Sabbath Message by Wade Cox


Dear Friends,

This Sabbath I thought it appropriate to explain what is happening to our old adversary who has persecuted us so much over the centuries.

Each of us is watching prophecy being carried out. In Revelation 17, we see the fate of the great harlot that sits on many waters and with whom the kings of the earth committed fornication and those that dwell in the earth were made drunk with the wine of her fornication. This mystery religion has always been identified by we of the Churches of God with the church that adopted the mystery cults and changed her beliefs to obtain power and used the kings of the earth in the pursuit and retention of that power.

Revelation 17:15-18 deals with the destruction of the harlot by the union of the ten kings and the beast that come together and rule the world for one hour and achieve power for a short time in order to accomplish the will of God. The waters are the nations of the world, and the beast is the system of rule that is set up in the last days. God allows their rule in order to accomplish His purpose.

The kings and the beast hate the harlot and will make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh and shall burn her utterly with fire (Rev. 17:16). This process is now under way. Part of the destruction is accomplished by the perversion of the mystery religion herself. As we all know, perverts took over the Trinitarian system in the twelfth century. They removed all married clergy and female deaconesses from the church. Once they achieved this removal, they then set about destroying us as a religious force because their control was never secure while we remained. After the Third Lateran Council in 1179 we were condemned, and from the Council of Genoa we were ordered to be delivered up and burnt at the stake. The persecution commenced from 1180. Despite the intense persecution, they could not eliminate us and the earth hid us and protected us from them. Their depravity and avarice was so great that people turned to us in droves and we forced the reformation. The mystery cults had to create the Protestant Reformation as a Trinitarian Sunday Worshipping system to survive at all. They then set about persecuting us with more intensity than the Roman Church had done before them. The daughters of the harlot, referred to in the texts, were worse than the whore that spawned them.

What they were able to cover up all this time was the size and results of their perversion. They were able, despite the sheer enormity of the problem, to cover up the horror of their abuse. What you are seeing today is a change in the social structure and the passage of information and legislation. Beforehand, the priesthood was able to indulge its sodomite perversions through a conspiracy of silence among its so-called celibate clergy. It was this very celibacy, introduced by force in the twelfth century, that encouraged the existence of homosexuality in the priesthood and the sexual abuse of nuns and wives in the congregations. Yet, even today, the church denies that this unbiblical and unnatural behaviour is the cause of the perversions within it, even though it is atypical to the perversion and abuse in the society in general being the opposite in type.

What we are seeing now is the first of two elements of the problem. The first element is that of the abused people who are still alive pressing for recognition of their problems and suing for damages. These problems are so great that the once wealthy archdiocese of Boston is reportedly seeking protection in bankruptcy, from the litigation of claims from allegedly abused members. This solution will be adopted by more dioceses as the situation gets worse. The problem is not confined to the USA. It is everywhere.

The second, and as yet unrealized, element is the extent of suicide among the abused males of the congregations as young men. As yet no real studies have been done on this aspect. To date, the people have to be alive in order to press a claim. However, this second figure will prove to be equally as appalling or more so. The families of the victims will commence to press claims and we will see no respite in the litigation and increases in the awards of the courts as people become more disgusted with the claims.

How then does the beast turn on the whore? The answer is that the beast is a system of government and it is by legislation and the judiciary that the whore is destroyed. It is at the ballot box that we will see the beast express its indignation, and a cry for the removal of the system will take up and flow into the legislature and the judiciary.

There is also a type of religious war that will ensue in the not too distant future. We are being pushed into war with Islam through the errors of our leaders. When this event unfolds we will see another natural phenomenon work with this conflict to destabilise Europe and destroy the main systems and the city in which the system resides.

At present our people are facing a new crisis that is not fully understood as yet. That event is Global Warming. This year Antarctica will experience perhaps as much as ninety melt days, as opposed to the usual sixty days. The Greenland Cap and the West Antarctic Basin are melting very fast. This year the spring tides are a week either side of the solstice and perhaps we will not see the full impact of the water increase, but we will see increases in the water levels over this period. The Atlantic water levels seem to be rising and eroding foreshores faster. What we can expect to see is the rise of water levels in Europe and the Americas including the Amazon basin as the water levels spread out over the globe. What is happening now is faster than anyone would have dared to admit in 1997 when we first published the paper Global Warming and Bible Prophecy (No. 218) (see Wars will commence over water and land and, with only as little as a metre rise, we could see a billion displaced people. That means masses of refugees and massive dislocation of resources. The problems in Europe and the Middle East will see windows of opportunity arise in a number of areas. One of these is the expansion of China in the Pacific enabled by US and Israeli technology.

During this time of unrest the people will come to see the religious system of the Mystery cults within Trinitarianism for what it is and they will react against it. The European system will be forced out of what is now the Lowlands of the North West into the higher areas and eastwards. The mystery system will relocate from where it is now into France, where it will reach its end. The European union will face the Messiah after its re-entry to the Middle East. After that system is destroyed, Messiah will bring the Kings of the East down and destroy their forces in the Middle East also.

All these things are happening now with great speed.

The USA and British Commonwealth are simply not planning and acting fast enough to deal with the crisis. They are focusing on Iraq so that they don't have to deal with the real issues. That will prove their undoing. The people seem to be following their leaders now out of a sense of idle curiosity to see what it is they will do next.

Corruption is not just endemic; it is discouraging the young with authority. The corporations are worse than the feudal houses of old and are the Nazis of today. They are destroying the environment and bribing the authorities.

The drought in Australia is now so severe that towns are out of water and summer has just started. The water rises over the next few years will make the eastern seaboard uninhabitable in vast areas and cities will simply become unworkable due to inundation. Only when enough people are forced back over the range will the necessary decisions be taken to ensure long-term development. Water storage is not being taken seriously enough and the scientists are deliberately discouraging such activity. Forests are dying already due to drought.

Population planning and relocation is needed in all nations in preparation for the water level rises. Some nations will cease to exist at all. They have to be relocated. Some nations will simply go to war and take over the territory of others in order to survive or maximise their positions.

Remember that the earth's water level a thousand years ago was seven feet higher than it is now, and that level will be seen again in a few short years.

However, during all this unrest, we will see this religious system that has created many of these problems and the mindset that has destroyed the earth, itself turned on and destroyed. The beast commenced to form and attack it in 1850 after the revolutions in Europe and that is now continuing. With the passage of information the dreadful deeds of the system are being exposed and now at last litigated in damages.

The Church of God now needs to be better organised and prepared than it ever has been in the past. Disorganisation will carry a serious penalty in these last days. The command to love one another has more meaning than ever before.

Wade Cox

Coordinator General


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