Special Xmas Message by Wade Cox

22/10/25/125 (25 December 2002)


This last week we were approached by a minister of a Protestant church in Wyoming asking if we could stop our people from placing leaflets under the windscreen-wiper blades of their cars entitled Christmas: Truth or Lies and which then appears to have referred people to our web site. This action was not done by any of our people. No doubt it was done by someone of theirs or like systems tired of the lies and deceit behind this pagan festival that is being passed off as Christian.

Likewise someone wrote to me about the fact that we had relied on secular academics to support the origins of this festival. They seemed unaware that the Bible specifically forbids this festival and the activities it requires.
Jeremiah 10:2-5 states:

Thus says the Lord:
"Learn not the way of the nations,
Nor be dismayed at the signs of the heavens because the nations are dismayed at them.
For the customs of the peoples are false.
A tree from the forest is cut down, and worked with an axe by the hands of a craftsman.
Men deck it with silver and gold; they fasten it with hammer and nails so that it cannot move.
Their idols are like scarecrows in a cucumber field and they cannot speak.
They have to be carried for they cannot walk.
Be not afraid of them for they cannot do evil neither is it in them to do good."

This text refers to the Christmas festival as we all know and have known for millennia. One of the first acts of the Church of England in the Reformation was to ban this festival and Henry VIII signed the proscription into law. The Catholics had the festival reintroduced by his daughter, Mary Tudor. It was banned under Cromwell and reintroduced again by the Stewarts. The monarchy and Parliament have not had the strength of the Lord to ban it again.

The religious system that was able to recognise it for what it was and ban it, has now become an apostate joke and will disintegrate in the near future. Yet this pagan evil system seems to live on.

I would like to examine here the message given out by the system that encourages this festival in the name of Jesus Christ.

This festival harks back to the days in Mesopotamia when the fir trees were taken as a symbol of the gods Attis and Adonis, or Baal. They were cut down for the midwinter solstice and decorated. The figure on the top of the tree represented the god who had been sacrificed and rejuvenated to represent the rebirth of nature. It represented the effigies of the gods who stood for Satan as god of this world. Now they are termed "angels." There is no evidence of a feast of the Nativity before the 4th century. Clement dated the Nativity to November 18. He appears to place such practices with the Basilidean Gnostics. Arnobius (Adv. Gentes, vii, 32, ANF, Vol. VI, pp. 530-531) condemns the practice of such nativity celebrations of the birthdays of the gods, and it is hardly likely therefore that the Christians would have been so engaged when he wrote. In 389, in the lists of holidays issued by Valentinianus, Christmas is not mentioned. Only the pagan Easter and Sunday are listed. Theodosius made no change in his list of 438, nor did Alaric in his list of 506. Christmas and the Nativity however first appear in the contemporary expansion of Alaric's work and they were inserted in the Justinian code of 534 CE (ERE Vol. 3, p. 601). The relationship with the sun as it developed from the birth of Christ at the Passover period according to Clement at March 25 and its transfer to 25 December in a sun symbol placed it in context with Mithras and his system (ERE, Vol. 3, pp. 605-606). Christmas thus entered Christianity in the Sixth Century from the Sun and Mother Goddess or Mystery Cults. It appears this was first in Syria and entered the Church at Jerusalem.

The priests of the so-called Christian system, who wear black cassocks as did their predecessors, the priests of Baal, encourage this festival. These Khemarim, or Black-cassocked ones, so condemned by the Bible are still in charge of the apostate paganised system that purports to be Christian, but they have been joined now by the blue suit brigade of the American Religion Business.

What message do they send out to the nations to whom they preach and also preach before their god?
1. They disobey God and worship a false god under a lie breaking the First Commandment: "Thou shalt have no other Gods before me."
2. They place idols in their home contrary to Bible instruction breaking the Second Commandment: "Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image"
3. They place the name of the One True God to this false system knowing it to be false in breach of the Third Commandment: "Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain"
4. The nations who keep it make this festival a Sabbath, forcing all to keep it knowing it is not a Sabbath and condemned by God in contradiction of the Fourth Commandment: "Remember to keep Holy the Sabbath Day."
5. The families who encourage this deceit dishonour their ancestors who swore to follow the Laws of God breaking the Fifth Commandment: "Honour thy father and thy mother..."
6. This festival was always a festival of human sacrifice and today is rampant with suicide and a breach of the Sixth Commandment:" Thou shalt not kill."
7. It is a festival of a false god and a false system, and our people play the harlot over it breaking the spirit of the Seventh Commandment: "Thou shalt not commit adultery."
8. The people who keep it use the funds they are required to use to support God and his system in worship on a foreign god and its system and break the Eight Commandment: "Thou shalt not steal."
9. They lie to children and they teach children by example that it is all right to lie in breach of the Ninth Commandment: "Thou shalt not bear false witness."
10. They encourage lust and greed in this orgy of self-interest contrary to the tenth Commandment: "Thou shalt not covet."

The message we send our children is an appalling record of lies. The children are lied to, and then when they are older they are made complicit in the lies to their younger siblings and peers. Recently a headmaster in Australia told the truth about this false system and faced a hubbub for actually telling the truth. The ministers encourage lies, contrary to the Bible, withholding direct evidence of the condemnation of these lies by the Bible. Above all, they are condemned and stand guilty in the eyes of God. Their people sin and perish for lack of knowledge. The adherents of this system wear the trappings of pagan gods. The antlers of the stag god now appear as harmless "Xmas" trappings. Children are told of an omnipresent Santa Claus who delivers presents to the whole world. The pagan trappings were developed in the USA and the system, as it currently appears, is a product of the US paganism, which has become bolder each year and decade. The ministry of the USA and British Commonwealth are without excuse and God will visit this sin, along with many others, upon their heads.

The priests lie to the people and the people love to have it so. The history of the origins of this system is found in the paper The Origins of Christmas and Easter (No. 235) at www.ccg.org/english/s/p235.html.

God is about to deal with the pride of these nations and humble them. Then their ministers can explain to them why they are in the position they are in. The health-wealth gospel they have given, while they encouraged sin, will be turned against them and they will return to God in anguish.

Why is it that our people will do anything but worship God in spirit and in truth? They lie and worship false gods under a false system. How long will our people be of two minds: "If the Lord Yahovah, He is God, then worship Him: But if Baal is God then worship him."

Wade Cox

Coordinator General


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