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Sabbath Message by Wade Cox


Dear Friends,

I have been noticing the trends of recent days that have drifted towards the further elimination of our freedoms as a people.

The excuse seems to be an anti terrorism base which justifies the erosion of civil liberties and our basic freedoms as a people.

It is progressing into all of the English speaking peoples like an insidious disease. It commenced in the USA, but has spread to the UK and now is entering Australia and NZ and elsewhere, under the guise of combating the nebulous ghost of terror wherever it may rise in whatever ghostly forms.

It is as though we are manipulated by the rise of the spectre of Osama Bin Laden like the Bogey man of old. A still photo on television with what is purportedly his voice is enough to justify further erosion of our liberties. We see the springing up of strange military web sites charged with spying on all and sundry in the name of this new-found enemy.

I noticed that the new Free Trade agreement between the USA and Australia is opening the way for the feudalism of the Genetically Modified Food chemical giants of the USA that seem determined to control our people and reduce our farmers to serfs. We are drawing up the alliance groups foretold by George Orwell in his work 1984. The date was merely obtained by reversing the years 1948 when he wrote it. He did not know when it would occur specifically. The electronic media is invading our privacy just as he foretold and the people seem oblivious to it.

Like cowards, we sit meekly by while our freedoms are eroded by draconian legislation that we would have risen in outrage against a few decades ago.

Of great fascination is the cowardice and silence of the Churches of God in the USA that cried wolf on a repeated basis in the past and now, when the wolves are at the door, they are silent resting on the "place of safety doctrine" of Herbert Armstrong to justify their being dumb dogs.

Fear seems to stalk the older age group and they subject their youth to future slavery to protect their monetary and funds system.

God has an important thing to say regarding these dumb dogs or smooth speakers in the ministry.

Here is the Lord's sentence on prophets, not of his sending, who speak to you in His name of a land unhurt by sword or famine; by sword or famine those prophets shall be devoured. Slain by sword or famine, the common folk that listen to them shall lie in the streets of Jerusalem, with none to bury them; wives and sons and daughters shall die with them; their own misdoings shall be a flood to drown them (Jer. 14:15-16).

This was first prophesied against the priests of Judah. They were sent into captivity into other lands because of it. None shall escape of the nation that behaves in this way.

"Weep, eyes, day and night, never resting, at the great hurt, the grievous wound she suffers, my people, inviolable until now! Nothing the country side shows but massacre, nothing the city but faces pinched with famine, prophet and priest are gone, in a land of strangers they must ply their trade now. Hast thou abandoned Juda once for all, art thou weary of Sion? Past all healing thou hast wounded us; how we long for better times, ands no relief comes to us, for remedy at last, and danger still threatens! Lord we acknowledge our rebelliousness, acknowledge our fathers guilt, confess that we have wronged thee; for thine own honour , do not shame us. Do not drag they royal glory in the dust; will thou forget. Wilt thou annul the covenant that binds thee? Grant rain they cannot, the false gods of the heathen, the dumb skies have no showers of their own to give; for these His creatures wait we patiently on the Lord our God (Jer. 14:17-22)."

God protected Israel and expected obedience. They sinned repeatedly yet God was patient. God sent Judah into captivity and put them to the sword and they still did not understand. They repented and were restored, but they failed again and finally were sent into captivity and exile for nearly 2000 years. Yet not understanding their fate and the condemnation of God, the Church has defiled itself with their teaching in the last days. Worse than that, these are the people of Israel, and the nations attached to it, who enjoy the blessings of Abraham and worship false gods and false systems.

Even now as we approach destruction through our own behaviour, we seek to appease God by prayer for rain and we still do not change our behaviour and give our ways to the Lord.

We seek to pass legislation that silences our people and forces us to preach smooth things. "Neither love nor liking will God have for this people of His."

He said: "…Banish them from my presence, to go where they will.
If they ask whither, give them this message for the Lord: Whom the plague beckons, to the plague; whom the sword, to the sword; whom famine to famine; whom exile, to exile; Escort they shall have of four kinds, the Lord says; the sword to slay and the dogs to tear them, birds in air and beasts on earth to devour and make and end of them. All the kingdoms in the world shall be in a ferment over them...(Jer. 15:1-4)."

This was first given to Judah, but she did not repent and was sent into captivity under the Sign of Jonah. This generation seeks for a sign, yet none shall be given to it save the Sign of Jonah. This is critical to the faith and its understanding (see the Sign of Jonah and the History of the Reconstruction of the Temple (No. 13) at

So too is it now given to Israel, and Israel shall be punished and then the nations shall follow her into captivity.

This war shall not depart from us for a long time, and when it does famine shall take hold of us (see also The Last Thirty Years; The Final Struggle (No. 219) at

Birds shall rise in the air to disappear forever and their cousins shall wait for the carcasses of our people.
Yet still our people will not repent. They pass laws to stop their ears from criticism and silence the prophets but the earth shall cry out against them.

The people lie to malign those who disagree with them thinking they can stop the mouth of God yet it is the heavens they shut up with their disobedience.

The earth warms in anger as they destroy it with their disobedience. Not following God's laws on food, they destroy the environment (see The Food laws (No. 15) at and Global Warming and Bible Prophecy (No. 218) at
Vegetarians preach their blasphemy against God's system and wonder at their punishment (see Vegetarianism and the Bible (No. 183) at

What is so difficult in obeying God? Yet they develop systems that are directly counter to His laws.

Many people and nations are going to be dispossessed by rising waters. Each year now will see new levels of dispossession and misery.

Water will become increasingly scarce and the people's tongues will swell in their mouths.

God says in Hosea that the iniquity in Ephraim and Israel is great. The company of priests murder on the way to worship. They murder and violate their charges and the mass will turn on them.

Oh Judah, there is a harvest for you appointed when God brings again the captivity of His people (Hosea 6:11)

Judah was punished for its evil and its disobedience and its false systems of worship and its traditions over the Laws of God. So too shall Israel be punished for its traditions and false calendars and false gods.

How much plainer does God have to be?

We will try to make it plainer and to reach more people. You too can help.

As we expose the false teachings of the Churches of God and other religious systems, you can help by simply passing the papers on to someone you think will benefit by this paper.

Remember above all else to love one another. Be prepared to stand with one another to the end. If they persecute you in one place flee to another; for it is written: You will not have finished fleeing through all the cities of Israel till the son of man comes.

Wade Cox

Coordinator General


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