believe that we will be able to use Science to more effect and to achieve the objectives expected of us by the Creator.

Accordingly we have set before you this petition, which asks that you establish a Program for World Peace.

This work will be formally set before you each Sabbath Year according to the laws of God as understood by the prophets and used in the Ancient Temple system in Jerusalem. The Intent of the Program is to be set out in the next Sabbath year, which falls in the year 2005 of the current era. From that it is hoped that you will implement a course of action that will commence to work according to the laws of God. The full petition will be set before you in 2012 and a program of action that will restore the planet to its former glory. That will be done each Sabbath year, in 2019 and 2026, until the Jubilee Year of 2027.

We pray, and it is our fervent desire, that by that year the entire planet will be run according to the laws of God and the peace and rest of the Millennial system of the Glory of God will be upon us. Through that work we will see the restoration of the planet to all its glory.

May God bless you all in the performance of your duties in accordance with His will.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General
Christian Churches of God

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