Sabbath Message by Wade Cox

Sabbath 3/2/26/120

Dear Friends,

I don’t know whether it has occurred to any of us as yet but this year we turned the corner or reached the halfway point for this jubilee. Last month we began the downhill run to the coming of the Messiah and the commencement of the seventh millennium from the creation of Adam.

God does things decently and in order. It is of no coincidence that the creation was over six thousand years ago and the fall of the creation and the cursed earth was a jubilee less than that. The week represents the plan of salvation and the system of God. Look at the papers regarding God’s Calendar (No. 156) and also the paper The Feasts as they relate to the Creation (No. 227).

Much is being made of the so-called evolution of the species and we are now looked at as being strange when we say we do not believe in the theory of evolution. It is being presented as a fact and to disbelieve in the theory is truly odd yet none of the great astrophysicists believe it and state it is impossible, being blatantly discontinuous. For those with a capacity for some heavier reading you might wish to look at the paper Creation: From Anthropomorphic Theology to Theomorphic Anthropology (B5). One might term this work “Creation: From a Man-made God to a God-made man.” That is indeed what we are; God-made men and we seek to serve Him in this last run up to the Millennium. The Sabbath is the seventh day of the week. It represents the millennial rest of Jesus Christ and the rulership of the planet under Christ with the saints for one thousand years from Jerusalem.

It was this very proclamation that infuriated the Roman system and their reactions saw a change in the theology from the church in Rome. However, in 154 CE it was still the doctrine of the entire church and Justin Martyr makes clear statement to that effect in his apologies (esp. 2Apology ch. 80) (see the Original Doctrines of the Christian Faith (No. 88)).

The same reaction is coming from the imperial systems of today. Have you wondered why the silversmiths at Ephesus ended up as bishops in the church later at Smyrna and elsewhere? The answer is simple. They were able to use the system to ply their previous trade and influence. The temple of Artemis (wrongly called Diana) at Ephesus was a centre of trade. The temple issued passports and certificates of good standing to their silversmiths. These same people saw the passage of power from one system to another and went with it.

In these days we have systems of power shared by the three groups of Christianity, Islam and Judaism. All are corrupted to some extent, no matter where. None teach the truth and practice it. One might ask, “Why is there so much corruption and evil undertaken in the churches of today?” The answer is that if one wishes to control one’s enemy, one does it from within.

If a person professes Christ and does not obey the commandments of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ, they are open to the demons and the demons walk in and out of them at will. If you do not take the Passover on 14 Abib over the thirty-six hour period, then you are not protected. That is why the churches have so many problems and so many sexual deviances. The demons make it a farce and have done so for centuries. The Trinitarian system is awash with scandal among its priests and ministers. So too are the Unitarians with the recent release of the JW’s cases, which are alleged to number about ten thousand potential abuse cases under preparation or potentially to come before litigation. That litigation will probably destroy the current JW system and so it should.

“When will it end?”, one asks. The answer is that we have seen nothing yet. The Christian faith is the target of the demons and it will be reduced to an obscene joke over the next few years in the mainstream and will become oppressed and persecuted until it emerges once again free and pure before Messiah.

Islam is also the same. It is being shown up for the political and manipulative problem it is. Islam and Judaism will repent and turn to the Lord. That seems a long way off as yet but it will happen.

The faith is a serious matter and one that requires effort and dedication to the truth and the commandments of God. Most of the church systems are penetrated by demons and they are working from the penetration of the mainstream system. Christianity, as it is today, has nothing to do with Jesus Christ. It is a false system based on pagan rites and false values. Christianity has not failed because no one has actually tried it, except for the few of the persecuted churches who actually try to follow the teachings of Christ. However, they are irrelevant to the world’s system and what it calls Christianity.

Whatever the Bible says about the restoration is actually turned inside out by the false systems. This was especially so from the European Trinitarian systems that sought to divorce the laws of God from the church and wallowed in faith and sin among its clergy and killed all who opposed or criticised it. However, it is also especially so in the USA among its Trinitarian Bible belt systems. They also deny the facts of Scripture and in fact say things that we will expect to be undertaken by Messiah on his return as indicative of the signs of the antichrist and that system. In other words good is bad and bad is good. In the work The Millennium and the Rapture (No. 95) the stranger perversion of doctrines concerning the millennial system are examined. The false teachings of Ellen G. White and also those of false teachers of the Rapture Doctrine are examined and the origins of their teachings are discussed.

Much of the false mumbo jumbo of the Trinitarian system in the USA is of very late origin and most do not understand the origins of the teachings. I have also noted the drift into Judaising so that the orderly and structured teachings and structure of the Bible are turned into the observation driven hair splitting of the Jewish Diaspora. What Judah was driven into captivity and dispersion for, in perversion through tradition, has become a fad in US Bible sectarian systems. The real drive is so that people actually do not have to obey God and are justified in their own eyes by trying to be in control over the system God set in motion from the beginning. That is why Jews love to play observation with the New Moon. They wish to confuse the issue so that they can keep their traditions over the Sabbath and the feasts and minimise the effect their traditions have when the calendar would normally show how ridiculous they are in back to back Sabbaths. Thus they invented the Hillel Calendar and when, after centuries, that was obviously wrong, the Karaite error went to observation of the Crescent Moon. When they had problems with the original system they changed the Bible in the Masoretic Text (MT). Fortunately we have the Septuagint (LXX) and know where they made the alterations. Look at the paper regarding Pentecost in the LXX and the counting for that festival The Omer Count to Pentecost (No. 173)).

We know that the New Moon is a perfect conjunction and is perfectly predictable for centuries in advance and makes the calendar clear and organised over the entire world centuries in advance. God is not the author of confusion. Yet those professing to be followers of God and Christ insist on adopting these strange observational systems that follow the pagan crescent moon. They do this in spite of the fact that we know it was not done that way in the Temple period and that the system they follow is of pagan derivation. Now one might ask, “Why would they do that?” Why do the most bizarre and outlandish ideas for the calendar come from the religious systems, including Islam? The answer is that it places people in control and the demons encourage them because they are not actually keeping the true calendar God ordered to be kept and hence are in disobedience. The demons will encourage any error that corrupts the calendar and the understanding of the nature of the One True God.

It is probably fair to say that Judaism, except on rare occasions, has not kept the correct calendar ordained by God and the Bible since they were sent into captivity in 70 CE.

Islam corrupted and wrecked the calendar in 638 CE. The calendar lasted 16 years only in their history if that. Christianity began corrupting the calendar by introducing festivals from Sunday to Easter and other systems. This occurred from as early as 111CE for Sunday and 154 CE for Easter (see the paper The Quartodeciman Disputes (No. 277)).

Remember this fact. The goal of the demons is to prevent the true system of worship from being kept on the planet during their time of rule and that time of rule has not yet ended. The system in place on this planet is not that of Jesus Christ. The Church is a persecuted remnant over which the gates of death shall not prevail. We have not long to go, but Satan is angry and knows his time is very short. He will try (and is trying) to destroy the Church and this time he is willing to sacrifice the false church of the Trinitarians to do it. Our people are all being undereducated to achieve this end. The populace is being “dumbed down” as the Americans say. This has been a concern of the philosophers for many years as I am well aware. Education of our people reached a height and was then attacked.

I have noticed recently in looking at the system in the UK that the poor were rarely educated. If a family could afford to educate one child it was the boy and girls were rarely educated and seldom if ever over the early teens.

America, Australia and New Zealand were populated by using cruel and unjust systems of punishment. The sentences were designed to force people out of the UK. When young people were transported for taking food to the value of six pence and sent overseas for seven years never to return to their homes, one can only marvel that the entire system was not torn down. In the USA it was torn down. What happened in the British Commonwealth was a change and a re-education by more enlightened souls and often against the wishes of the less enlightened. Education became compulsory and the populace was able to stand before errors of thinking and organisation. Bigots tried to destroy and control the people but largely failed. However, now social engineers and political strategists are cleverly controlling the systems. People are being homogenised in their thinking and are failing to educate themselves correctly. More importantly they are failing to ensure their children are educated. The great social goals we set out to achieve for the world are no longer the agreed goals of the populace. Education and social welfare are no longer seen as the prerequisites for ensuring a free and just society.

It is indeed strange when we see politicians of the so-called left adopting the politics of the middle right and the liberals of the right, albeit rarely, issuing arguments addressing the social problems and their causes in the society. No one is really addressing long-term goals in any open social agenda. The Bible is left out of it entirely.

The only way one can cause the re-examination of the social agenda is to withdraw from the party driven and opportunity driven systems.

People have to ask the hard questions and not go along with the mob. It is written: Thou shall not follow a multitude to do evil neither shall thou speak in a cause to decline after many to wrest judgment (Ex. 23:2).

Your responsibility is to educate your family and your people. Each of us is to bring the world into the understanding and knowledge of God through Jesus Christ. By teaching and by keeping the commandments of God and the Testimony of Jesus Christ we are able to lead and to influence. Do not be afraid of the false teachers who espouse Messiah, yet do nothing of what he said and ignore the laws of God. They will fade from the scene over the years ahead. The feel good emotional systems of worship are increasing so it seems but remember this. The intellectually irrelevant and emotive Pentecostal system has nothing substantive to offer the world in explanation of the things that are happening to it day by day. As the world slips into chaos so too that system will fail in what it has to offer the world. Our aim is to be able to explain the hope that lies within us. No such capacity exists in the systems that are emotion driven within modern Christianity.

People wish to avoid what is happening to them and in so doing they would kill the prophets that are sent to them. That is what they did to the prophets of old. The servants of God in the Church are no different to those prophets who went before them.

It is true that people think that if the messenger does not say what it is he says then those things will not happen. It reminds one of Monty Python at the trial of the witch. John Cleese says in pseudo-evidence, “She turned me into a newt.” When all turn to examine him he then says nervously, “Well I got better.” The science of the weight of the duck and the wood is a parody of the ignorance of the Middle Ages, which seems to be returning now through a lack of accountability in our systems. People will turn on anyone who disagrees with them.

It is the aim of the demons to undermine all independent systems that are free of influence and world control. The Holocaust was aimed at getting rid of the Bible Researchers (the Bibelforschers) in Europe, in other words all those people independent of the Lutheran and Roman Catholic systems. Now much of any independent system has been penetrated and is controlled by the Trinitarian system usually centred from Europe and the societies.

Do not be taken in by false systems and false doctrines. Keep the faith once delivered to the saints. For we have not changed in two thousand years under the Church of the firstborn with the apostles. We have been attacked because we have not changed. We stand steady in the faith. Do likewise and love one another as you love yourselves and love God and Christ who came to save us.

Wade Cox

Coordinator General


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