Sabbath Message by Wade Cox

Sabbath 10/02/26/120

Dear Friends,

We are progressing now in the world of the microscopic. When the Scriptures spoke of the beasts of the field killing many people in the last days, very few imagined that it would be the microscopic beasts that were the most dangerous. They would in fact kill across species and the larger animals themselves would fall prey to the dangerous foe. The Third and Fourth Horsemen see a quarter of the world populace dead.

People are causing the problems by the way that they live and the way they disregard God’s Laws. The food they eat processes the diseases and transports them across species. The viruses themselves mutate.
Also we cannot discount deliberate infection as part of biological warfare. This aspect is further complicated by the deliberate spread of viruses among plants to destroy not varietal rights protected plants available to the general public. The behaviour of the scientific community is open to investigation in this regard especially relating to the spread of the wheat virus in Australia probably from the US. This also appears to be the case in the rapeseed infestations in Canada, of the Roundup tolerant Canola produced by one of the chemical giants of the USA.

We should all be asking what can we do to improve the lot of the people around us and in the world we share. God gave us this world to develop and care for over the time he gave us and we are destroying it and eliminating species through our own behaviour.

The recent case of SARS is now being admitted as far more contagious and serious than was first admitted. You will recall we told you all this when it was first reported.

The stats given from the WHO site ( show that the listings of total cases, to recent cases, to deaths, to recoveries, which are in the last box below, do not reveal the true situation.


The world knows generally that it was the Chinese who covered up the extent of the disease in China and Hong Kong. One interesting factor is that the death rates among the Chinese in China, Honk Kong Taiwan and Singapore are far higher that elsewhere except in Canada. It might be worthwhile looking at the ethnic break-up of the Canadian populace to see what that is. The question might be asked is this. Is the high death rate among the Chinese and Canadians because the treatment is poor? That might be so in China, but it is not so in Canada and probably not so in Singapore either.

Why is this disease that has such a strange and new structure based on the Corona Virus and related to the Paramyxovirus reported in 1998 by the Australians and identified again by German and other authorities this year, seemingly attacking Chinese? We have not seen its effect on Indians as yet or in Africa. That may produce a different story.

The WHO figures show only an 18-21% recovery rate among the Chinese either in China or Hong Kong or Taiwan. Hong Kong is actually worse than reports from China proper, despite its superior facilities. Who knows what statistics are true anyway from China? Another report on this matter is at Appendix 1 for the information of the reader to inform them of the increasing problem of SARS.

One must look at the prospect that the Chinese, because of their diet, or metabolism, or genetics, are more susceptible than others to the disease. Thus the virus has evolved to target them, or has been developed to target them. Only time will tell in this regard. We have to face the fact that the world is run by madmen in various guises and countries and that they are capable of destroying nations and people with biological weapons and that these weapons are developed by all nations including the ones making the most noise about them.

There is also a problem that the amazing noise being made about SARS is not matched by a similar concern over the other diseases. SARS targets the elderly, weak and infirm. There is no doubt about that fact now. Also the virus will last for a long time in the environment being taken up by anyone touching an infected surface at room temperature for some 24 hours. It is dynamite. When it gets loose, even going into a public place and then touching your eyes 24 hours after contact with an infection source, the disease is transmissible. The success in the developed world may be through the availability of respirators. Once they run out, the rates will escalate to “normal.” We need more information.

Yet, looking at the figures, one would say well so what? 3000 children die every day from Malaria in Africa; 3000 plus people die every day in South Africa alone from AIDS. No one is making a noise about that. The South African leaders even deny that HIV leads to AIDS and that sexual transmission is the problem there. Why the big noise about SARS?

As Lenin, Hitler, and the propagandists have demonstrated, they always tell the exact opposite of the truth.

Somehow the viruses seem directed at reducing the populace. It is only a matter of time before they get genetic specific. No bombs will be needed. Simply develop a virus and link it by genetic engineering to a cancer or gene specific structure and release it and it will attack the target populace, leaving the others free or with a greater immunity. Strange and far fetched? No, it is not. Christ said that unless the last days are cut short and he comes again to save us there would be no flesh left alive. The scientists of today are like little boys making their own firecrackers. They end up getting hurt but the first to go is the letterbox and the material things around them. One might also ask why so many of these scientists in their field are ending up dead across the board? It is being reported in Israel and USA and Australia and so on.

What you have to realise is that there are nations that hate other nations simply because they exist. This is especially so in southern Europe, but also endemic in the Middle East, Africa, India and Asia. The isolation of the DNA structure of the nations has enabled genetic and biological warfare on a tribal specific basis. The demons hate the nation of Israel and it is only a matter of time before their minions develop these weapons if they have not already started or done so. I told you some time ago that a minister of another church of God group told me of baptising a Roman Catholic whose uncle was a Jesuit who spent the last twelve years of his service in Rome and retired to Australia. On his deathbed he reportedly informed his family that he had been a Satanist most of his career and the thing that worried him was that they were planning to eliminate the people of the US and BC. He was very concerned at this and told his family. The nephew obviously took it seriously and repented.

The obvious problem then is that given this motivation and access to the intellectual and monetary resources of the system and orders, it is only a matter of time before the biological means are developed and released. This can be done strategically. The problem is that the Lombards will die along with the Anglo-Saxons as they are a sub-tribe. Also the fish swimming among the populace had better be sure of their genetic origin as well. Remember this fact of Scripture: He who digs a pit for another falls into it himself and catches himself on his own snare getting out.

The madness of Iraq seems never ending also. It is truly bizarre to see a people breaking up their water pipes to take them elsewhere to connect them in a less efficient manner than they were originally laid and contributing to their own exposure to Cholera, as is happening in Basra at present. However, one must ask why is it so difficult to organise a town water supply when that is a function of military engineering, which has control of the situation. It has to be a question of will and not resources.

The problem arises because people do not care enough. Often problems arise in areas through ignorance also. In Bangladesh the largest mass scale poisoning of modern times has occurred and was exposed this week. The water table and underground water supply in Bangladesh is contaminated with arsenic. Over 200,000 people are poisoned and have gone back to drinking polluted ground water just to stay alive. Lawsuits are underway against the survey company that did the tests for the ground water. The authorities are saying that the knowledge was not there when the surveys were done. The fact is that we have been able to detect arsenic for a long time. The fact is that a major trans-national effort is necessary to assist people simply to develop the basics of food and water.

India and Pakistan spend a large part of their income on armies and nuclear weapons when they have massive poverty and problems that require more emphasis. China is moving into the Himalayas and cannot solve their own problems. North Korea is dealing with black markets and organised crime all over the world for the distribution of drugs and any illegal racket that will turn a profit. They are using other state sponsored activities to assist in other nations. The government is now so involved that it is doubtful that it could stop the crime activity even if it wanted to do so. Russia and China seem to be institutionalised racket and corruption driven states. The developed world is not far behind.

What is happening is that the government structures of the world are now not accountable to the people they govern. The spy organisations control and undermine lawful activity and accountability in their nations right across the board. Military officers condone the activity, as do the public servants that purport to implement the constitutional laws of the nation. For example the Constitutions of the USA and Australia are being undermined by using each other to spy on their citizens and claiming that it is OK to do so because it is overseas espionage. The UK does not have such a technical problem, as there is no written constitution there, but even the rights of Common Law are disregarded. This situation is getting worse and the people simply are brainwashed and too weak or frightened to care, or object. Recently the US legitimised much of this activity instead of dismissing the officers involved.

How will the world emerge from this Moral and Ethical dilemma? The answer is that it won’t of and by itself. Only by getting to the end and turning to God under Christ and implementing the Laws of God will we survive. These laws are examined in the series The Law of God (L1). The Food laws will protect the environment (see the paper The Foodlaws (No. 15)). More importantly it will take a monumental effort among the peoples of the world to help one another and to overcome the problems in an organised and disciplined manner. Love one another as yourselves and show you love God.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General

Appendix 1

SARS Proves Deadlier than First Thought

New Research Shows Age Greatly Affects Risk of SARS Death

By Jennifer Warner
WebMD Medical News Reviewed By Brunilda Nazario, MD
on Wednesday, May 07, 2003

May 7, 2003 -- A person's risk of dying from SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) may be much higher than initially thought, according to the latest analysis of SARS death rates. But researchers say the risk of SARS death also varies greatly from person to person and depends on many factors, such as age, the magnitude of exposure to the SARS virus, other illnesses, and access to prompt medical care.

In response to these findings, the World Health Organization (WHO) today revised its initial estimates of the risk of death due to SARS. The WHO now estimates that the percentage of people with SARS that will die ranges from 0% to 50%, depending on the age group affected, with an overall death rate of 14% to 15%.

Until now, the WHO and CDC estimated the death rate from SARS at about 3% to 7%.

WHO officials say the risk of death is much higher among older persons. The death rate is estimated to be less than 1% among people under 24, 6% among people 25-44, 15% in people 45-64, and greater than 50% in people over 65.

Experts say the death rate of infectious diseases like SARS is an important indicator of the severity of the disease and its threat to public health. But calculating the death rate of a newly emerging infectious disease is extremely difficult and complicated by several factors.

For example, the death rate attributed to a disease naturally rises as the case definition for the diseases becomes more specific and illnesses due to other causes are ruled out. Simply calculating the number of deaths per number of people suspected as having the disease, as was done early on in the SARS outbreak, underestimates the death rate because it doesn't take into account the disease recovery time and includes people who may not actually have SARS.

In addition, calculating SARS death rates by studying isolated outbreaks may also be misleading. In Vietnam, which was the first country to contain its SARS outbreak, the death rate was only 8%, but that was likely influenced by the fact that a large number of SARS cases in Vietnam were among young, previously healthy healthcare workers.

One way to avoid some of these problems in estimating the SARS death rate is to consider only cases for which the final outcome, whether it's recovery or death, is known in calculating the risk of death. But using this method in the midst of a severe disease outbreak like SARS is likely to overestimate the death rate because it takes longer to recover from SARS than it does to die from it.

According to this method, the WHO estimated that death rates in various SARS-affected regions range from 11% to 17% in Hong Kong, from 13% to 15% in Singapore, from 15% to 19% in Canada, and 5% to 13% in China.

A study released yesterday in the British journal The Lancet reviewed the records of 1,425 people admitted to the hospital for SARS in Hong Kong until April 28. Researchers found 43% of SARS patients over the age of 60 who were admitted to the hospital died of SARS, compared with only about 13% of those patients under 60.

A total of 6,903 probable SARS cases have been reported to the WHO, including 495 deaths. The CDC is currently investigating 63 probable and 325 suspected SARS cases in the U.S. No SARS deaths have been reported in the U.S.

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