Sabbath Message by Wade Cox


Sabbath Message Part B

The December Stats were out for the New Moon and Sabbath this year and so we are able to look at what we are doing over this last month and where we stand in relation to past periods.

As usual, December saw a decline in access over the last week of the month. As usual, Australia has commenced to go to the beach for the three weeks of end December to middle of January. This December saw the usual many multiple thousands of the paper Origins of Christmas and Easter (No. 235) downloaded. This paper is proving very popular in all nations and the USA is starting to access it over the entire nation with other churches distributing this work to bring a realisation of the pagan origins of the system. Let us hope the rank and file of the churches, even of the Trinitarian system, rise up and force honesty from their ministry and eliminate this system.

There is an increasing parity of papers from other languages as we get them translated and published. For example, the Arabic speakers downloaded more of The Food Laws (No. 015) than the English equivalent was accessed. These statistics show that Islam has people very seriously examining the issue of the food laws and unclean meats. The Spanish speakers are studying the Nature of God (No. 3) and downloaded more of the Angel of YHVH (No. 24) than was downloaded in English.

The Statement of Beliefs (A1) is now so well accessed that we distribute via email in one month more A1s than we used to distribute in almost two years from 1996 to 1997. There are so many tape downloads now that it would cost us thousands upon thousands each month to produce and distribute them. We hope to be able to start foreign language tapes soon as well. Looking at our production we are being accessed so much now that, if we ran an office and distributed them in the usual way, we would require some 12 million dollars a year to produce and distribute the material. Adjusted figures show that there appears to be over 40,000 computers accessing us from the USA alone each month on a regular basis taking multiple papers down for the month and week. On our worst day now we can expect well over three and half thousand paper downloads, and often twice that per day. Each nation is increasing rapidly. If Australia follows its normal summer access it will probably drop from the first ten nations in the next month for the first time in the history of the web site. This month it was seventh with France going ahead of it and Saudi Arabia just behind. On a per capita basis, Belgium and Singapore leave them all for dead.

The order of nations was:
USA, Canada, Netherlands, UK, Mexico, France, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Belgium, Italy, Singapore, Russian Federation, Poland, South Africa, Spain, New Zealand, Hungary, Japan, Ukraine, Malaysia, Switzerland, Germany, Philippines, Indonesia, Sweden, Latvia, Israel, Brazil, Argentina, Taiwan, Austria, Finland, Hong Kong,
Denmark, Lithuania, Estonia, Chile, Norway, Dominican Republic, Romania, Trinidad and Tobago, Greece, Peru, Egypt, Czech Republic, Croatia, Columbia, Portugal, Turkey, Uruguay, India, Slovak Republic, Ireland and so on for 113 countries.

The language order was English, Spanish, Arabic, French, Dutch, Chinese, Indonesian, Russian Ukrainian, Italian, Latvian, German, Hungarian, Polish, Afrikaans, Lithuanian and so on.

The access for Afrikaans and especially Latvian and Lithuanian is out of all proportion to the populations. The access for Russian and Ukrainian is rising dramatically each month now, and as we produce more work and the Russian search engines increase our ratings we are rising in popularity there. They now rank 12th and 19th respectively and this has been a marked improvement over time. Every nation is increasing significantly.

Pray that we are able to increase our exposure and increase our materials available in all languages.

Wade Cox

Cooridator General
Christian Churches of God


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