Sabbath Message by Wade Cox

New Year’s Day 1/1/26/120

Dear Friends,

It is now the New Year of the Twenty-sixth year of the 120th jubilee. We push on to greater work and greater success.

God blesses us with fruit as he sees the need and in order to establish the Church on a sound basis. This phase of the work was established on a new moon of the new year of a third year of the cycle. The great trials and apostasy of the ministry and brethren of the Churches of God had caused the near destruction of the work in the last days. We had to reorganise and work with brethren around the world to re-establish the working Church with a purity of doctrine it had not seen for centuries. From Australia and then North America we began to spread around the world. Some did not endure due to the winds of doctrine where every bizarre theory is expounded as fact and no recourse is made to the historical Church to test anything for truth and historical doctrine. God refined the Church and purged it with hyssop. He whitened it with fullers soap and made it able to endure. From this remnant we will build a mighty edifice with Christ as God gives to us.

We were spied on from other churches, and from administrations of nations, and from within the Churches of God itself. We were penetrated and attempts were made to destroy us, not once but again and again. We stood the test and we are now preparing to advance yet again. These last few weeks our Indian ministry have baptised members in Nepal after counselling. God has called them to a work. This nation until recently was a Hindu kingdom and the faith was outlawed there. This is the first time a Church has been established there, perhaps ever. We have now sent the Indian ministry to Sri Lanka, as it is time to reorganise the work there.

In this same period we have been conducting a seminar in Dar es Salaam for the formation of a church there and with the baptising of a significant number there. We now have more ministers in Tanzania alone than we had in North America a few years ago. We have been baptising and forming churches from the various areas of the Sabbatarian movements including the Seventh Day Adventists and their Reformed groups and also from Roman Catholic movements, Pentecostals and numerous other sources and movements. In Africa we now have churches of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Central Africa. In West Africa we are forming churches around groups in Togo, Benin, Ghana, and Nigeria. We also have churches in South Africa as you know. One of our African ministers alone has baptised ten ministers of other denominations including SDAs and their churches either in part or in total in his nation. In the five months since he was baptised himself, he has added to the Church more than a thousand fold from his ministerial outreach.

We are organising groups now in North Africa and in Europe. We are getting people working together in UK, France and Flanders, Italy, Poland, Scandinavia, the Baltic and the south. The churches in Malaysia, and the Philippines, are coordinating activities there and in Singapore and Indonesia and elsewhere. We have translation teams working all over the world from Canada, USA and South America to the churches in Malaysia, India, Italy, France, Africa and Ukraine, and in the Baltic and Scandinavia.

The members will be tested and tried and given work to do according to their fruits and abilities. Often people come into the Church because they are called by circumstance and God is not actually dealing with them. It is up to each of us to work as though we have little time and each of us must contribute as we are able and work on whatever we are asked to perform. You cannot be given authority without first taking instruction. You cannot teach without first learning. You cannot lead without following. Work as though each day is the last before the Messiah. That way we will achieve the most given to us. Often people in developing countries come to us for the funds backing. Such do not last as they are servants for hire and they go to the highest bidder. We have to be aware of this problem and guard against it.

In the work we do now on the web we are progressing and reaching many people. We reach five thousand users a day now and that is increasing. They take about three or four papers a month on average. Some years ago I was speaking to one of my old professors who taught me Islam and was a world authority on Islam. He asked me what I was doing and at that stage I said that there were some three hundred papers a day coming down from the web. He exclaimed in amazement, as that was most unusual for academic papers to come down in such quantities. Now we are more than ten times that access and then some. We probably have that many coming down each day in Arabic alone. People download them and copy them and distribute them. We have no way of knowing exactly how many we are actually distributing. In the same way we have no way of knowing how many people actually identify with us. There are many groups using the material and there are also churches out there that use the material but do not formally join us. The disadvantage to that is that they do not help us to do the work. Our dollars thus must go further. Let God judge their hearts. Let us work with what we are given.

This year is a troubling year ahead. The war in Iraq is going as we said it would some years ago. The expansion of conflict is inevitable. We noted Italy had a million man march in Rome against the war the other day. Their government supports the US but many people do not.

This conflict is emerging as a pro-contra UN division deliberately engendered to affect the power of the Anglo/Celts to influence world events and move the decision making to Europe. That is a device of the demons using the aspirations of France and Germany, and the treachery of the bureaucracy of the US and BC.

One can scarcely believe that the Iraqi people can endure the leadership they have endured. The problems now are directly because the British and US governments let them down so badly in 1991 and so many died in the uprisings. They simply don’t trust the Coalition to do what they say they are going to do and most of the real leadership is dead. The control of the nation rests in the hands of a group of thugs with twisted minds and perverted training.

The Iraqis are deliberately destroying the rules of war established under the Geneva Convention and taking advantage of the US and BC adherence to the rules. That will not last long. The cells in Guantanamo Bay Cuba will be filled to overflowing in the not too distant future if it continues. The isolation and elimination of the Fedayeen Sadaam will see a turn in events but it will take time. Many more will die before this is over.

We will see more problems arise in health as our so-called experts fail to come to grips with diseases that are caused by money-spinners. For example, the authorities are still pretending that they don’t know and have not known the causes of the SARS epidemic, and the fact that Australian Scientists isolated the virus and its cause in 1998. Hello, is there anyone home in the UN. SARS is caused by the ingestion by pigs of infected fruit bat faeces and products affected by the virus associated with it. The pigs process it and pass it on to humans. Just as they do influenza viruses and a number of other viral problems as well as cirrhosis of the liver and you name it. Pig flesh is not meant to be eaten. When will you “scientists” get the message?

Be aware also and look out for milk products made from A1 type milk and not A2. Scientists have now reportedly discovered that A2 milk is beneficial whereas A1 milk contributes to hardening of the arteries, and other diseases yet to be investigated. We will produce more information on this problem soon. The milk producers are playing this down and denying it so that there is no forced reorganisation of the dairy industry, but it is inevitable.

Also truth in labelling is under attack. Vote with your wallets. If the ingredients are not fully disclosed, don’t buy the product and don’t buy anything else the firm produces until they fix it. As we progress, you will be fed more and more lies and less and less nutrition. We will try to keep everyone informed. Help us to help you. If you are in the US, tell your congressman that you will support the one who supports truth in labelling. In Australia, don’t let the free trade agreement water the legislation down.

Be careful of all travel from now on. SARS is an epidemic and is contagious if you sit within two rows of someone in an airplane. It will not just go away. It is spreading, so be careful. Remember quarantine is the only cure so use the law properly Quarantine yourselves and your children if you or they are ill. Quarantine for influenza as well as SARS. You don’t know which is which and you should do both anyway.

Today the Sanctification of the Temple of God (No. 241) begins and it goes on for twenty-one days to the Last Day of Unleavened Bread. Keep it up for the full time. Don’t go and buy leavened bread on day 21 so you can have sandwiches for dinner as I was once given at a dinner engagement.

The aim is not to rush back to the leaven of sin and wickedness but be deleavened as the feast portrays. Get ready for the leaven of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost that we are all building up for over the Omer count from the Wave Sheaf to the 9AM Pentecost service.

On the seventh day of Abib, fast for the simple and erroneous (see Sanctification of the Simple and Erroneous (No. 291)). By our prayers for each other God intervenes for us through Christ and the Host. Christ’s sacrifice made it possible for us to intervene as a holy priesthood.

Keep the New Moon or Chodesh of Abib (Deut 16:1) (see The Moon and the New Year (No. 213)) and then keep Abib, as the text requires. Be out of your dwellings as you are required for the 14th and 15th and you may return to your homes on the morning of the 15th if you are within distance of the site at which you are meeting. In other words, where God has placed his hand through his servants the Church.

I wish you all a great Passover and a happy Feast. Let us all be reunited in God’s spirit. Let us get organised for what lies ahead. There is much to do. Love one another and help one another in the faith. I hope all of you have a happy and safe feast ahead. I will write more as we progress towards the feast but some of you may be under way by then. For those being baptised prior to the Passover this year, it is the normal time to baptise before the Passover so that you may prepare for the Sanctification process. The Church usually baptises before the feasts. The Passover is the normal time for individual preparation. This year many were baptised in many nations. Let us pray that next year we increase ten thousand fold.

Let us pray that God adds to us daily. Love one another as God and Christ loves us.

Wade Cox

Coordinator General


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