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Sabbath Message by James Dailly

Good Sabbath Brethren:

We are preparing for the reading of the law in 2005. We hope to read in Spanish, Russian and Arabic/English. Larger numbers of the Law papers are copied down as we publish on the various language search engines. Initially, we had difficulty getting a Hebrew speaker to translate the papers. One or two began but, as soon as it was realized what was being said, they resigned. It was less over our observations of the principles of the Instructions/Torah than from Sacred Names Theology.

 Recently a 3068/3069 debate was instigated in the Forum on the grounds that Yahovah and Yahovih are the same, that our research is incorrect and that we should accept the presented correction. Others commented that it is wrong to reiterate what “a man” says. This means that those of us who have verified and believe the CCG’s written Statement of Beliefs are inadequate and can’t comment on our own. This is an insult to all of us and shows no understanding of how we work as an organization. The Moslems we are meeting with over the Calendar and Baptism would agree with that and don’t like our uncompromising stance. However, after many months of review they recently agreed that the New Moon is at the conjunction not the crescent if they only use the Koran, and that yes, they probably should be baptizing. If we are shown to be in error we will modify our written Statement of Beliefs to reflect it. We modified a doctrinal position on the timing of Feast offering from comments made by an unbaptised juvenile. We will need to be shown we are wrong, not simply told that we are wrong.

 Don’t follow “a man” or don’t think on your own was the pronounced undercurrent of the attacks against us. It was suggested our directness was rude although Christ’s bluntness and driving away supposed interested parties was not referenced (John 6:60-66).   

Most assaults we have received over the past seven years have been noticeably similar. Don’t work together to a common goal, but visit and debate in a pleasant setting with all believing whatever they understand at the time. Don’t put what you believe in writing, eat leavened bread and/or drink grape juice at the Lord’s Supper, Sacred Names Theology & use only Hebrew names, days start at sunrise or sunset not dark, the calendar system is not astronomical, don't keep Passover/Unleavened Bread for eight days, no group fulfillment of the Commission, no tithe or one tithe, all leadership is to be rejected and castigated. The outcome of this thinking is, don’t ever say “thank you” out of respect for all that was learned from studying CCG papers. In every case I am aware of, this has been substantial. The effect of no involvement is no responsibility.

 We are slaves and try to be profitable and not a drain on the Commission. Many who remain on the outside of membership have spent many years of studying the material we present but, regardless of how aligned they are with the beliefs, they keep themselves unaligned. They feel free of any responsibility to support the Commission and to tithe. This failure may make their baptism invalid. Malachi says they are thieves. All of us benefited from the support of faithful tithe-payers and this more correct presentation receives minimal support and no “thank you” for an improved understanding of the Covenant and Commission.

 This is NOT a solicitation for anyone’s verbal thanks. In fact, those of you who have full time jobs, a family to give time to, and then work to help fulfill the Commission in your free time, the THANKS is for you. If anyone feels the Forum is quiet, it is because most of us are working on some aspect of the Commission and perhaps cannot address the issue at the time. The extensive study papers will aid in your research and probably contain answers you are seeking. What I take from the vowel point issue raised is that it will have to be added to some of the papers, perhaps when we are through with Islam. It is not our responsibility to provide a “knowledge” pill. It is our responsibility to present the Gospel and material for people to learn to “know the Lord.”

I presume that everyone understands that the English term God is generic and can even refer to Satan (2Cor 4:4). YHVH, Yod Hey Vav Hey is called the Tetragramaton (four letters) in Greek. After the return from Babylon, the consonants YHVH came to be considered too sacred to be pronounced and the word Adonai (Lord) was enunciated instead.

Lord was used and not Yahovah in modern translation and many sacred namers today will write God as “G-D” and Lord as “L-rd” in English. The vowel points of Adonai (Lord) were inserted under the consonants YHVH to instruct readers to articulate Adonai (Lord) instead of YHVH. This is false but it had become a death sentence to speak Yahovah YHVH, however it was pronounced anciently. This vowel pointing was never used in ancient Scripture and is principally from Jamnia and with the Massora. It is “modern.” Yaho was used in the Aramaic pronunciation about 419 BCE (see Pritchard, The Ancient Near East p278 as quoted in The Sign of Jonah and the History of the Reconstruction of the Temple (No.13) at  Yahweh is modern and incorrect but most accepted. Most of our modern pronunciation would not be readily understood by the original speakers in any language. The English exhortation Yahoo has come down from this ancient term, as “a call to God.” However, if altering a name that identifies an individual actually alters who we worship, we must exercise extreme caution. Vowel points with Yahovah designating Adonai (lord) and Yahovih as Elohim (gods) are incorrect and misleading. This does show that the Jews understood the different beings from the context or they would have used the same vowel points wherever YHVH was written. Modern Hebrew actually allows different consonants to be used for the same name. The earlier mentioned papers # 24, 54, 116, and 240 will require some study but are worthwhile.

The Hebrew terms at issue, without Common Era vowel points that were added after the Jews removal from the land and Temple are below. 

03068 Yahovah {yeh-ho-vaw'}  

03069 Yahovih {yeh-ho-vee'}     

 a variation of 03068 [used after 0136, and pronounced by Jews as
0430, (Elohim) in order to prevent the repetition of the same sound,
since they elsewhere pronounce 03068 as 0136 (Adonai)”

This means it is pronounced “as if” it was a different word and is a deception to confuse who is identified and this is related to Sacred Names Theology.  It is a successful ploy.

There are 6519 instances of verses containing Strong’s number 03068 and there are 305 instances of verses containing Strong’s number 03069.  See the “Blue Letter Bible” on our website.

The Name(s) with the vowel points are below. 

3068 hw"hoy> Yehovah {yeh-ho-vaw'}

Meaning: Jehovah = "the existing One" 1) the proper name of the one true God 1a) unpronounced except with the vowel pointings of 0136

3069   hwIhy/ Yehovih {yeh-ho-vee'}

Meaning: 1) Jehovah - used primarily in the combination 'Lord Jehovah' 1a) equal to 03068 but pointed with the vowels of 0430

Origin: a variation of 03068 [used after 0136, and pronounced by Jews as 0430, in order to prevent the repetition of the same sound, since they elsewhere pronounce 03068 as 0136];; n pr dei

03050 Yahh {yaw}   (Yah-ho or Yeh-ho in the Aramiac letters.)
”contraction for 03068”

0430 'elohiym {el-o-heem'}

0433 'elowahh {el-o'-ah rarely (shortened) 'eloahh {el-o'-ah}

Brethren, we are not perfect and we are not made of stone. When individuals who do nothing but satisfy intellectual curiosity bring a condemnation, think about the background of what is being presented. We are called abominations before the Father while people who are wolves in sheep’s clothing are accommodated.

There are recent witnesses to this extraordinary circumstance, so keep in mind that we can all be readily misled and think deeply about how we speak about the known faithful.

The saints of the Most High are being worn out. This is not by adversarial assaults and condemnation, but by brethren who aught to see more clearly.

Have a peaceful Sabbath,

James Dailley
Deputy Coordinator General


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