Sabbath Message by Wade Cox

Sabbath 27/13/25/120

Dear Friends,

We seem to be progressing along as expected. The war is settling down to the interminable nightmare it promised to be. The rules of war we understand as the Geneva Convention are being torn up and it will get worse. Do not expect any honour or rational conduct out of this situation in Iraq. I watched the other day as an uprising had taken place in Basra and one of the civilians who had taken part turned on the British soldiers and said that they would loose because Iraq was stronger even though he had just taken part in the overthrow of a dictatorial regime that had killed his people in the thousands and he was waiting to be resupplied by the Coalition forces with water and food on which his family and the city were dependent.

It reminds me of the frog and the scorpion who were both on the side of the river, and the scorpion said to the frog: “Take me over to the other side.” The frog said: “No you will sting me and I will die.” The scorpion said: “Don’t be silly if I stung you, and you died, I would drown. Why would I do that?” The frog said: “Ok I will take you. Halfway across the river the scorpion stung the frog and while his body was reacting with pain and stiffening as he was dying he said to the scorpion: You said you wouldn’t sting me. Now you will drown as well. Why did you do it? The scorpion looked at him and said: “But this is the Middle East.”

The United States and the British Commonwealth will get no thanks for this action, only blame, and the other members of the Security Council will seek to take advantage of the situation to their own ends. What is new?

I would like to deal once again with the SARS epidemic. This is not a new epidemic. Australian Scientists identified the SARS virus in 1998. It did not need the Germans to reinvent the wheel in 2003. In 1998 the Australians not only identified the virus as a Paramyxovirus, they identified the cause of it. The world, including China and Germany and a host of other countries, ignored them because it directly tied the virus to pork consumption and raising pigs in environments that were exposed to fruit bats. As with many of the potent influenza viruses the pig is the main vector. What happens is that the virus present in either birds (for say the Hong Kong flu), or in this case the virus in fruit bats or flying foxes as they are called, is excreted into the feeding areas of the pigs. That is why China has so many of these viruses as they have intensive pig raising and these are close to the environment where the viruses collect in the wild. The conditions under which they are raised cause the flesh to process the viruses. There is also a serious virus in the flesh of pigs that cannot be processed out and is serious to humans. The early research was done and is covered in the paper The Foodlaws (No. 15). However, there is more research now available and which shows the definitive viral problems in pigs and why they should not be eaten.

The links are all contained in the web site at and listed in the sections on health.

One asks why is it that we can do the research and yet it is wilfully ignored and even repeated again in five years? Because people simply will not admit that something God told them to do three and a half thousand years ago and for the second or third time in their history was correct and had to be obeyed. Pork is not to be consumed by humans. Is that so hard to understand? One would think it was one of the unfathomable mysteries of the universe the way it is avoided being acknowledged by most societies.

The fact of the matter is that the world cannot continue eating unclean food and destroying its environment as it has been doing. Pork consumption has to be stopped along with other unclean foods.

On the same lines, soybean products have to be banned. Imbecilic vegetarian adults are destroying our children. It should be a fact of law that any child can sue his parents for neglect due to the forced consumption of harmful products such as unclean meats and soy bean products that are used to replace healthy dairy products which ensure correct brain and myelin development. They should be able to sue for the consumption of marijuana and other drugs that cause damage to the nervous system. Our children are spiralling into disease situations. Autism is spiralling due to our diet and the failure of the food and drug administrations to control poisonous substances sold as diet additives and drugs. Diet drinks contain poisons used as sugar substitutes. ADD and ADHD are increasing because parents are drug abusers. Action is underway at present in the US administrations to limit the correct labelling legislation in Australia so that the US practices of nondisclosure can continue in the free trade system planned for the Pacific with USA and Australia. Parents smoke while carrying children. The mother must stop smoking but the father can cause the child in the womb exposure to passive smoke as well. Marijuana causes these attention deficit disorders and the doctors know it and have said as much to us regularly.

Telling people in church not to use drugs is like preaching motherhood. Or is it so unnecessary? I watched many young people in churches using drugs and having sex while appearing to understand the problems. Some parents are blind to the problem. Once I became aware of a problem with the sons of a friend of mine whom was a minister, and I apologised to him for not finding out sooner and doing something about it. He said: “Oh Wade I would not have listened!” He knew that when things were bad he would not accept that his children were the problem and the cause and not blameless. He had to be shown the hard way that his children were misusing drugs and doing other things they should not have been doing. That was because of the culture of respect of persons in the church that we were both in at the time. Look at the paper Respect of Persons (No. 221). That disease or problem still exists in many organisations. Two years ago I gave an address that dealt with a number of issues and one major issue was the commission of the largest corporate fraud in the history of the Churches of God. I explained how that fraud had been committed, who committed it and when it was committed. Herbert Armstrong of the Worldwide Church of God committed the fraud and I explained how the Church structure had to be organised to prevent the commission of such frauds in the future. Some of the people listening were incensed that I could suggest that Herbert Armstrong could commit such a crime, in spite of the fact that we had the evidence and explained how that crime was committed. That sort of reasoning is respect of persons. It is the sort of bizarre situation that we face in the Middle East. We also face these situations in Africa and Asia, and also in most democratic nations as well.

The responsibility to fix the problems we have rest with ourselves. The onus for the virus problems we have due to pig production is on the nations that use those systems. They should pay for the rectification due to their own negligence. If they only accepted the Bible the job would be so much easier.

If most nations accepted circumcision then many diseases would be drastically reduced. If they ate healthy food and dairy products they would live healthier lives and have better minds and nervous systems. MS would be drastically reduced. Other nervous system disorders would also be reduced.

On it goes in most situations. I was listening to the election discussion in NSW a few weeks ago and two journalists were discussing the election. The liberal leader had been discussing the cause of crime in poor education and welfare. The labour leader who won the election was discussing law and order. They said here we have a liberal leader discussing the causes of crime and when was it that we heard a labour leader discuss the issues that were once fundamental to their ideology?

Friends, the USA and the British Commonwealth were both populated by a people with a social system that was completely inadequate, and which not only encouraged crime but also made crime a survival necessity in some areas. The reason Australia had to be colonised was because the American War of Independence meant that convicts could no longer be transported to the USA and the UK had to find somewhere else to send them. Far more convicts were sent to the USA under various reasons and guises than ever were sent to Australia, yet when I heard an Australian minister tell an American evangelist that fact of Australian transportation, the evangelist somehow thought that lessened the Australian people. He simply did not understand his own history.

The real lesson in all of this is that we must obey God and look to regulate our lives so that we keep the food laws and regulate our systems to make sure we all survive and are safe and secure. Be aware of the problems and look at how we quarantine ourselves also. Remember that the WHO and our medical authorities are now acknowledging how serious this SARS epidemic is. Do not be fooled. It is serious and unless you absolutely have to travel by public transport do not do so, and if you feel as though you have influenza do not go to services and spread it about.

Love of your fellow man is making sure you do not risk their health and well-being. This is the last message for this year. Next week is the New Year of the Twenty-sixth year. Happy New Year. May God bless us all.

Wade Cox

Coordinator General


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