Sabbath Message by Wade Cox

Sabbath 27/04/26/120

Dear Friends,

You will recall last Sabbath I addressed the issue of antinomianism among the Churches of God and the problems we all face in dealing with that issue. Many people in today’s mainstream system speak of the Laws of God and of Grace and say they are not under the law but under grace. This usually means that they think they don’t have to keep anything and the liberty conferred by grace is confused with licence to commit sin, which is transgression of the Law. The power conferred on us in the spirit is of an order that we are able to keep the Laws of God in Spirit and we are not simply judged by the Law but within the spirit of the Law. What Trinitarianism means by grace not law is a total rejection of the Laws of God and the keeping of a system of order which is diametrically opposed to the Laws of God. The Sabbaths of the Lord God, given and kept by Jesus Christ, are rejected in favour of the world’s sun system of worship. All this is excused by the grace/law argument.

Often in some countries people come to us seeking union with organisations of the Churches of God not for any reason of conversion but for expedience. They wish to profit from missionary activities and fund allocations to the developing world. Often the mainstream systems cargo cult process of recruitment of the latter days encourages this mentality. How many people have been baptised three and four times or more for food or handouts of various sources? In developing countries the answer is: many.

I remember being taken to a meeting in which I was to address the congregation and facing a large body of people. As I spoke it was evident to me that I was not speaking to the servants of God but to the people of this world and many Hindus to boot. I said to the ministry there, “These people are not even Christians but Hindus what am I doing speaking to them? I came to speak with the dedicated church members. Are they interested in the faith and do they have any understanding?” The real answer was simply obvious. They came for the food. I gave orders to cut out the free food and then I spoke to those who genuinely wanted to be there. The ministry could spend time evangelising Hindus later. I wanted to speak with the saints of God and speak at a level they would appreciate and understand.

Since those days it has become obvious to us all that we can rent a crowd anywhere we like in India or Asia or Africa. We often have many come to us with churches in train, like travelling circuses, claiming to espouse our beliefs. We had one recently from South India who smothered us in flowery praise and told us how important we were. They told us that they wanted to join us, as they were Sabbath-keeping Churches of God of old. Fortunately we never take these people at face value any more. A quick check with the ministry in South India and the customary internet checks showed us that they had done the rounds over the last few years from UCG to COG/Monrovia/Hulme to LCG and now it was our turn. Oh goody! The Indian ministry told us that the group had a COG minister come there and try to capitalise on their numbers presumably for influence. Perhaps they are all still on the books as members. Perhaps they are on the books of multiple churches of God as members. We have had churches come to us in entirety and the COG they came from still lists them as members and as having a church in the city. The Internet checks revealed at the same time that the same Indian group were reportedly part of a Sunday worshipping Pentecostal system that was off to heaven. They were shearing the sheep from the head down. It didn’t matter much what flock it was either. In case I have to spell out the obvious, we are not remotely interested in this type of evangelism and these types of people and we avoid them like the plague. The major problem is that baptism under these organisations are mostly invalid and a lot of people are further discouraged and hurt by this. The Churches of God are disorganised by it.

We have found ministers in multiple churches at the same time, in both India and Africa, and approaching us for membership as well. We have also lost people to Sunday-keeping churches simply for the funds that they provide. Is that conversion? Only a simpleton would imagine it was. Perhaps a Buddhist would argue that it was as you are what you do. If you went to a temple and prayed to that deity then you were an adherent of the deity. The only agreement we have is that you are certainly not one of us if you did that.

What does Christ want of us in these circumstances?

The Holy Spirit moves people to understand the elements of the faith in stages and calls people to the Church in many ways. At the same time, there is a pseudo logon or false utterance in the world that comes from the prince of the power of the air. This terrible counterfeit, for that is what it is, has plagued the Churches of God for two millennia. It rests in what purports to be Christianity, but which denies every aspect of the faith.

The religion of mainstream Christianity is so corrupted with the errors of the sun cult system, that the religion is indistinguishable from the ancient systems of the worship of the gods Attis and Adonis, and the mother goddess system in the mystery cults. Read the work Mysticism at etc. for more details. This false system spreads a powerful and seductive message among the people of the world. Satan uses the power and organisation of the Western system to corrupt the people of the Nations of Asia/India and Africa.

When we see the success of the system with the power of Satan behind them, it is easy to assume that they have blessings and that God is reinforcing their position. Well one god is behind it, but which god? The discernment is easy. The god of this world, Satan, has always done all in his power to corrupt and stop the elect from being drawn to the Church and baptised and then perfected. It is very difficult for us to work our way through that system. Satan knows who we are and he knows years in advance of our calling. Often the attempts range from trying to prevent our birth, to mismatching our marriages, to stopping the conception, or birth, or by attempting to and sometimes killing our children.

Do not be discouraged by what lies ahead of you. God will never leave you nor forsake you. We are all required to count the cost of our calling and get on with it. The Holy Spirit will open our eyes and our understanding to the faith. We have seen ministers turn back to the sun system in error. They were called but not chosen. In other words, they heard the message but it did not take root. Thus God did not predestine them to be called. The sequence is in Romans 8:29-30. God foreknew us and predestined or chose us and then called us. He then justified us and finally glorified us. We are required to seek salvation by faith and not by works. The term “works of the law” is used in Romans 9:32 but the term “of the law” is not in the ancient texts. We are justified by faith and we are tested. Those who turn back to the lawless systems of the sun cults are not of us and we must never forget that fact. If they were of us they would never go out from us.

What are we required to do? We have a major commission and that is to spread the gospel of the kingdom of God to all nations and then the end can come. If we are called into the faith in a nation in which there is more want, then be content with what you have. Work together and tithe for the faith in the land God gave us. Look after one another with what you have. Do not become a whore in the faith going from error to error seeking more funds or “help”. The infidels believe that wealth is the reward for a previous life or the blessings of a deity. Nor should we seek numbers in the faith. God adds to us as He sees fit.

In each nation in which God raises a Church we see that an organisation must be established to further the gospel there. The Church must be set up and structured and funded locally. The missionary work will be helped by the international conference, but the responsibility rests with the individuals within the nation, and then the region or continent and then the world. However, do not expect handouts. The emphasis is to be placed on the promulgation of sound doctrine in the language of the nation you are in, or the region you are in.

One thing that has been reported to me is that one of the churches of God is using the Canadian and US immigration systems to further their numbers in the developing nations. This form of corruption, for that is what it is, can only be short lived. It becomes a conduit for people movement and is not based on true conversion. It also undermines the developed base of the home system and raises improper expectations or ambitions among the people involved. Yes, we can help our brothers but we must be obedient to the systems under which we live.

As each nation develops, it must plan for its own security and growth. The reason there is mass migration among denominations is because the ministers use people as a bargaining tool for funds. Many are not interested in the real welfare of the congregations that follow them, in the hope of some crumbs from the table of dollar evangelism. The mainstream systems are to blame for this harlotry in the churches. Many assume we are the same and we often have to deal with and process and eliminate these types and it costs time and money to do.

Each church within the organisation must establish itself as self-funding and then work to help others. The key is sound doctrine in the language of the people. The congregation is not to be exploited by the ministry.

I once gave an instruction to an Indian minister to educate his congregation in the English language. He looked at me and said: “But we would loose them”. I said to him: “Where is your faith?” To him they were part of his captive money making machine. Needless to say he is not with us.

Only by genuine conversion can people be emancipated. Only with a genuine system based on God’s Laws and a system of love and concern for the brethren can we progress and educate the nations in the true faith. Satan will do whatever he can to disrupt that process. The Trinitarian system was formed solely for the purpose of destroying the true Church. It was spread among the world among the various organisations and administrations of the Churches of God. It was developed as the religious system of the Roman Empire. It spread to and took over the nations that were to exercise power and millions have been destroyed who opposed it.

Our weapons are truth and sincerity. We organise wherever we are to look after one another in our various national bodies and groups. Do not seek numbers, for God is not interested in numbers. He will punish the numbering of Israel. When David numbered Israel they lost seventy thousand in one act.

If people go from place to place do not be concerned. We have our profession of the faith and we will gladly receive the called of God and help them to grow. Do not be swayed by or cultivate these travelling circuses that move from body to body. As soon as you cease to be of direct exploitive benefit to them they will go to the next group. They are spiritual whores. We develop the teaching facilities or mediums in each nation and thereby establish sound doctrine. With sound doctrine the people are made free. For the truth will set all men free and it must be published and proclaimed among all nations and then Christ will come.

We are set aside and developed so that we can assist Christ in dealing with all mankind at his return. Our task is to take over from the demons when Christ arrives. Their time is now very short. They are working now at peak effort to destroy not only the elect, but also the nations themselves. They use the churches to maximum effect to distract as many people from the truth as possible. Now the aim is to discredit finally the Christian system having used the false Trinitarian system to full effect. It is now being discredited by the evils of the mainstream system and witchcraft is being established by the demons using Hollywood and the media generally.

Our children are being now openly and systematically brainwashed by the demons using the media we have allowed to be established in our nations. What that means is that these children will die in the great holocaust because they have false beliefs and no vision. The national churches of God need to concentrate on getting sound doctrine spread among the people as fast as possible in all languages. To this end we must direct our efforts. There will be a time and it is not far off, that we will not be able to work and people will not endure sound doctrine. Please remember to work and help our people in your nation and region and continent. Spread the work as far as possible using the coordination of the World Conference.

Help others to be established in a national church working to consolidate their faith and organisation. There is no room for racism and bigotry. There is neither Greek nor African nor Indian nor Jew, but one people under God organised in separate families and national groups for their better organisation and development.

The command is to love God and keep His Commandments and to love one another as we do ourselves.

Wade Cox

Coordinator General


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