Sabbath Message by Wade Cox

Sabbath 11/01/26/120

Dear Friends,

This is the last Sabbath before the Passover. I assume you all know that already. Most of us will be off for the Feast on Sunday. Please have a safe and happy trip and a fulfilling time. We have issued a paper for the study at the Passover during questions. The paper is Passover Questions and the Reasons for our Faith (No.51).

This feast I would ask that you all think of and pray for the problems in the world and the problems we are facing in Iraq. We have spoken of these times often in past years and we have waited for these times with expectation both in excitement and hope and in the knowledge and dread of the times of the end being upon us.

We knew that this time would arrive and that we would do as we are now doing. The paper The Last Thirty Years the Final Struggle (No. 219) deals with this eventuality and the way in which it unfolds. This is but the beginning of sorrows as we say. The Coalition Forces have taken Baghdad and now control Iraq in a manner of speaking. The populace are letting off steam against a cruel and oppressive regime that has gone underground to say the least, but have they left? Is it simply a matter of sending in the opposition groups that have been living in London or New York? I don’t think so. We heard yesterday morning reports of a Shiite cleric who was a religious leader who returned from London seven days ago and was adopting the position of a genuine independent, and he was stabbed to death in a mosque in the Holy City of Iraq, by the groups in the mosque itself. Taking Baghdad was the easy part. Doing something with it might prove more difficult. There seems to be no peace.

What should be of interest, and what should ring warning bells in the minds of all the US and BC nations, is that the Coalition went it alone. Only Poland assisted and not all the British Commonwealth joined in either. The UN was a paper tiger and now wants to roar after the occupation. The serious problem is that the nations of the world truly and deeply resent the power of the USA. They now see it as a world superpower gone rampant. How will it lose power now it seems to be able to enter any country and bring it down as it sees fit? The answer is that it will be humbled in the pride of its power. President Bush did not play along with the World Order groups outside of the US. Clinton always did. This sort of democracy has to be stopped so they think.

The problems are now manifold and more so than were evident with the Soviet Union just before the collapse of the Eastern Block states.

I was able to accurately foretell the collapse of the Soviet system and the tearing down of the wall and the unification of Germany with accuracy because of the situation in prophecy and the signs that were evident in the system itself before its collapse. There are more problems now with the USA in many ways and there is a greater force now in Europe that wants to destroy the power of the USA and it would seem Britain as well.

The internal problems with the USA are its own welfare system and the control of its own people in the pursuit of their aspirations. The economic system also is now vulnerable and the financial savings of the middle class have been stupidly placed in positions of vulnerability. American business ethics have collapsed over recent years. Confidence in the market is disintegrating and for good reason. The poor are growing in numbers and the underprivileged and those in poverty are running at ten percent of the country. This situation cannot last.

Coupled with the internal financial problems of the USA are the external problems. It is now a world power that has drawn the resentment of the rest of the world. The major problem is that the nations that resent its power are forming into blocks and are able to do something about it. As the British Commonwealth led for its time and Manasseh fed of Ephraim so too now Ephraim feeds off Manasseh. In the end both will feed of Judah.

How will the world systems now deal with the USA?
Step 1. People will now boycott US trade. It will begin with individuals and proceed to a trade war on national and international levels.
Step 2. The International monetary system will now be encouraged to switch to the Euro. That will destroy the power or strength of the dollar. It will be slow at first but will gather speed over the next few months and years. Step 3. Individuals will carry Euros and not US dollars and they are now at this very moment being encouraged to make this change. The Euro will establish the hegemony over Africa they have worked underground to achieve.
Step 4. The UN will encourage the European union and now attempt to undermine the US and its power in the UN. That has been happening previously but will gather momentum.
Step 5. World trade will be reorganised to isolate the US and limit its power.
Step 6. US internal politics will be driven by needs. The falling power of the dollar and the collapse of the retirement funds and cash management systems due to malpractice will force a reorganisation of the existing power system. It will change or die. Either way, it will be unable to implement its world objectives or assist the BC. World freedom will suffer as the administration is taken over by Europhiles and World Power bureaucrats. The aim will be to cause a collapse in US power similar to the Soviet Union. The signs are already there for the collapse. The same for the UK as well will occur in the disintegration of the UK. Scottish, Welsh and Irish nationals will think at first that this is progress. How about the democracy envisioned that gives votes per million inhabitants to the World Government. China gets 1200 votes, India gets 1100, USA gets 230, UK gets 59 split four ways, Australia gets 18 and NZ gets four votes. The totalitarian regimes simple outvote us on our terms in the UN (and use slave labour to destroy our markets), Farfetched? “Clever” men, based both in Europe and Scandinavia, are proposing it right now.

The Middle East Tar Baby.
The US is now in Iraq and is not sure where to go next. The Saudi and Iraqi oil fields are the largest and equal to one another. Iraq should have been another Saudi Arabia and was not due to the incompetence of the Hussein administration and the weakness of the Iraqis themselves. The cruelty and bestiality of this system literally is difficult to comprehend. To assume the problem will simply go away now that the US/BC has taken over and everyone will behave like good little boys and girls is naïve in the extreme. More importantly the UN is now trying to leap on the bandwagon now that its attempts at stopping the US/BC failed and Iraq has fallen. The UN comments regarding disorder are a joke, considering that the regime was taken in a few weeks and could well have taken months with no UN participation or intervention. They were asked to go when Iraq defied them. The French gave Iraq nuclear facilities and should have been tried for it. The UN refused to go and then complained when someone else did it.

Importantly we have seen the extraordinary sights of the sheds of bodies that are now allegedly from the Iran-Iraq war. The UN inspectors did not even find a shed of this size with its macabre contents and investigate the issue of war crimes. Why? The nations of Iran and Iraq, assuming that they are the remains of soldiers of the 1980-1988 war, deserve to answer a UN war crimes tribunal but not a word has anyone heard about that. Iran has simply demanded the return of the bodies from these infidels. Bizarre? How effective are the inspectors and the UN teams? They appear incompetent.

There are forty thousand dysfunctional Fedhayeen guerrillas out there in Iraq. All of them appear to have been trained to be socially dysfunctional and trained to believe that it is OK to kill everyone that disagrees with you no matter who or what they are or where they come from. What basis is there for a democracy and of free dissent among such thinking?

The insane application of what passes for Islam in the world is used as an excuse to inflict every kind of bizarre and obscene inhumanity on others and each other in the Middle East. The US/BC will not be seen as liberators but as infidel aggressors. This is despite the fact that the Iraqi in the street is overjoyed at the downfall of the regime. The US could well find itself in another Vietnam situation, with the religious clerics at the population, and with a UN encouraged by nations that are politically motivated at destroying the power of the US and BC. Already the nations of the Middle East see they may well be picked off one by one. Thus, they will use Iraq as an arena to fight the beast on ground of their own choosing or on limited terms. The emerging European system will use that fact to establish itself as the replacement power. It may well be like the death of a thousand cuts with these suicide attacks and guerrilla warfare tactics. What needs to be seen in its true light is that the US and BC saved and rebuilt Europe and they will be punished for it just as they will be punished for helping Africa and now Iraq.

The Beast Power of the Last Days wants to rule the entire world and must do that to control it and indeed to fulfil prophecy. The dragon gives his power to the beast to do just that for one hour. To do that the US and BC have to be used. God will allow them to be broken and then set apart and converted. What we are seeing now is part of that process. Remember that the Assyrians will come out of the north at the end of this end time world conflict. They will come with Israel, hand in hand, and that Israel (not the nation we now see there) will occupy from the River of Egypt to the Euphrates and to the Arabian Desert. It will incorporate the Ammonites, which is modern Jordan. The Assyrians will return to their ancient lands and will take over the lands north of the Euphrates. There will be a system linking the north to Egypt in the South and it will live in peace. This is Scripture and Scripture cannot be broken.

For all this to happen this war has to go on for some time and from nation to nation. It has to extend northeast into the Steppes and involve the European power, which will become the Beast Power. It will achieve this using the current world power groups and reorganise them. Even the very power of the US and BC will be used against itself. All this seems a long way from a quick victory and a rabble in Baghdad.

Why was it important to invade Iraq? No one bothered in 1991 to displace Saddam when they could have and should have done so. They allowed thousands to rise against the regime and die. The UN could have stopped it and did not do so. In fact, it encouraged the risings and watched the eliminations. It was and is a farce. The plan didn’t work in 1991. The entire system has to be turned into the global economy including the Iraqi oil wealth and the resources of the world. By the end of this system there will be one world power and it will not be run from the US, as the US wants at present. The system being set up now is a far cry from democracy. We will see just how it emerges. There is no peace because the nations work on privilege and reject the law of God. They want to destroy the national system, as nations rise and fall due to their support by men under voluntary action. The New World Order wants to be above that and control and eliminate as it pleases.

It is difficult to see how a nation just occupied and in dire straights, can turn against its own hospitals and ransack and loot the hospitals with their own people lying in the wards in need of attention and many dying. This has to be either a deliberate political and military objective of the forces opposed to the occupation or the actions of diseased minds with a religious system incapable of imposing rational values on that thinking. The occupation is culpable in this aspect also.

What will happen? The answer is that these systems will have to be removed by God before it can all be stabilised. The false religions of the world will be removed. The education of the planet will be undertaken on true values. The false systems of Euro-American Trinitarianism, modern so-called Islam and Rabbinical Judaism will be removed. Remember this. Under the Law God holds the nation responsible for the crimes and their punishment. God holds Iraq responsible for their murders as He does all nations and they will dispense justice or pay themselves, as will all nations. God is not mocked and His law does not fall to the ground and His word does not come back empty.

The conversion of Israel and Judah to the true and ancient system of the Bible will commence soon. The correction of Islam will soon begin. Let us work now to get the work finished and ready for The Witnesses (No. 135) to take up their positions at Jerusalem and restore the nexus of the Law.

In all this, seemingly two of the tribes of Ishmael will now begin to be converted. They will be given proper understanding of the Bible and the Koran and achieve status as the new priesthood in Ishmael together as the elect. We will explain how this will be achieved in the near future. This will have the effect of removing the false teachers that claim to be Islam in modern times.

All of this will take time and see the near destruction of the planet.

Pray for our deliverance. Look for the coming or our redemption at the Passover. Love one another.

Wade Cox

Coordinator General


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