Sabbath Message by Wade Cox

Sabbath 19/05/26/120

Dear Friends,

This Sabbath it might be appropriate to look at what is happening in the environment and revisit our Global Warming position. As you are all aware we published the paper Global Warming and Bible Prophecy (No. 218) in 1997. The world scientific community by and large at that time were in a state of denial and what we were saying then was treated as eccentric. Now the situation is radically different. British scientists are now freely admitting that the world temperature rise will be of the order of eight degrees Celsius by 2010.

Most people do not really comprehend what this means. It means the current mean temperatures will become the minimums and the current maximums will approximate the means and the new maximums will be very much hotter. The older will die in heatwaves much more prolifically and the evaporation rates will subject the earth to much more serious fire dangers than at present.

The pack ice in the Antarctic is decreasing now ever faster. Once the ice shelves disappear the heat will accelerate. The glacial flow will be much faster because the pack ice will not be there to slow it down. Thus the worlds major fresh water resource will be lost to salt water within a short period of time.

We are aware of the problems in the West Antarctic basin. The ice contained there is enough to raise the water levels some 6 metres and the same amounts are contained in the Greenland cap.

However, the heating of the ice system may well be ongoing and continue on well after it has done its damage on world population and the environment.

Rises of 1-2 meters are enough to radically change the face of the earth’s viable food production and water systems. How does a nation prepare. Nations that have a higher general plateau have a responsibility for preparing for the disasters that will follow. There will be masses of refugees caused by this water level rise.

What, if anything, are the Australian, and US, and Canadian systems for example doing about the preparation for this problem? The State of NSW in Australia has just passed a law banning all future development within 1 kilometre of the coastline. Yet no action is being taken to limit current building and development on the coast, and the cost of housing and building investment is skyrocketing in the very areas that will be underwater or unviable in a few short years. The investments of an unsuspecting or intellectually idle public will be destroyed.

What is wrong with the structure and why is the leadership of the nations so incompetent or so spineless and bereft of vision that they cannot plan ahead to solve this crisis or at least be more prepared to face it? In fact, the scientists in Australia met recently and tried to stop the creation of adequate water storage facilities in the area of the divide in spite of the enormity of the crisis staring them in the face. It seems that they are facing a psychological denial over the problem that the world faces. Their philosophy is quite inadequate to cope with the total elimination of their current environment.

Why are nations such as Australia, or the US, and Canada unable to make the necessary changes or plans and adjustments to face crises like this one of Global Warming? The answer lies in the nature of the Beast system that they have created. The social manipulation or engineering is done through the media and it has to prepare for long term change over time. The people who live in the areas to be affected can’t be panicked and indeed the politicians running the system are in the same state of denial as the people affected everywhere. Australia is an urban coastal populace which, in spite of its massive areas of safe and productive lands, will not make the necessary sacrifices to its costly and inefficient urban mass.

What can Australia do to look and plan ahead? There are many things that can be done. For example there are a series of salt lakes in the interior, which have previously been inland seas or part of the Great Australian Bight extension that provided the evaporation sources for the increased foliation. In fact, it produced rain forest activity in what is now the drier inland in Northern NSW and Southern Queensland.

There are a number of alternatives for recreating this environment from pumping saltwater to other freshwater storage.

The Antarctic is the greatest freshwater resource on the planet. Action can be taken to harness this melting resource before it is lost to the oceans. Water can be harvested and pumped or transported to storage areas on the mainland. There are a number of means for this including oil platform technology or tanker transportation. Potable water will be the most expensive resource on this planet within a decade.

The northern monsoons can be harvested and turned inland, as can the eastern systems. They can be turned into the ancient water channels and systems that drain to the south. It will form an irrigation resource for all the young people of the nation for decades to come, and who can be given a block of land free of debt under the laws of God. It will also be a massive wildlife protection resource. Why is this not done? It is not done because the leaders have no vision and no courage to plan. It is simply not in the interest of the two major political parties to decentralise and in so doing make decisions that affect their electoral bases in the coastal cities. In this sense the Beast is uncontrollable and a tool of the demons in the ultimate destruction of mankind.

The same things can be done in Canada and the USA. They know it is happening but are refusing to make the adjustments through inadequate vision or self interest. Alaska and the Rockies have been losing their glaciers for decades but nothing has been done to plan. The world has known for over thirty years of this crisis and has kept it from the people and allowed development quite contrary to the interests of the people.

Our people are being destroyed through lack of vision. The world is being placed in needless jeopardy through self-interest and failure to plan. In the same context our allowing the placement of the nuclear power stations on the fault lines and the areas that will be inundated is complete shortsighted insanity. It is through the major disruptions of this sort that the sea will become as the blood of a dead man (Rev. 16:3). There are many reasons for this catastrophe but most can be laid squarely at the feet of the human decision making process of the last sixty years.

It is almost as though the US and British Commonwealth is being deliberately disabled and crippled from within by its own leadership. This ineffective planning started from the leadership at the end of the Second World War. It has continued in each of the nations of the US and BC and seems to continue unabated. Only in one great scheme have we seen any vision in Australia and that was in the Snowy Mountains Scheme. It was conceived by the World War II governments and could not realistically be stopped in subsequent years.

How much more could we achieve by harnessing the potential of the lands God gave us? The desert is commanded to bloom like a rose under the laws of God. All we need is leadership with vision and courage, and a nation prepared to make sacrifices for their posterity.

An example of the road to disaster and the time bomb we all face is in the French Nuclear system and its susceptibility to overload and overheating. France is part of a common link with the US and British Commonwealth. The following story was brought to my attention by one of the ministers in Malaysia recently. The story was by Alex Duval Smith in The Independent – UK - 8-11-3

It states that:
“The French government is considering national electricity rationing after engineers warned that they can no longer guarantee the safety of the country's 58 nuclear power reactors because the heatwave is defeating efforts to cool them.

A crisis meeting this morning at the Prime Minister's office will be told that France - which depends more heavily on atomic energy than any other European country - faces the prospect of shutting down half its power grid.

ElÈctricitÈ de France (EdF) says the temperatures of reactor casings in some plants are approaching the 50C safety limit and attempts to cool them by spraying water from the outside have largely failed. Environment campaigners say the fragile ecosystems of rivers such as the Rhone and the Garonne - whose levels are already low - are threatened because nuclear plants are discharging cooling water at more than 30C, compared with the usual maximum of 24C.

Nicole Fontaine, an industry minister, said the position was serious. "Usually, when one country needs to reduce production, it can import power from a European neighbour, such as Britain, Germany or Switzerland," she said. "This is what has happened in the past. But production is low everywhere because the heatwave and drought is affecting everybody. We need to look for solutions at home and find a balance between consumption, production capacities and environmental constraints."

Environment campaigners say the present crisis proves the safety rules of the French nuclear industry do not allow for extreme situations and that the electricity and atomic energy authorities are acting with impunity. Stephane Lhomme, spokesman for the pressure group Sortir du Nucleaire (Get out of nuclear), said: "EdF is currently applying left, right and centre for dispensation from safety rules - and obtaining it. This proves that French environmental protection rules are seen by EdF to be only of use when everything is going well."

Since the end of July, the French nuclear safety authority has granted three plants exemptions from rules limiting the top temperature of cooling water discharged into rivers to 24C - Bugey on the Rhone, Tricastin on the Drome and Golfech on the Garonne. Each has been allowed, temporarily, to discharge water at 30C. This morning's ministerial meeting will be told that each is exceeding the new limit.

A further two plants have reduced their output and have applied to discharge water at more than 24C - Blayais on the Garonne near Bordeaux and Saint-Alban in the Alps. Le Monde reports that a plant at Cruas, south of Lyons, has been discharging water at 29.8C without permission.

Last week, amid much criticism, EdF sprayed Fessenheim nuclear power station, in Alsace, with water drawn from the water table below the power station but failed significantly to reduce the 48C temperature of the reactor casing.

M. Lhomme said: "This crisis comes as the government is preparing to announce the launch of a new generation of nuclear reactors. What we should be doing is cutting consumption and freeing up some money to invest in renewable energy sources, rather than deepening this country's dependence on nuclear energy." “

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The problem here is obvious that the critical temperature range is exceeded with the Global Warming levels at minor elevations above norm. The reality is that within twenty years the temperature levels will be well elevated above current norms and mean rises of eight degrees will remain constant. That means that temperature levels will be in excess of 30 degrees centigrade as normal operating temperatures. The obvious conclusion is that nuclear power is unsustainable in world terms and certainly impossible in France. It has to be progressively phased out and replaced by solar panels and cells on individual households. The power grid must be decentralised and individualised so that households are net producers not consumers.

The power problem is easily solvable. The problem is that the Beast is incapable of making the necessary decisions unless individuals are forced into acting on unacceptable realities. There is no vision and our people simply perish because we will not act until it is too late. Be aware and work to educate all.

Through faith and a belief in God and His Law a nation can accomplish anything. We need to repent and purge our nations of corruption and stupidity and perversion in our leadership in the political, ecclesiastical, and judicial systems. We need to turn to God with all our hearts and all our strength and all our minds. The nations need to prepare and eliminate the silly, and corrupt, and self interested from their leadership. Plan for the future and elect officials who will work towards those goals. Love one another.

Wade Cox

Coordinator General


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